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doing good. May the merits of our blessed Saviour and Intercessour shield us from the

pu. nishment which we deserve. Let not the errours of our youth, or the sins of our infirmities, be remembered against us. Grant us thy divine grace to preserve us from the commission of sin in future, to instruct us in thy law, to strengthen our good resolutions, and to keep us in the way of righteouness, henceforth even for ever.

In every case of difficulty and doubt, do thou guide our wandering steps. In every season of danger, be thou our guardian and defence. While we praise thee for all the acts of mercy and kindness shown to us during the day past, we earnestly beseech thee to grant us thy protection during the night, which is to come. O Thou! whose cyes are ever awake to guard the just, watch over us during the silent hours of the night, and preserve us from every danger. Into thy hands do we commit ourselves, and, as the day is appointed for labour and the night for rest, grant us sweet and refreshing sleep, that we may awake in the morning with renewed vigour to run our Christian race. Teach us every night, when we lie down to sleep, to commune with thee and with our own hearts.

and to think of that period when we shall close our eyes for ever to the light, and lie down in the cold and silent grave. May such thoughts lead us to a constant preparation for our latter end, and enable us every morning, when we awake, to renew the dedication of ourselves unto thee, and to think of the morning of the resurrection, when we shall arise from the dead, either to happiness or misery, according as our actions have been good or evil. O Lord ! we pray not only for ourselves, but for the whole race of mankind. May religion, virtue, knowledge and happiness, be spread throughout the whole earth. Bless the land wherein we live ; guide with thy council and

preserve by thy power, the rulers of the nation, and give them grace to execute justice and to maintain truth. Bless the ministers of religion, endow them with true wisdom and understanding of the truth, that they may be able to save their own souls and the souls of those who hear them.

Bless all men of whatever rank, profession or condition, and make them useful to the advancement of thy glory and the public good. Pour down thy choisest blessings on our kind supporters and benefactors. Bless, in à particular manner, our parents by adoption, the commissioners of this house. Bless our teachers and guardians, and grant, that all employed in this house may discharge their duty with diligence and fidelity. Bless and provide for fatherless children and widow's, and for all that are desolate and oppressed. Send relief to the afflicted and distressed whether in mind, body or estate. “ Fulfil now these our petitions, as

may be most expedient for us, granting us in “ this world a knowledge of thy truth, and in “ the world to come life everlasting,” for the sake of thy beloved son Jesus Christ, in whose words we close our address unto thee, and under whose care we would compose ourselves to rest : Our Father, &c.





William Birnie. James Ancrum.

William Boyd. Charlotte Ann Allston. John Barron. Sarah Allan, 2 copies.

John Black. Mrs. Hannah Anderson. Robert Brown. Mrs. Eliza Akin.

James Bentham. William Ancrum.

Isaac Ball. Isaac Auld.

Miss E. Bowman.
James Adger.

Hugh Bethune.

John Ball.
Rev. Nath. Bowen, 2 copies. E. Bremar.
John Blake.

Thomas Broughton, jun. Charles Banks.

Hon. Elihu Ħ. Bay. Hon. Thomas Bee.

Mrs. Mary Barksdale. Jacob Belsen.

William Burgoyne. John Brownlee, 2 copies.

John S. Brisbane. Benjamin Boyd.

Benj. Bailey: H. Bryce, 4 copies.

Edward Bailey. James Blair.

Mrs. Baron. John Simmons Bee.

Miss J. Baron.
Mrs. Burnett.

Aler. Baron, jun. M. D.
William Blacklock, 2 copies. Miss Baron.
David Bell.

Mrs. Blacklock.
Major Samuel Beekman.

John Ball, jun. John Bay.

Jonathan Beatty. Mrs. Bryan.

С Miss Lynch Bowman, George Chisolm. Nicol Bryce.

M Millan Campbell, 2 copies. Mrs. Susan Boone.

James Cor.
J. P. Carroll.

John S. Cogdell.
Elizabeth F. Blyth.

Dr. Robert Chisolm. Elizabeth Broughton.

Alex. R. Chisolm. Miss Maria Bacot.

Thomas Chisolm. Angus Bethune.

John Champneys. John Barreli.

Alerander Christie.

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Edmund Botsford.


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