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Ma.lz. Metron.


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With Fire.

MaelzMetron: d= 144.

for the Violin or Piano Porto


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All communications for the Editor of the CITIZEN must, in future, be addressed to the care of Mr. MACHEN, 8, D'OLIER-STREET, who has been appointed our sole publisher.

Advertisements and Books for Review to be forwarded to the same.
We cannot undertake to return short pieces, either prose or poetry.

Contributions intended for insertion in the succeeding Number must be forwarded on or before the 7th instant.

Many thanks to R.-—“The Russian Officer" shall, if possible, appear in our next number. As to the other paper by the same author, we must, to avoid further disappointment, wait till we receive the conclusion of it.

“ A Lawyer's Recollections” have a good deal of merit, but we have not room for the series. “ Henriette Stuart” is clever, but too sentimental for us.

L. S.-F., “A Remembrance.”—L. G. W., “Remains of Napoleon."-B. C.--Arra, Drogheda.P. L. H.,-Christoval do not suit us.

P.-"F.,” Newry—under consideration.

"A Northern" complains that his article in the February number, entitled “ Thoughts and Fancies, &c.” is distigured by sundry typographical errors, amounting to the awful sum of thirty or thereabouts. Lord help him, he's an innocent, though a Northern, he deems that a surprising amount of incorrectness. We acknowledge, however, that he has some reason to complain, and we regret, that from the difficulty of reading his MS., and from his proof not being returned in time, there are a few passages that require correction. The most important errata are these :- Page 107, col. 2, line 33; for metaphysical read metaphorical.-P. 108, col. 1, line 8; for facility read quality.-Ibid, line 19; for deep-forged read deep-fanged.-Ibid, line 33; for overthrow read overthrower.-P. 109, col. 1, line 50; for winter read winkin'.-Ibid, col. 2, line 2; for I will read 'Twill.-P. 111, col. 1. line 29; for operations read operatives.—Ibid, col, 2, line 18; for ensure read ensue.-P. 112, col. 1. line 55 ; for three read true.-Ibid, col. 2, line 20; for their read sheer.

Printed by Webb and chapman, Great Brunswick-street, Dublin.

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