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fluence on the brave and generous Jeannotte's ger, excessive distress and suffering, are more
determination,) under the unusual and ex- easily borne than is generally imagined.
treme position in which prisoners were placed There is a sort of elastic rebound in the
by the prevalence of an unnatural and nn human heart, (come it from instinct of self-
recognised system of warsare, the fulfilment love, of vanity, or of that courage of des-
of promises made—a parole given in a word pair the inost timid make ofien proof of,
might be, (and you will see it was the l 'were very useless to examine,) which urges
opinion of the ariny,) looked upon as only at such moments, in presence of the world-
within a limited extent binding. Add to to bear up—to be braced for the worst, and
these considerations, and many others of dare it. A happy turn of fortune chancing,
the same kind, which I shall not take the particularly as in the present case, precisely
trouble of teasing you and myself, by enu- when least looked forward to, iays hold on
merating—this first, and most paramount one unprepared, and unnerved—the revul-
one that, in setting us free then, as he had sion is overwhelming, and for a while, 10
done on a vague contingency, he exposed consciousness of safety-of deliverance from
himself not only to the loss of rank—but of misfortune—even of enjoyment, suffices well
life ; and, perhaps, very nearly as imme- to enable one to resist the temporary influ-
diately as ours was destined to be sacrificed, ence of the depression. So we deeply ex-
had he brought us to quarters. Let all this, perienced, in this instance, one of the many
I say, be duly appreciated, and where again I have had occasion to draw the remark
is the man worthy of the name, who could from.
have the shaming courage to say, he owed “By and by, however, different feelings as
him but little—who had so nobly, so dis well as new incidents came to direct and
interestedly, nay, self-sacrificingly done thus, remove us

us from this dull confusion, or much for us. Phaugh! I could-pardon rather prostration of thought and sense; I the expression—'tis between ourselves—I wish I could have it to say, that among the could almost spit upon such a fellow!" former, that of a thankfulness uttered in a

The brave old soldier's lips curled with an prayer to Providence was foremost. I have expression of withering contempt; his eye already confessed my faults of bold prelighted up and flashed. I thought it necessary suming youth—the less again said on the to say, in deprecation of the burst, (and matter, the more agreeable to my conscience, fearing, I must confess, he might now wan- which, mind you—nevertheless, has kept der further away from the story,) " that I good nole of this, and most other points it had no sentiment of the kind - far from it-erred in." that the whole was a supposition of his own. “The sun-('twas already past noon) “Yes, yes, I know-I feel you have not- shone brilliantly out, and we were comforted at your age the heart is yet warm and im- by its warmth nearly for the first line for pulsive. I touched on the subject, because many weeks thus gladdening us; under its I once or twice encountered cold, selfish influence, and that of a sweeping wind that pickers of reasons and motives, who hinted rose, the heavy vapour accumulated in slugtheir thoughts out to the effect-I soon gish masses over the lower parts of the valsilenced them. I hate the whole race ; ley, here quickly dispersed. As we emerthough would you suppose it? I am be- ged ont of it, we could feel the invigorating lieved to belong to it—well, I admire peo- breath of a fresher and drier air—the trees ple's penetration--but to return.

and green shrubs swayed about under the “We at length turned away, slowly ad- breeze were dashing away the sad-looking vancing for a long time, in mute unbroken drops their leaves had been banging with silence, one of unaccountable heaviness, per- to our imagination, as we passed but a while haps even melancholy might be more the ago, like tears——there was something in all the word, considering the altered situation this—(the sensation inwardly stirred us) to we stood in: but a few minutes before in enliven and rejoice. But better, far better, view of seemingly inevitable death-now and more vividly still, did we start into the released, and on the way to join our friends, full sentiment of joyful existence, and the and share in the joy of their success. But luxury of hope, when, according as we neared so I have alınost constantly found it to our own flag, we could descry more distincthappen to myself as well as to others, in ly at every step, when we had attained the nearly every one of the critical extremities, saine level of ground they occupied (the my span of struggling experience has been, firing of musketry and artillery having no(thank heaven if I have made profit on't) wise slackened meantime) well formed and abundantly agitated by—imminence of dan. posted lines of foot and horse, bearing uni

forms familiar, and now so doubly dear to to say so—than many of ours.' The amaze our eyes, the foremost of which were advan- | redoubled ; they appeared as if they thought cing with an inspiring shout, in which with me unsettled in my wits; Juvigny's counour wicked voices we enthusiastically joined. tenance, which was stared at too, testified

“ Praised be heaven'! we added in the same concurrence in my assertions. You may breath, 'they are charging, let's ou—who gape, and gaze, and be astounded, but when knows—we may be in time'!

I tell you, (this is the marvel that I knew “We hurried forward towards the near you would not give credit to)—that if you ranks, among which we recognized nearest to behold us here in safety, rescued three times, us, with what springing delight you may well I may say, from death either by fatigue and judge, our own regiment—or rather, the pain, and exhaustion, or assassination in shattered squadron or so of it, that had sur- cold blood—we are indebted for it to two vived our late day of slaughter. They had individuals of their number; one of whom, been ordered, I heard afterwards, with much moreover, not twenty minutes since, at risk repining on the part both of officers and men, and peril of life, released, and put us on the to this post, as being inefficient from fatigue way to come up with you here.' A murmur, and loss, to take a more active part in the hais still of derisive dubiousness, half of engagement.

admiring wonderment, followed my words. Long before we reached the line of 'Gentlemen,' I cried, “I am not accustomvidettes, we had been perceived, and a party ed to have the accuracy of what I state caldetached to meet and question us. Scarcely led in question ; if you think fit however in had we halted within speaking distance, and the strangeness of the occurrence to do som the usual challenges passed, when spite of look at the equipment of the horses we the ordinary observances of discipline, the ride you will know them in an instant to cry, the wondering exclamation, " 'tis Mer- belong to the enemy;' and I added, stopping inhac, 'tis Juvigny !-alive still," burst with short, and turning round, (they followed my glad shout from our comrade in command, motions) we were now on the highest ridges and was in various tones of surprise, incre- of the eminence; and the clearing of the dulity and pleasure, re-echoed by all. We weather enabled us to command an extensive were known to, and knew almost every one view downwards—cast your eyes attentively in the corps, composed as I have said for below there, and you will perhaps distinguish the greater part of young men of the better the escort that guarded us so far.' order. Merinhac and de Juvigny-impos- The sun was still bright, the fog quite sible-by what miracle? We were inme- dispelled; and almost immediately as I had diately surrounded—all distinctions of rank made an end of speaking, a few seconds, close and order being for the moment forgotten— glance gave us glimpse of those we sought and seized, and pulled, and embraced, and to see; we could tolerably plainly perceive felicitated almost to suffocation. When the they had dismounted, and, bridle in hand, movement, dear and gratifying to us, had were making an effort to ascend sideways subsided, and there was a possibility of the face of the steep towards the right. answering each other, the questions began “May they succeed,” was my inward anew. * You ask by what miracle,' I re- wish, and now no doubt that of many of my plied, "tis a miracle--you are perfectly right companions, almost every one, (I must say in calling it so—one you will scarcely be- that of them) as ardent in their good wili, lieve when I tell it you ; meantime pray let's when as here stirred into it by a generous move on to join. I am impatient to report act—as in their hate to the Republic and myself and fellow sufferer to our excellent Republicans. colonel, and ask permission to share in the “De Merinhac-my dear De Merinhac !charge. Here I was informed of the inter- we did not mean to doubt-not a moment dict laid op us. “Sorry for it, very sorry; as to doubt your word, but the thing is so exmuch as you, I should have liked to have traordinary, so out

of had another touching of blades to the hilt, miraculous-do pray tell how it could posa and deeper if I could, before lying down- sibly happen ?” "Miraculous or not, it is the with those rascally cannibals; but I forget, fact, and should lead us another time I should not speak thus hardly of them, (however we detest their principles) to they are not all so bad—no, by Jove ! far ihink better of those we are combatting; from that A look of yet greater astonish- and yet more strongly teach us a lesson, ment encountered me-1 did not notice it. though a tardy one, in humanity, against • Yes, they have something good in them, which we, as they, have hitherto, so deeply more-sapredienne! I regret to be obliged sinned."

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the way,

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“ I shortly related what had passed. In- “ By nightfall we occupied the town they terest-pity-horror, but above all adınira- had been driven from -- where that very tion, grew as I spoke. At the conclusion, morning my fellow prisoner and myself had an universal buzz broke forth : Fine fel. had our sentence passed. Aye!--and an addilow ! by Heaven, noble fellow !' for his sake tonal chancing of the usual ups-and-downs and the Virandiere's, the ruffians do de- and fortunes of war-our quarters were poinserve quarter.”

ed out at the principal gate, and we occupied “I did not fail, you can easily imagine, to the identical guard-room we had passed, encourage the latter feeling, both on the pre- under such different circumstances, the present occasion and every other that afterwards ceding night in-still reeking with the abopresented itself; and I had the satisfaction minable fumes of their tobacco, their rum, (I shall here anticipate a little) in some days and kirchenwasser, and garlic. to find, from my exertions in inaking known “Some hours before day, news arrived of the and commenting on the circumstances, that successful issue of the corresponding attempt there existed in our corps, as well as in several that had been made at the other point I have others, a tacit, if not exactly prescribed, un- told you of. A free communication between derstanding, that prisoners were to be made the two was soon established, so that nothing when and where they might offer themselves. could be more complete than the advantSo much for the effects of a single great and age gained-laboriously—strugglingly; with good example.

great loss, it must be confessed—but still “ By this time we had reached the head of gained. the regiment (let me call it so still, I can't “I must not forget to add, that we both on bear to recollect what a shadow it had be the occasion of these two, our days of all come). Here we were surrounded, congra- days of hard lot--received the cross of Saint tulated, and pressed in friendly arms, as be Louis, and were promoted, Juvigny to a fore, with stricter attention, however, to mil- lieutenancy, and I to be commandant-chef itary decorum. Our worthy colonel nearly d'escadron-perhaps rewards might have wept as he welcomed us. After a few words been worse earned. of deep kindness, he ordered us to take place to

“ It would be as useless for my purpose, right front of the first troop; "your own now," as tiresome to you, to dwell at length on the he added, “gentlemen;" (of our former one, detail of the next few day's operations, alas ! but five men remained,) it is yours while we continued to hold the lines by right of seniority, and of what you have we had succceded in making ourselves masdone. I put you there besides,” he continu.. ters of. I have already told as much of our ed, in a most affectionate tone,“ because you marchings and counter-marchings as may have need of compensation for the sufferings give a tolerable idea of what description of you have gone through; and that that you campaigning was then and there between us. will find in seeing those who inflicted The time passed in slight ineffective skirthem rightly punished; even now they are mishing on either side, each party awaiting well nigh routed and crushed.”

anxiously the coming of a fresh reinforce“ We bowed, and took the allotted posts, ment, which might enable it to make a dewhence we had quickly the promised gra- cisive final movement. More than a week tification of beholding the total discomfi- was spent thus we had received promise of ture of the whole division of the republican speedy succour, and were in active prepara. forces, which, after an unsuccessful attempt tion for asssuming the offensive as soon as it to rally, tumultuously retreated, leaving the should arrive. They evidently, it could be congreater part of their luggage, ammunition, cluded as well from their general attitude and some arms in our hands. This feeling and system of maneuvering, as from the very was not unalloyed by the regret and annoy- necessities of the position they occupied, ance we all had at not being

allowed even to were unavoidably and absolutely in the same take part in the subsequent pursuit ; a move- case. These moments of delay and expectment which, however, for one consolation, it ation of "something going on"_"somesoon became necessary to check, as evening thing to be done"-every one who has been was closing in, and the grounds the enemy eren for a short period in active service was constrained to throw itself into as before, knows are peculiarly dull and gloom-stirbroken and marshy along the flat line of ring. We endeavoured, and not wholly in country, -were quite untenable for our ca- vain, to render them less so by various valry, and without its help, the infantry was means and appliances set on foot, and foltoo small in numbers to permit the hopes of lowed up (ihe usual happening) with the a safe and effectual advance.

greater zest and zeal, because of the instants of enjoyment so snatched no one could be with them and stayed late-sometimes alone certain how brief and transitory they might be. —soinetimes in company with one or two Youth and its buoyant recklessness was ours, brother officers. The night I am going to and even in the very face and aspect of the speak of, I went and returned alone, having most serious danger, often prompted us, remained chatting and playing much beyond through pleasure and through folly, to seize the usual hour of retiring. My way lay on even the semblance of a present good, through the suburbs, nearest skirting the rehowever fleeting and unreal, lest ill might publican outposts, which they overhung so come before that shadow could be grasped. that a tolerable view of what was passing Then we dined—we drank-we gained, along the line, could thence be at all times above all we danced—" nationalism” (as 'tis commanded in clear weather. The moon was the fashion to say now a-days) did not quit up--the sky and air frosty and sparklingus there the daines and maidens of the town it had becoine easy to watch and distinguish had no reason to complain of lack of gal- every movement ihat might be going on in lantry or delicate attentiveness on our part; the camp. Curiosity, natural enough you it was, on the contrary, only a contest among will admit, and perhaps the impulse of a us who should do most in the research to little excitement, as I, in turn, must allow, please them, and cater for their amusement. prompted me often to look long and closely. Ainong the number of devices hit upon The good Dame Köhler and her three charmwith this intent, was that of private thea- ing girls of daughters, not to mention ricals, and to it we set with might and main, Meinherr Köhler himself, who was a full, organizing casts—distributing characters, staunch, and never-flinching bottle-man, pounding into head long speeches-dres- had managed to ply me with a slight porsing, decorating, and all the etceteras of the tion more “ Heimner,” than the exact rules grave occupation, as though no enemy was of the service, well interpreted, would sanccrouching in wait nearly within gunshot, tion; and, perhaps, than I would have ven. ready, in the midst of our antics perhaps, to tured on, but that the influence of so many dash upon us and make unpleasant realities smiling, good-willing, and wishing faces is of them. Do not at all wonder at it—such, I hard to be resisted, particularly when the repeat, was our heedless quicksilver charac- wine is the rarest of rare“ Heimer.” ter-one that never abandoned us to the “Well, I went on musing, peeping, and last and worst through all the miseries and spying from one instant to another, getting heart-torturings of that fatal time. To steadier at every step (recollect I have not sport and be gay unto death and in death, said, nor mean to insinuate, that I was posiseemed the axiom and principle of our ex- tively unsteady); inerely I had a very litistence as it then was. How many errors, tle passed the point where the two principles how many crimes, how much waste of life, are at loggerheads (the right one soon preand energy, and bravery, even unavailing- dominated). What with the cooling touch even, it would seem, foredoomed to perish of the night wind—what with the attentively

- might have been spared ! if-but let me serious occupation I made for myself, of not croak, I should rather hasten to make looking over and inspecting, with searching an end of my weary tale. The circumstan- eye, every perceptible stir and hum of the ces which occurred more particularly as con- evening ;-one is often (at least in one's own cerned me, for I was leader of the fun--to opinion) particularly clear-sighted in such stay this new feverish fancy of ours exactly cases :-however, my young friend, I do not as it had attained its height, are precisely recommend—far from that, to you or to any such as naturally furnish me with an oppor- fresh enterer into the world's stage and strugtunity of doing so.

gle, this means of keeping a sharp look out. “I was a good deal intimate, (acqnaintance " I saw nothing, though I gazed long ;springs up with ready quickness under pres- all was inutionless and quiet, with the excepsure of change and peril) in one family of tion of the occasional relief of sentinels, and wealthy burghers-quite the good class-re- so forth. On arriving afterwards, as quickly presentatives of a worthy, sterling old race as I could, at quarters, I had reason, I found, we meet with, I regret to say, no longer- to regret, and that deeply, the delay. honest as virtuous, and unpretending as both. "My trooper (the one that replaced in my I had rendered thein by chance some slight service poor Comtois,) met me eagerly on service by avoiding their inconvenience in the small open space before the guard the allotinent of quarters for our men, and house. “ Commandant,” he said, “I am they were thankful. I frequently supped very sorry to see you so late; there has been

her into your

my mind.'

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one here to ask for you—on business—bu- ing from the kind of disturbance my abrupt siness of life and death : the person says entrance had created. Weariness, sleep, she wont speak to any one but yourself.” and anxiety, were on her, and she had some

"She ?-who?-what do you mean? difficulty in contending against them, when

I don't exactly know. She insisted on I came thus suddenly 10 rouse her. staying 'till she saw you.


"You may well ask the question, Captain room there within, and locked it; she would Meriuhac, how I did manage. I have done taste neither meat, nor drink, though I offer- it, that is enough; and I am here, to free ed her both-only wants to see yon. Me- you, perhaps, I don't know,—from a pain thinks she's of the “ blues," though well ihat would hang heavy for ever on your wrapped up-you know best, Command heart; for I believe it, though an aristocrat's, ant, you have your own secrets.”

good and true. I know more of you than “A thought flashed, as it well might, into you think; and he too, - ?

Did she name any one, or “As she spoke these words brokenly and say why she wanted ine ?

interruptedly, but with a tone of natural pas“Yes, I think heard something about a sionate vehemence that was irresistibly moveCharles-Charlotte, or Jeannotte, or- ing, her eye dilated—her heart heaved ;

Devil and damnation,'- I believe I there was a change in all her person that uncontrollably burst out with—'tis-can be seemed at once to raise her from the humno one else than the Vivandiere, come to ble being that she was, to a position comtell me that my rescuer, my brave, and ge- manding respect, even froin those least innerous rescuer is, perhaps, himself in the clined to grant it. danger he saved me from!

“ I was, you can easily presume, from what "What's the matter, Captain ?-beg par- I have told had preceded, more than I wish don, Commandant. Why, you are quite now to confess, startled and damped, or as it - odd,out of sorts,--excuse me, to is sometimes said in trite language, “struck night, the guard will turn out if you all of a heap,' He- : Who ? roar so, thegirl, —and right good look- Jeannotte ?" ing she is, talked of you, and showed me “Yes, he, Charles,—the young brother your diamond ring, I thought I did for of my heart and hope, condemned to be shot ihe best in letting her stay, however,- to-morrow,

for- -for- -suffering you and " o "Tis she,—'tis she, I am sure, -out your youth of a Cornet to escape. 1of the way I'm late,— I'm perhaps dishon- came, I'm come to tell you ! oured. A curse on you !-quick l' snatch- “The shock, though expected and foreseen ing a key, which he held in his hand, and as it had been, unsettled, nay, overpowered, leaving the poor fellow half stupified, me for a few minutes; and then-so quickly, and it was nothing strange, that he in times when we scarcely know what imshould be so,-at my violence,-he, only in pulse is most rife, does one impresssion comhis simple good naturedness, thinking there bat with another-restored me to the full poswas an intrigue in question. I rushed with session of whatever degree of judgment and most unmilitary, and, I must confess, unofli- sense I may, perchance, have had claim to. cerlike precipitation, through the ranges of “Your brother-my preserver-your bropallet-beds occupied by the men, who, half ther-condemned to die for me, —No, asleep, half awake, stared at me stupidly as no—it shall not be, LI

say trooper, there I passed. I opened the inner room appro- - Trugot, - Faillebois,priated to my use, and there, as I expected, “. She placed her hands on my lips,–I found myself in presence of a female, who knew I was right, I knew I did not started up as I entered ; and whom, in spite mistake when I thought you had a heart, of her deep cloaking disguise, I could not silence—don't stir, -what can you do ?' for a fraction of a second fail to recognize

« « What can I do ?- Deliver myself up as the worthy, well-souled young creature with my companion; I know him-he wiil whose prompt accents of kindness, more, not flinch, -nor I-what can I do ? perhaps, than the help she was able to give, Will it be enough, though ?' had done us so much service when we most “She sat down, and a few tears gleamed stood in need of it,

in her eye, the only ones that had been yet 'Tis you,—I thought,- I was sure of there. No, not enough, you have said it-what's the matter ?—how did you come it,-neglect of duty, disobedience of orders, here ?—Charles—Jeannotte,

-the very suspicion of having some personal "Such were the exclamations that broke interest or connection in all, weigh against hastily from my lips, while she was recover- him. He is marked as being of your class,


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