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All communications for the EDITOR of the CITIZEN must, in future, be addressed to the care of Mr. MACHEN, 8, D'OLIER-STREET, who had been appointed our sole publisher.

Advertisements and Books for Review to be forwarded to the same.
We cannot undertake to return short pieces, either prose or poetry.

Contributions intended for insertion in the succeeding Number must, for the future, be forwarded on or before the 7th instant.

R.'s papers are excellent as usual, but came rather late, and were neither of them singly, sufficient in quantity

What we have read of M. A. K's story is well done; but we must see the remainder before we decide.

The conception of “Richlieu” is striking, but not filled up by the Author as we should like to see it.

D. McC.'s verses, though after common-place models, have a good deal of merit ; but we doubt our being able to give them that immediate publicity which their allusion to passing events would require.

W. D-F- received, and shall be attended to.

Many thanks to our valued correspondent, D., for his letter from Paris, which we regret exceedingly not having been able to avail ourselves of.

Printed by Webb and Chapman, Great Brunswick-street, Dublin.

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THE PROPRIETORS of the CITIZEN take the present opportunity of acknowledging the warm and zealous support they have received from all sections of the Public. No effort on their part shall be spared to ensure a continuance of the good opinion the Citizen has hitherto won. A proof of their anxiety to render it a Journal in every respect truly national, will be found in the arrangements they have made for giving in all future numbers, without any additional charge, a selection of Irish MELODIES, chiefly such as have never before been published, with Vocal and Instrumental accompaniments, and new and original words. The Citizen will thus, in addition to the political, literary, and scientific claims on support, which the Public have already so promptly and generally recognised, possess the novel attraction of a valuable and popular collection of National Music. For the style and manner in which this portion of the Work will be executed, it is only requisite to refer to the specimen contained in the present number.

Dublin, 20th December, 1840.

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