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1.-MODERN PAINTERS. VOL. I.-GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF ART And Truth as an Essential Element. $1 50,

“A very extravrdlinary and delightful book, full of truth and goodness, of power and Deanty.".-North British Reviero.

VOL. II.-TRUE IDEAS OF BEAUTY. Price, 75 cents.

“Mr. Ruskin's work will send the painter more than ever to the study of nature: will train men who have always been delighted spectators of nature, to be also attentive observers. Our critics will learn to aclmire, and more adinirers will learn how to criti. ciso; thus a public will be educated."- Buckwood's Jhuyuzino

- VOL. III.-STYLE, FINISII, LANDSCAPE, ETC.; With cuts and eighteen illustrations, drawn by the author, $2 50.

“This book may be taken up with equal pleasure whether the reader he acquainted or Rot with the previous volumes, and no special artistic culture is necessary in uriler to enjoy its excellences or protit by its suggestions.".- Westminster Review

VOL. IV.-MOUNTAIN BEAUTY. With numerous cuts. $1 50.

2.—THE SEVEN LAMPS OF ARCHITECTURE. 1 vol. With Fourteen Etchings, by the author. $1 50.

“The politician, the moralist, the divine, will find in it ample store of instructivo mutter, as well as the artist."--Examiner.

3.---THE STONES OF VENICE, Illustrated by numerous w004-cuts from Drawings by the author. 3 vols. $4 50.

“No one who has visited Venice can read this book without having a richer glow thrown over his remembrances of that city, and for those who have not. Mr. Ruskin paints it with a firmness of outline and vividiness of colouring that will bring it before the imagination with the force of reality."--Literary Guzette. 4.-PRE-RAPHAELITISM, AND NOTES ON THE CONSTRUCTION OF

SHEEPFOLDS. in 1 vol. 75 cts.

“There is much to be collected from it which it is very important to remember."Guardian,

5.-LECTURES ON ARCHITECTURE AND PAINTING. . Delivered at Edinburgh in Nov. 1853. 1 vol. 12mo. With fifteen illustrations on tinted paper, after Drawings by the author. $1 56.

6.—THE ELEMENTS OF DRAWING. lo Three Letters to Beginners. 1 vol. Plates. $1 00.

“We close this book, feeling confident that no student of Art shonid Isunch forth without this work as a compass in the binnacle."--Atheneum.

-THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF ART; Being the Subject (with additions) of two lectures delivered at Manchester, July, 1857 | vol. 62 cts. “ It is needless to criticise or commend the works of Ruskin."-N. Y. Observer,

8.--THE BEAUTIES OF RUSKIN; on, the True and the Beautiful in Nature, Art, Morals, and Religion. Selected from the works of John Ruskin, with a notice of the anthor. By Mrs. L. C. Tuthill. 1 vol. $1 51).

This elegant volume, though composed only of extracts, has been so handleil, as to possess all the interest of a continuous work on Art, etc., arranged in chapters, without Its technicalities, making it an agreeable companion to the Drawing Room.

• The author is an enthusiast, und inspires the reader with his ow True and the Good. It would he well to make this work a study in schools and solleges."-N. Y. (Observer,





DOWNING, A J. THE FRUITS AND FRUIT TREES OF AMERICA, Or, the Culture, Propagation, and Management in the Garden and Orchard of Frut Treey generally; with descriptions of all the finest varieties of fruit, native and foreign cultivaled in this country. New erlition, thoroughly revisel, with very large additions, especially in apples and pears. Edited by Charles Downing, Esq., brother of tbe late A. J. Downing. One vol. 12m0., containing over 750 pages. $200.

" No man who has a plot of 50 feet square should be without this book; while to the owner of acres it is beyond all price."-Newburgh Guzette.

* This book is, therefore, in our opinion, the very best work on Fruits that we have."American Agriculturist.

" We bail the prosent work as the best American Fruit Book extant."-Ohio Culti rator, DOWNING, A. J. COTTAGE RES'DENCES: A Series of Designs for Rural Cottages and Collage Villas, and their Gardens and Grounds adapted to North America. Illustrated by nuuierous engravings. Third edition. Avo. Cloth. $250.

- llere are pleasant precepts suited to every scale of fortune among ns; and general maxims which inay be studies with alınost equal profit by the bondeholder in the crowd ed city and the man of taste who retires with a full purse, to embody his owa ideas of a rural home."

With ad litions. One vul. 12mo. $1 il.

And Companion to the Flower Garden. By Mrs. Loudun. 12.0. Cluth. $1 50.

DOWNING, A. J. WIGHTWICK'S HINTS TO YOUNG ARCHITECTS, Calculated to facilitate their practical operation; with additional Notes and Hints to Persone about Building in the Country. 8vo. Cloth, $1 75.


PARSONS ON THE ROSE, The Rose-Its History, Poetry, Culture, and Classification. With two large colored plates, and other engravings. In vne vol. 1200. New edition, with additions. Cloth. 81 25

"This elegant volume, llevoted to a subject of universal attractiveness, and exłausting most of the learning which applies to it, deserves a wide popularity."

VII. KEMP ON LANDSCAPE GARDENING How to Lay Out a Garden. Intended as a general Guide in choosing formlem or improving an estate (from a quarter of an acre to a hundred acres in extent), with reference to both design and execution. By Ellwar Kemp, Landscape Gariener, Birkenhead Park. Greatly enlargell, and illustrated with numerons plans, sectic us, and sketches of gardens and garden objects. 1 vol. 12mo. Cloth. Gilt. $2 00.

" This is inst the book that t. onsands want."-N. Y. Obxerrer.

" It should be in the hands of every one who makes even the slightest pretensions to Gardening."-Pila, City Item.

VII. CLAUSSEN. THE FLAX MOVEMENT. Its Importance and Advantages; with Directions for the Preparation of Flax Cotton, and the Cultivation of Flax. By the Chevalier Claussen, 12mo. 12 cents.

IX. LIEBIG. PRINCIPLES OF AGRICULTURAL CHEMIZTRY With special reference to the late researches made in England. 1 vol. 12u10. Cloth. Bha

*** Copies will be mailed to any address, and prepaid, on the receipt of the price Olubs and Societies will be supplied with the works for premiurrs, ut a discount


A Practical Treatise on the art of taking Positive and Negative Photographs on Paper
and Gluss, &c. 1 vol. 18mo. Cloth. $1 00. .

CAST AND WROUGHT IRON TO BUILDING PURPOSES. 1 vol. 8vo. Numerous cuts. Cloth. $200.

“No engineer can do without this book."-Scientific American. HAND BOOK OF YOUNG ARTISTS AND AMATEURS IN OIL

PAINTING; Buing chiefly a condensed compilation from the celebrated Manual of Bouvier, and other distinguished Continental Writers on the Art Adapted for a Text-Book, as well as for Self-Instruction. Appended-a new Esplanatory and Critical Vocabulary. By an American Artist. 12mo. Cluth. $1 25.

HATFIELD (R. G.). THE AMERICAN HOUSE CARPENTER. A Treatise upon Architecture, Cornices, and Moulilings, Framing, Doors, Windows, and Stairs, etc. New, thoroughly revised and improved edition, with about 150 additional pages and numerous additional plates. 1 vol. Svo. *2 50. “Every House Carpenter vuget lo possess one of these books."-Journal of Commerce.

LESLEY (J. P.). THE IRON MANUFACTURER'S GUIDE, To the Furnaces, Forges, and Rolling Mills of the United States, with maps ; to which Is appended a llistory of the Manufacture of Tron, a summary of the Statistics of the American Production of Tron, and a geological discussion of the Iron Ores of the U.S. by J. P. Lesley, Secretary of the American Iron Association, and published by order of the Board of Managers. 1 vol. 8vo. $5 00. "Invaluable to every miner, manufacturer, and dealer of iron.”

REID'S VENTILATION IN AMERICAN DWELLINGS. With a Series of Diagrams, presenting Examples in Different Classes of llabitation, By David Boswell Reid, M D., F.R.S.E., formerly Director of the Ventilation at the lollsea of Parliamnezt, London, etc., etc To, which is added an introduciory Outline of tlie Progress of Improvement in Ventilation. By Elisha llarris, M.D., late Physician in Chief of the N. Y. Quarantine Hospitals, etc., etc. 1 vol. 8vo., containing about 100 diagrams col, and plain. $200.

"We know of no book where in so brief a space, the best means of airing, warming, and lighting buildings are so clearly set forth, as in that we have just described."-tin. cinnati Gazette. SMITH (LIEUT. R. S.). A MANUAL OF TOPOGRAPHICAL DRAWING. By Lieut. R. S. Smith, U. 8. Army, Professor of Drawing in the U. S. Military Academy West Point. 1 vol. 8vo., plates, cloth. $1 50.

“We regard the work as a choice addition to the library of science and art, and one that bas long been needed by the l'rofessor."-R, R. Journal,

SMITH (LIEUT. R. S.). MANUAL OF LINEAR PERSPECTIVE. Perspective of Form, Shade, Shadow and Retlection. 1 vol. 8vo. Plates. $1 50.

“We do not remember to have seen a more complete and popular treatise on the sub. lect."-R, R. Journul.

SMEE. ELEMENTS OF ELECTRO-METALLURGY. Rovised, corrected, and considerably enlar çed. Illustrated with Electrotypes and numerous wood-cuts. 1 vol. 12mo. $1 25.

WEISSENBORN (G.) AMERICAN ENGINEERING. Illustrated by large and detached Engravings, embraring various branches of Mechanical Irt, Sta. 91.1:y, Marine, and Locomotive Engines, Manufacturing Machinery, Printing Pressea, Tole, Griss, Steam. Saw, and Rolling Mills, Iron Buildings, &c., of the newest and most approveu construction. To be issued in numbers. Price per No. $1 00.

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