Publications of the Geological Survey, 1879-1961

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1965 - Geology - 457 pages

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Page 185 - A reconnaissance of the Cape Nome and adjacent gold fields of Seward Peninsula, Alaska, in 1900, by AH Brooks, GB Richardson, and AJ Collier. In a special publication entitled " Reconnaissances in the Cape Nome and Norton Bay regions, Alaska, in 1900,
Page 34 - A geologic reconnaissance of the Fairbanks quadrangle, Alaska, by LM Prindle, with a detailed description of the Fairbanks district, by LM Prindle and FJ Katz, and an account of lode mining near Fairbanks, by PS Smith. Bulletin 525, 1913, 220 pp. The Koyukuk-Chandalar region, Alaska, by AG Maddren. Bulletin 532, 1913, 119 pp. Price, 25 cents. A geologic reconnaissance of the Circle quadrangle, Alaska, by LM Prindle.
Page 161 - Surface water supply of Seward Peninsula, Alaska, by FF Henshaw and GL Parker, with a sketch of the geography and geology by PS Smith and a description of methods of placer mining by AH Brooks; including topographic reconnaissance map.
Page 185 - AC The geology and mineral resources of a portion of the Copper River district, Alaska.
Page 8 - Price 5 cents. 17. On the Development of Crystallization in the Igneous Rocks of Washoe, Nevada, with Notes on the Geology of the District, by Arnold Hague and Joseph P. Iddings. 1885. 8.
Page 23 - Experimental work conducted in the chemical laboratory of the United States fuel-testing plant, St. Louis, Mo., January 1, 1905, to July 31, 1906, by NW Lord.
Page 23 - BULLETIN 339. The purchase of coal under government and commercial specifications on the basis of its heating value, with analyses of coal delivered under government contracts, by DT Randall. 1908. 27 pp. 5 cents. BULLETIN 343.
Page 8 - Price 5 cents. 3. On the Fossil Faunas of the Upper Devonian, along the meridian of 76 30', from Tompkins County, NY, to Bradford County, Pa., by Henry S.
Page 4 - The Cretaceous formation of the Black Hills as indicated by the fossil plants (with the collaboration of WP Jenney, WM Fontaine, and FH Knowlton).
Page 158 - Report of progress of stream measurements for the calendar year 1905, Part IX, Meramec, Arkansas, Red, and lower western Mississippi River drainages, by MC Hinderlider, JM Giles, and JC Hoyt.

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