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physical phenomena, as spasms, swoons, GREAT BRITAIN.

and trances have occurred, causing much 'The Protestant Churches.--THE excitement. The movement has not only Missions OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND

been noticed by the most popular and are evidently advancing; an interest in

widely-circulated papers of the United the missionary cause is on the increase. Kingdom, but the press teems also with The report of the Society for the Propa- pamphlets on the subject. The meeting gation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, for

of the BRITISH BRANCH OF THE EVAN1859, gives a list of four hundred and

GELICAL ALLIANCE at Belfast showed a fourteen ordained missionaries, supported great harmony among the Protestant wholly or in part by the society, in ad

Churches of Ireland. Bishop Knox, of dition to upward of seven hundred lay Belfast, presided not only in the business teachers, students, and catechists. The meetings, but also in those of devotion. receipts of the last year were £90,701 for

The meeting entered a decided protest general purposes, and £12,521 for special against the claims of the Roman Catholic funds. The colonial episcopate has been

bishops of Ireland to a new organization extended by the erection of the new sees

of public instruction on a strictly denom. of British Columbia, (which was endowed

inational basis. At the WESLEYAN Con. at the sole cost of Miss Burdett Coutts,)

FERENCE an interesting discussion took St. Helena, Brisbane, (Australia,) and

place in reference to the modification of Waiapu, (New Zealand,) making a total

itinerancy. The novel aspects of modern at present of thirty-eight colonial bishop- preaching occupied the chief attention in rics. According to a recent decision of

this discussion. The net increase of the colonial secretary, the colonial bish

members in the Wesleyan Societies in ops will be in future at liberty to conse

England was officially reported as 15,706, crate missionary bishops for countries not

and in Ireland as 325. The total numwithin the boundaries of the English do

ber of members in Great Britain is now minion. One of the first missionary bish

292,797. ops of this kind will be selected for The Roman Catholic Church.Central Africa, where the Universities of A MEETING OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC Oxford and Cambridge will conjointly es- BISHOPS OF IRELAND was held at Dublin tablish a mission, in behalf of which a in August. Several resolutions numerously attended meeting was held at agreed to, and the whole of them embodCambridge on November 1. The Dog- ied in a pastoral address, to be read from MATIC CONTROVERSIES IN THE EPISCOPAL every pulpit, and altar. The bishops deCHURCH OF SCOTLAND still continue. A mand among other points that the schools synod was held at Edinburgh in October, for Catholic youth should be so subordiwhen the appeal of the Rev. Mr. Cheyne nated to bishops in their respective dioagainst the judgment of the Bishop of coses, as that no book may be used in Aberdeen, which suspends him from all them for secular instruction to which the ecclesiastical functions, and the appeal of ordinary sball object. They refer to the the Dean of Moray against the revocation concession of grants for exclusively Cathof his appointment by his diocese, came olic schools in Great Britain and in the up. A decision on both was postponed to British Colonies as conclusive evidence of November. A new complaint will be the fairness of their claim. THE THIRD brought forward against the Bishop of PROVINCIAL Synod of the Ecclesiastical Brechin for false doctrines on the Eucha- Province of Westminster, which comprises rist. On the whole, the High Church all the bishoprics of England, was opened party seems continually to lose ground on July 13th with the usual solemnities, in Scotland. ThE RELIGIOUS MOVEMENT and presided over by Cardinal Wiseman. IN IRELAND AND SCOTLAND has continued All the bishops were present, as well as to extend during the past months, and the representatives of the chapters, the has embraced many districts not before theologians of the bishops, and the provisited. Many cases of extraordinary vincials of the monastic orders.






greater amount of self-government than

any European State Church, except those The Protestant Churches.-THE

of Scotland and Holland, enjoy. Yet the REFORMED CHURCH of Germany has been

Hungarians fear, by an unconditioned acmore successful than either the Lutherans or Roman Catholics in effecting a nation

ceptance of the imperial decrees, to forfeit

the claims of the Church to autonomy, al organization, and has held annually,

and they demand as a right what the since 1857, a General Conference, attended by deputies from all parts of Germany. thanking the government, therefore, for

ernment offers to them as a gift. Wbile The conference of the present year met, in June, at Enden, Hanover, and was at

its good intentions to improve the situa

tion of the Protestant Church, they have tended by about ninety members and several guests from Holland. It is hoped General Synod may be convoked as soon

resolved to petition the emperor that a that these annual conferences will gradu

as possible, and the imperial decrees subally prepare the way for a closer union of the Reformed Church of Germany with

mitted to it, in order that thus, by a comthe Reformed and Presbyterian Churches promise between the wishes of the Church

and the proposals of the government, a of Switzerland, France, Holland, Great

Church constitution may be formed that Britain, and America. The GUSTAVUS

will give general satisfaction. ADOLPHUS ASSOCIATION, the most popular among all the religious societies of Ger- Roman Catholic Church.-The many, has had no general assembly during eleventh GENERAL ASSEMBLY the present year.

The revenues of this CATHOLIC ASSOCIATION met at Freiburg in association are more and more assuming September, and was attended by deputies a dimension equaling that of the leading from all parts of Germany and Austria, religious societies of Great Britain and and guests from France and Switzerland. America. In 1857 they amounted to This assembly has now the character of a 101,000 thalers, in 1858 to 107,000; dict of all the various associations estabduring the financial year just closed to lished for religious purposes. The pro130,000. As the Austrian government ceedings consist mostly in reports on the has recently given the permission, 80 progress of the several religious associaoften refused in former years, that in all

tions and on the condition of public opinthe Protestant Churches of the empire an ion among the Catholic population ; and annual collection may be taken up for the the main advantage expected from them, purposes of the Gustavus Adolphus Asso

is to awaken a new interest in religious ciation, it is likely that the year now associations, especially in the district in entered upon will witness a still greater which the General Assembly is held. The increase of its receipts. The partial in- place for holding the assembly changes fluence which the Church of Rome has therefore every year. For next year gained over the courts of several German Prague is chosen, and in case of any hinprinces, has occasioned, on the part of the derances, the capital of Bavaria, in which bishops, some ATTACKS ON

THE LEGAL country uo General Assembly has been RightS OF PROTESTANTISM, which have held as yet, as it was feared that the made a deep sensation among the Prot- government would refuse permission. estant population, as indicating the in- The assembly of the present year received tentions of the Catholic hierarchy. In letters of approbation from the pope and two Protestant States, Hesse Darmstadt a considerable number of the German and Baden, Protestant authors have had bishops. A marked progress of some of civil suits bronght against them for ar- the religious associations was reported ticles against doctrines and practices of from Prussia, where, for example, in the the Church of Rome. In Hesse Darm- archdiocese of Cologne the Society of St. stadt two lower courts, consisting mainly Boniface has seen its inconie raised from of Catholic judges, found the defendant 3,000 thalers to 22,000 thalers. The guilty, but the Supreme Court at Darm- CONCORDATS with some of the states in stadt acquitted him. The long-expected southwestern Germany still occupy the decree of the Austrian

emperor on public attention to a high degree. That the reorganization of the PROTESTANT with Baden has not yet been published, CHURCHES IN HUNGARY and the adjacent but the general expectation is, that the countries, has at length been published. concessions made by the government to Some of the grievances are redressed by the Church are very large, and that, for this decree, which concedes in general to example, all the faculties of the state the Churches for which it is given a university of Freiburg will be placed under




the control of the archbishop. A rumor This year seven young ministers hare prevails that the concordat with Baden, been licensed, making up for the last as soon as officially published, will be three years sixteen ministers. At the adopted also by the Duchy of Nassau same time the number of students has inwhose Catholic population belong to the creased, and ranges now between thirty same ecclesiastical province with Baden. and forty, who belong, as formerly, to The government of Wurtemberg has com- various countries and Churches. The menced to carry out a part of the provis- school tends in particular to become ions of the concordat, without heeding more and more the theological seminary the very decided opposition of the Cham- of the Protestant French Churches in bers to it. THE REFORMATION OF Canada. THE RATIONALISTIC Party is MONASTIO ORDERS in Austria had at improving its organization, and thereby length been brought to a close, and the gaining ground in a number of cantons, resistance of a majority of the monks to especially among the younger clergy. In a reinforcing of the old discipline has, after the Canton of Berne the members of this a struggle of seven years, succumbed. party have formed a “ Theologic EcclesiAll the orders will be gradually brought astical Society," whose meetings have back to their old rules, by introducing been attended by about thirty clergymen. the reformation into the novitiates and At the twentieth annual meeting of the successively in every convent in which General Preachers' Society, held at St. the monks pledged to the reform shall Gallen, in August, the influence of the have a majority. An important point in party made itself felt more strongly than this reformation is the restoration of the in any preceding year.

and a

Some of its rep connection between the Austrian convents resentatives avowed their disbelief in a and the Superiors General and General personal God and the immortality of the Assemblies in Rome. The cardinal arch- soul. They display a great literary acbishop of Gran, in Hungary, informs the tivity, and some of their works, as a clergy of his diocese that a part of the " System of Christian Doctrines,” by H. reformatory decrees will be obligatory for Lang, the editor of their central organ, all the members of the religious orders,

“Manual of Religious Instruction expressing however at the same time his for the higher Classes of Colleges," by regret that the sharp iron has been made Professor Biederman, of Zurich, are atuse of, instead of pouring the oil of tracting some attention both in Switzermercy into the wounds.

land and Germany. It is believed that a

hard contest between the Rationalistic SWITZERLAND.

and the Orthodox parties throughout

Switzerland is approaching. As yet, it Protestant Churches.- The Mis

seems, greater forbearance is shown to the BIONARY SOCIBTY OF BASEL reported at Rationalists within the State Church than the last General Assembly the income of to the FREE EVANGELICAL CONGREGAthe past year as amounting to 642,000

After the precedence of several francs, a sum considerably exceeding that other cantons, the Synod of Berne recently of any preceding year. All the missions resolved, with thirty-two votes against except one have made progress, and the twenty-four, to petition the Grand Counnumber of baptized pagans has increased cil of the Canton for a new law, protecting to four thousand seven hundred and nine

the State Church against the progress of teen, At the annual meeting of the

the Free Churches. EVANGELICAL SOCIETY OF GENEVA, at which usually the foreign attendance is The Roman Catholic Church.more comprehensive than at the meetings The second GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE of Basel, there was this year a great want Pius, or CATHOLIC ASSOCIATIONS met in of visitors from abroad. There was, August at Schwyz, under the presidency however, no lack of interest, and the of Count Scheer. It was attended by meetings received an additional interest about two hundred members, representing from the circumstance of the ordination eighty associations. The most conspicuof four young ministers, prepared in the ous part of the proceedings was a speech theological school, and one of whom will of the celebrated Capuchin monk, Father soon be employed in Canada, his native Theodosius, the most prominent and country. The School of Theology, which active man of Catholic Switzerland, on was founded and is still controlled by the the task of the association and the duties Evangelical Society, continues to prosper of Catholics with regard to society. dcunder the presidency of Merle d'Aubigne. cording to a work recently published on


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the STATISTICS OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC wicked attempts" to strip the head of the Church of Switzerland, the number of Church of a part of his temporal power, Roman Catholics amounts to 971,809, and treat every effort to induce the papal among whom there are 4,047 ecclesiastics, government to grant political reforms as or one for every 243 inhabitants. The an encroachment upon the rights of an number of monks amounts to 527, that independent sovereign. The differences of nuns to 1,411. Among the monks the which have occasionally shown themselves Capuchins are the most numerous, count- among the bishops have disappeared in ing 378 members.

this question, and it has been remarked

with general surprise, that one of the SCANDINAVIA.

most violent documents has been issued The Protestant Churches.- The by Bishop Dupanloup of Orleans, who was SECOND SCANDINAVIAN CHURCH DIET was

heretofore considered as one of the most held at Lund, Sweden, in September.

moderate and learned French bishops. The attendance was not as numerous as

Some of the bishops have even taken the was expected. Many of the leading ground that the papal states belong High Lutherans of Sweden and Norway among the best governed of Europe. The showed themselves opposed to it, and

government have repeatedly reprimanded even the theological faculty of the Uni

the manifestations of the Catholic party. versity of Lund refused to attend. It In a reply to a public harangue of the was presided over by Bishop Thomander, Archbishop of Bordeaux, the emperor has of Lund, who is regarded as the most emphatically reiterated his belief in the prominent representative of evangelical

necessity of refornis in the government principles among the Swedish bishops, and

of the papal states, and requested the by Professor Hammerich, of Copenhagen. bishop to calm rather than to excite the The proceedings consisted mostly in ac- public sentiment. The leading Catholic counts of the religious life of the three papers, the “Univers," the "Ami de la Recountries, viewed from the two different ligion," and the “ Correspondent” have standpoints (High Lutheran and Evan- again received official warnings, the two gelical) which were represented in the latter for having published an article of assembly. Visitors were present from the

Count Montalembert on the Italian quesLutheran Church of France, and from that

tion. Next to the embarrassed position of Finland. Among the suggestions

of the pope, the DEATH OF THE CURE thrown out we mention one by Dr. Kalk

D'Ars, a village priest, who recently died er, to unite in the establishment of a in the odor of sanctity, has been the most common Scandinavian Foreign Missionary

talked-of event in the Catholic Church. Society.

The examples of medieval and ancient The Roman Catholic Church.-

asceticism have become in modern times THE VISIT OF THE BISHOP OF OSNABRUCK,

exceedingly rare, and it was therefore who is at the same time Provicar Apos

natural that a man who imitated and tolic of the Northern Missions in Den- equaled the strictest ascetics of former mark, is considered an event of some

times, would become a subject, partly of importance, as it is the first appearance

curiosity, partly of admiration. His diof a Catholic bishop in that country since

ocesan, the Bishop of Belley, in a circular 1542, when the last Bishop of Roeskild

letter addressed to the clergy on the day died. The bishop met with a favorable

of his death, says of him that he weither reception on the part of the king and the slept nor ate, contenting himself with crown prince, was invited to the royal

three or four ounces of nourishment per table, and declared himself entirely satis

day and one or two hours' sleep. He enfied with regard to the result of his visit.

tered the confessional long before day-
break, and except to say his mass, give a

short instruction, and eat his meal, rarely

left it much before midnight. The influx The Roman Catholic Church.- of pilgrims from all parts of France was The DissaTISFACTION OF THE CATHOLIC 80 great, that they had generally to wait L’ARTY with the government has been at least forty-eight hours before they had greatly increased by the policy of the a chance of speaking to him. Already emperor in the Italian question. In pur. powers of healing and conversion bave suance of an invitation of the pope, the been imputed to his earthly remains, a bishops have issued circulars to their dio- pilgrimage has been organized to his ceses, in which they prescribe public tomb, and it is the general expectation of prayers for the pope, denounce" the the people, that these imputed privileges

will soon meet with an official seal and Cadiz, where he has been well treated recognition from the authorities of his and allowed to be visited by his friends. Church.

The Protestant Churches.—THE

'The Greek Church.-THE REOR. tinues in many parts of France, mostly

GANIZATION OF THE GREEK CHURCH bas, owing to the great influence of the bish- ever since the beginning of the present ops on the subaltern officers of the state.

year, continued to be the subject of grave In a town of northern France a soldier deliberation. The Council of Reform, has been punished with fourteen days of consisting of the most prominent laymen imprisonment, for refusing to bend his of the Church, has remained in permanent knee before the elevated hust. He had

session, and is supported by the sympapreviously applied in vain to his officer to thies not only of the Turkish government be exempted from doing military service but also by those of the Patriarch of during the mass. The minister of war, Constantinople. A passionate resistance, however, who is a Protestant himself, has

on the other hand, has been made to the annulled the punishment. The FRENCH

measures of the Council of Reform by BRANCH OF THE EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE

those metropolites who are members of has held an annual assembly at Lyons the Holy Synod, and who have long been from October 31 to November 2. The in

accustomed to live in Constantinople. terest of the French Churches in the ob

When the lay representatives resolved to jects of the alliance is still very great, abolish the taxes heretofore levied by the and many efforts are made to establish a

higher Greek clergy on the laity, and to closer union between the several denom

assign to the bishops fixed salaries, they inations. To the same end a monthly is

entered a solemn protest. To overcome devoted, which was established in Janu

their resistance, the Turkish Minister of ary, 1859, under the title, La Croix, fcu ille

the Interior, Fuad Pasha, ordered them mensuelle, consacree à l'union Chretienne et au

to leave the capital, and to take their develloppement de la vie dans l'eglise. residence, in accordance with the canons

of their Church, in their own dioceses. ITALY.

The metropolites again protested against The Protestant Churches,-- FULL this measure, representing it as an attack RELIGIOUS LIBERTY for all Protestants has of the Mohammedan government on the been proclaimed by the legislative assem- immunities of the Greek Church. They blies of Parma, Modena, Tuscany, and the communicated their protest to the Synods Legation. Naples, Venetia, and the Papal of St. Petersburgh and Athens, and in the States remain now the only Italian States latter place they met with an almost in which the free organization of Protest- unanimous support of the press.

But the ant congregations is still forbidden or Council of Reform at Constantinople have impeded. At Florence the Italian sery- prepared a refutation, and intend to carry ice, hegan by Mr. Malan, late Moderator through the reorganization. Already the of the Waldensian Church, has been regu- salary of the Patriarch of Constantinople larly continued. Father Garazzi has re- has been fixed at six hundred thousand commenced preaching in Bologna. In piastres. Simultaneously with these efMilan the necessary arrangements have forts of abolishing old abuses, the DECENbeen made for the establishment of a

TRALIZATION THE CHURCH is conWaldensian Church.

stantly engrossing the attention of large

portions of the Church. The Bulgarians SPAIN.

have again sent petitions, covered with The Protestant Churches.-PER- more than six thousand signatures, to SECUTION still continues. A Spanish the government, to obtain their independProtestant, Senor Escalante, has been ence of the Patriarchate of Constantinoarrested in Andalusia, at the instance of ple and the appointment of a national the priests, for hawking copies of the patriarch and national bishops. Their Spanish New Testament. He is an agent indignation against the Greek clergy has of the British and Foreign Bible Society, been recently greatly increased by a deand said to be a native of Gibraltar, cree of the patriarch to close their which would entitle him to British pro- churches in Constantinople on account of tection. He was at first put into a local one of their priests having failed to pay prison with the first malefactors, but he certain customary fees. The “ Presse has since been removed to the prison of d'Orient," a French paper of Constanti


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