Maryland Geological Survey, Band 4

Johns Hopkins Press, 1902

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Seite 173 - Commissioners, or their certain attorney, their successors and assigns for which payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, by these presents. Sealed with our seals and dated this day of 1901.
Seite 264 - Structural. — Brick, common, front, pressed, ornamental, hollow, glazed; adobe, terra cotta, roofing tile; glazed and encaustic tile; 9 Table compiled by RT Hill and modified by H.
Seite 170 - All depressions that may appear during the rolling are to be filled with earth and rolled until an even surface is obtained. Where no change from the present grade of those portions of the road not already surfaced with stone is shown on the profile, the road-bed is to be shaped to the proper cross-section and rolled to a firm smooth surface before the application of broken stone, the price for this work to be included in that for
Seite 174 - THE CONDITION OF THIS OBLIGATION IS SUCH that if the said principal shall well and truly keep and perform all the terms and conditions of the...
Seite 175 - Embankments shall be formed of successive layers of not more than twelve (12) inches in thickness, each layer to be thoroughly rolled by a roller weighing not less than two tons. All trees, stumps, and roots within the roadbed and on slopes shall be grubbed up and removed as the engineer may direct, without additional compensation.
Seite 257 - If .08 and 1 are bent over and 5 is not affected, the temperature of the kiln is between 1 and 5. The next time numbers 2, 3 and 4 are put in, and 2 and 3 may be fused, but 4 remains unaffected, indicating that the temperature reached the fusing point of 3.
Seite 270 - The troughing has a slight pitch, commonly about one inch in 20 feet, but the amount depends on the kaolin, and whether the contained sand is fine or coarse. If the kaolin is very fine, and settles slowly, the pitch need not be so great, and vice versa. A large quantity of very coarse sand in the kaolin is a nuisance, as it clogs up the log washer and the upper end of the trough more quickly, causing much labor to keep them clean. As it is, considerable sand settles there, and, to keep the trough...
Seite 257 - This consists of two wires, one of platinum and the other of an alloy of 90 per cent platinum and 10 per cent rhodium. These two are fastened together at one end, while the two free ends are carried to a galvanometer which measures the intensity of the current. That portion of the wires which is inserted into the furnace or...
Seite 285 - Now, as each of these three compounds of the kaolin — clay substance, quartz and feldspar — have characteristic properties, the kaolin will vary in its behavior according as one or the other of these constituents predominates or tends to. increase. As to the characters of these three, quartz is nearly infusible, nonplastic, has very little shrinkage, and is of low tensile strength ; feldspar is easily fusible, and alone has little plasticity ~T kaolinite is plastic and quite refractory, but shrinks...
Seite 294 - The residual fire-clays found at Pomona and Grover are coarsegrained clays with much intermixed quartz and mica. The kaolins are of special importance and of excellent quality, the most important being at Webster and west of Sylva. Sedimentary clays. — The Coastal Plain deposits of North Carolina furnish the most extensive beds of clay to be found within the state. They have been classed as belonging to Cretaceous, Eocene and Pleistocene formations. The Potomac clays of the Cretaceous...

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