On the stowage of ships and their cargoes

Longmans, 1869 - 720 Seiten

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Seite 272 - London, (the act of God, the queen's enemies, fire, and all and every other dangers and accidents of the seas, rivers, and navigation, of whatever nature and kind soever, excepted,) unto order or to assigns, he or they paying freight for the said goods at 51.
Seite 627 - ... length; then to the sum of the end breadths add four times the middle breadth, and multiply the whole sum by one-third of the common interval between the breadths; the product will give the mean horizontal area of such space; then measure the mean height...
Seite 421 - Ship" any Person shall during the Voyage, directly or indirectly, sell or cause to be sold any Spirits or Strong Waters to any Passenger, he shall be liable for every such Offence to a Penalty not exceeding Twenty Pounds nor less than Five Pounds Sterling.
Seite 629 - Navigation by the owners of a ship the tonnage of such portion of the space or spaces above the crown of the engine room and above the upper deck as is framed in for the machinery or for the admission of light and air and not required to be...
Seite 191 - ... bills of lading or otherwise in writing, are lost or damaged by reason of any robbery, embezzlement, making away with, or secreting thereof.
Seite 420 - ... any article or number of articles, whether as a cargo or ballast, which, by reason of the nature or quantity or mode of storage thereof, shall, either singly or collectively, be likely to endanger the health or lives of the passengers or the safety of the vessel...
Seite 144 - ... goods and of the name and address of the sender or carrier thereof to the master or owner of the vessel at or before the time of sending the same to be shipped or taking the same on board the vessel.
Seite 635 - A measure from the under side of the tonnage-deck plank, amidships, to the ceiling of the hold (average thickness), shall be accounted the depth of hold. If the vessel has a third deck, then the height from the top of the tonnagedeck plank to the under side of the upper-deck plank shall be accounted as the height under the spar deck. All measurement to be taken in feet and fractions of feet; and all fractions of feet shall be expressed in decimals.
Seite 238 - Merchant a full and complete cargo which is to be brought to and taken from alongside at Merchant's Risk and Expense, and not exceeding what she can reasonably stow and carry over and above her tackle, apparel, provisions, and furniture...
Seite 627 - If there be a break, a poop, or any other permanent closed-in space on the upper deck, available for cargo or stores, or for the berthing or accommodation of passengers or crew...

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