Curiosities of Literature: Consisting of Anecdotes, Characters, Sketches, and Observations, Literary, Critical, and Historical, Band 1

Murray and Highley, 1798

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Seite 72 - I'm resolv'd to search for thee; The search itself rewards the pains. So, though the chymic his great secret miss (For neither it in art or nature is), Yet things well worth his toil he gains: And does his charge and labour pay With good unsought experiments by the way.
Seite 123 - They immediately fell into a deep slumber, which was miraculously prolonged, without injuring the powers of life, during a period of one hundred and eighty-seven years. At the end of that time the slaves of Adolius, to whom...
Seite 490 - Bar to the furthest part of Cheapside, to tell at his return every sign as it stood in order on both sides of the way, repeating them either backwards or forwards ; and he did it exactly.
Seite 378 - Pillag'd from slaves to purchase slaves at home; Fear, pity, justice, indignation start, Tear off reserve, and bare my swelling heart ; Till half a patriot, half a coward grown, I fly from petty tyrants to the throne.
Seite 530 - They cannot lie down, nor lean, without keeping the neck straight ; and the country being very woody, it is not uncommon to find them with their head-dress entangled in the trees. Whenever they comb their hair, they pass an hour by the fire in melting the wax ; but this combing is only performed once or twice a year.
Seite 403 - Fuller expresses it, he replied, " Not so neither ; for if I changed my religion, I am sure I kept true to my principle ; which is, to live and die the vicar of Bray!
Seite 498 - At women by appearances, That paint and patch their imperfections Of intellectual complexions, And daub their tempers o'er with washes As artificial as their faces...
Seite 252 - Arabs diffused that vain science over the globe. Congenial to the avarice of the human heart, it was studied in China as in Europe, with equal eagerness and with equal success.
Seite 477 - Duviller, whose name they perpetuated, for the purpose of concealing an elevation in the shoulder of the Dauphin. Charles VII. of France introduced long coats to hide his ill-made legs. Shoes with very long points, full two feet in length, were invented by Henry Plantagenet, Duke of Anjou, to conceal a large excrescence on one of his feet.
Seite 528 - Persia an aquiline nose was often thought worthy of the crown ; and if there was any competition between two princes, the people generally went by this criterion of Majesty. In some countries the mothers break the noses of their children ; and in others press the head between two boards, that it may become square. The modern Persians have a strong aversion to red hair; the Turks, on the contrary, are warm admirers of it. The female Hottentot receives from the...

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