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Representative English Prose and Prose Writers--Notices Continued.

Prof. T. W. Bancroft, of Brown Uni

style. The plan of the book commends it versity, in Modern Language Notes.

to my judgment as including within the says: We conceive the leading excel

limits of a single term's study the subject lences of the work to be the comprehen- of English prose." sive plan which enables the author to have a firm hold upon the whole discussion ;

Prof. H. L. Chapman, of Bowdoin Colthoroughly assimilated material; an ab.

lege : “ The purpose and the plan of the sence of all attempts to parade his learn

book are alike admirable, and it derives ing, and a genuine sympathy with his

its value not more from Professor Hunt's subj-ct. This attempt has, therefore, re

evident familiarity with the field he travsulted in the production of a work which

erses, than from his uniform candor and should speedily find its way into higher

sobriety of judgment. The periods are seminaries and colleges, wherever the need is felt of a comprehensive study of

wisely distinguished, and their charac

teristics well set forth, while in the treatEnglish prose authors.”

ment of representative writers he is sug

gestive, discriminating, and forcible. It From President Carter, of Williams

is a helpful and stimulating book either College : “I am pleased with the plan of

for the class-room or for the study.” the book, and the execution seems to me to be thorough and accurate, and to show Prof. 5. M. Garnett, University of literary perception and sympathy to a Virginia : “I regard it as a careful piece marked degree.”

of work, and think it will prove very use

ful as a text-book of English prose writers. Prof. Harrison, of Washington and Lee I think that Prof. Hunt has well criticised University, Va.: "I have examined the the writers whom he discusses, and that book with some care and find it an excel. his analysis of the style of each cannot lent manual, much simpler than Minto's, fail to be very useful to students.” and better adapted to college use as well as more manageable than his. An intelli- President Welling, of Columbian Unigent teacher who guides the reading and versity, Washington : "So far as I have English culture of his class with this book been able to examine the work, it seems in his hand, cannot but secure good re- to me that he has been equally happy in sults. The style is concise and clear, the his selection of representative names and statements are accurate, and the method in defining the principles according to of analysis suggestive."

which the writers of English prose may

be variously classified. In this way the Rev. Prof. G. T. Shedd, Union Theolog - whole body of English prose literature is ical Seminary, N. Y.: “It impresses me passed under review in its most logical as a good manual for classes. The analy. and expressive aspects. The classification ses are in the main discriminating, and the by periods is logical because it is chronocriticisms truthful. The influence of the logical, while the classification on the book will be sound and wholesome.” basis of forms and of literary consent and

expression enables the author to portray President Shepherd, College of Charles- the very body and spirit of English prose ton, S. C.: I have examined Hunt's in its more typical illustrations.' English Prose and Prose Writers with genuine pleasure, devoting myself to its Lutheran Quarterly says: “This is a investigation. It seems to me a sound and thoroughly good book. The whole work scholarly book, stimulating and suggest- has a practical value, and, while giving ive.”

a more satisfactory view of English litera

ture than most so-called histories of the Prof. Chas. F. Richardson, Dartmouth subject, may serve students as an adCollege, N. H. :"I think it is original, vanced work on rhetoric. The style is clear, useful, and practica As the best indi. temperate,

and well-suited for didactic cation of my favorable opinion, I may say purposes. There is none of that affected that I expect to use it with an elective brilliancy which is so often associated division of seniors in our next academic with indifference to truth and moral year.

recklessness. Teachers of English litera

ture, and pupils too, may take satisfacPresident D. 7. Hill, Bucknell Univer. tion in the marked tendency towards a sity, Lewisburg, Pa.: “The work com

systematic presentation of the bines in a marvelous degree a philosophi. subject. Of this tendency the volume cal method, and a lucid and interesting before us is one of the best illustrations."

Copies sent by mail on receipt of price.
A. C. ARMSTRONG & SON, 714 Broadway, New York.



The Principles of Written Discourse.

By Prof. T. W. HUNT. 12mo, cloth, 2d edition. Net, $1.00.


“Professor Hunt writes concisely, employs a clear terminology, and condenses much material in a little space. We do not recall any volume in the department of rhetoric and style that contains more information in a small compass. It is well adapted for collegiate instruction, and we hope it may be widely adopted."'-Rev. PROF. SHEDD in The Presuje terian Review.

Admirably adapted to awaken inquiry as well as to afford instruction, and to indicate to the aspiring writer the best methods by which his thinking may be made the most lucid and telling in its outward forms."-Herald and Presbyter.

"It is an admirable text-book, and its careful use by young writers would cure a thousand defects found in ordinary writing."-Boston. Daily Advertiser.

“It is a brief but thorough-going and invigorating, because vigorous, treatise. The rhetorical qualities of the volume are as admirable as the profound view which he takes of the subject.Presbyterian.

“The student who masters this book will know thoroughly what discourse, in its deepest significance, means; what are its laws; what is its fundamental method; what is its true aim.”-REV. DR. JNO. DE WITT in Herald and Presbyter.

“In order to acquire proficiency in public discourse the principles it lays down and enforces should be thoroughly understood. While it is systematized for use in the class-room, it aims at advanced rhetorical teaching, and may be studied with advantage by all scholars and public writers and speakers.”Christian Intelligencer.

“Prof. Hunt has recast the materials common to the standard treatises, wrought in with these the results of his study and reflection, guided by his experience as a teacher of the art and practice of rhetoric, constructing the whole into a system from his own point of view. And it is from the latter we discern the peculiar excellence of his work.

* Allowing his personal interest in the author and the volume, he (the writer) is conscious of no partiality in commending the book to the attention of teachers and students, and to writers and speakers. He is confident that a careful study of it will be rewarding even to those who have been well taught and have learned much by experience.. REV. JOSEPH T. DURYEA, D.D., in Andover Review.

“The forms and laws of written discourse are fully described and aytly illustrated, in a suggestive and logical manner, making it at oncea valuable aid to the comprehension of the science, and a helpful guide to the practice of the art of discourse. I cannot doubt that the book will be esteemed both in the

class room and in the private study.”—[Extract from letter from Prof. HENRY L. CHAPMAN, of Bowdoin College.]

“A glance only is needed to see that it is an able and scholarly treatment of the subject."- [Extract from letter from Prof. T. WHITING BANCROFT, of Brown University.)

“It is an admirable work. Its method is natural, progressive and attractive. The style is clear and forcible; the examples are well chosen, and the general presentation of the subject is as valuable for what it suggests as for what it explains.”- (Extract from letter from Prof. HENRY A. FINCK, of Hamilton College.]

"The book seems to cover the whole field of discourse, with great clearness of statement. The references to the literature of the subject are copious: indeed, he presents in a condensed form what one must usually gather for oneself from a multitude of sources.

* Prof. Hunt's treatise is well adapted for class-room work."-[Extract from letter from Prof. BLISS PERRY, of Williams College.]

12mo, Cloth. 373 pp. Net, $1.00. Copics for examination sent, postage paid, on receipt of 75 cents. A. C. ARMSTRONG & SON, New York.


New and Enlarged [4th] Edition, in Cheaper Form,




540 pp., cloth. Price reduced from $2.50 to $1.50. It is especially adapted to assist the clergyman and religious teacher in his

strug gles with honest, thoughtful infidelity.”

It presents a storehouse of facts bearing on the influences of Christianity upon such important topics as the paternal power, the position of woman under custom iud law, personal purity, and marriage, slavery, cruel and licentious sports, anc all maiters of humanity and compassion, etc. THE THOUGHTFUL READER WILL HERE GATHER IAFORMATION WHICH COULD ONLY BE OBTAINED FROM LIBRARIES OR MANY VOLUM: S.'

Rev. Dr. R. S. STORRS says: IT IS A BOOK THAT DESERVES THE VERY WIDEST CIRCULATION FOR ITS CAREFULNESS AND CANDOR, ITS AMPLE LEARNING, its just, discriminas ting analysis of historical movements as initiated or gover by moral forces, and for the fine spirit which pervades it.

The skill and industry with which Mr. Brace has gleaned and sorted the vast accumulation of material here gathered together, the better to show forth the power and influence, direct and indirect, of Christ's teachings, is not only praise-worthy, but even in a certain sense wonderful. He has a complete mastery of his subject, and many chapters in the book are of exceeding value and interest.”—London Morning Post. A NEW and REVISED EDITION, with NEW MAPS and ILLUSTRATIONS,



In Connection with their History. By Dean A. P, STANLEY. With 7 Elaborate and Beautifully Colored

Maps, and other Illustrations. Large Crown 8vo Vol., Cloth, 640 PP. Price reduced from $4 to $2.50.

The late Dean Stanley published a new and revised edition of his “SINAI AND PALESTINE." In it he made considerable additions and cor rections, giving the work the final impress of his scholarship, taste and ability. This edition has been carefully conformed to the last English edition—including the new maps and illustrations, and is herewith comménded anew AS THE MOST READABLE AS WELL AS THE MOST ACCURATE WORK ON THE SUBJECT IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

Rev. Dr. H. M. Field, Editor of “N. Y. Evangelist,says of Stanley's Sinai and Palestine" : “We had occasion for its constant use in crossing the desert, and in journeying through the Holy Land, and can bear witness at once to its accuracy and to the charm of its descriptions. Of all the helps we had it was by far the most cap tivating."

Copies sent by mail on receipt of price.
A. C. ARMSTRONG & SON, 214 Broadway, New York.




With Table of Contents and Full Indexes.

PRICE, $12.00 PER SET. (Reduced from $24.50.

(Bound in Half Calf extra, $25.00 per set.)

The History of the Jews, 2 Vols.
The History of Christianity, 2 Vols.

History of Latin Christianity, 4 Vols. DR. MILMAN has won lasting popularity as a historian by his three great works, HISTORY OF THE JEWS, HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY, and HISTORY OF LATIN CHRISTIANITY. These works link on to each other, and bring the narrative down from the beginning of all history to the middle period of the modern era. They are the work of the scholar, a conscientious student, and a Christian philosopher. DR. MILMAN prepared this new edition so as to give it the benefit of the results of more recent research. In the notes, and in detached appendices to the chapters, a variety of very important questions are critically discussed.

The author is noted for his calm and rigid impartiality, his fearless exposure of the bad and appreciation of the good, both in institutions and men, and his aim throughout, to utter the truth always in charity. The best authoritics on all events narrated have been studiously sisted and their results given in a style remarkable for its clearness, force and animation.

MILMAN'S WORKS HAVE TAKEN THEIR PLACE AMONG THE APPROVED CLASSICS OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. The general accuracy of his statements, the cander of his criticisms and the breadth of his charity are everywhere apparent in his writings. His search at all times seems to have been for truth, and that which he finds he states with simple clearness and with fearless honesty. HIS WORKS ARE IN THEIR DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY AS VALUABLE AS THE VOLUMES OF G BBON ARE IN SECULAR HISTORY. THEY DESERVE A PLACE IN EVERY LIBRARY IN THE LAND. THIS NEW EDITION, in 8 vols., contains AN AVERAGE OF OVER 900 PAGES per volume. PRICE, $12.00 PER SET (Formerly published in 14 vols, at $24.50.)

Sent on receipt of price, charges prepaid, by
A. C. ARMSTRONG & SON, 714 Broadway, New York.


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