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tian ordinances, or driven to other com. The increase in the Societies during munities than those which these distin- the past year is as follows:guished prelates adorned.

Great Britain ... 2,335

For: ign Missions 2,743


99 Imposture.—We find that a person named A. J. Conlon, wbo, about four


5,177 years ago, made himself notorious in Dublin and other parts of Ireland, as a The Month's Mind.-Sacred Relics. convert from Popery, who deceived by -A curious story has got into circulation his plausibility many pious persons, and relative to the coffin employed on the when detected left the country for Eng- late solemn service performed in the land, where he gained admittance as a chapel of in which four Bishops student into Lady Huntingdon's College and we suppose 150 priests, bore a part. at Cheshunt, and was from thence ex- It has been asserted, and with wbat pelled as an impostor, who afterwards truth we know not, that the clerk of returned to Ireland, made a scene for the chapel disposes of the coffin in small the priests by publicly renouncing the pieces, as an antidote for all sorts of Protestant faith at Carlow, and presumed diseases, and more efficacions than the to propose himself at a public discussion rotten stick so zealously purchased by as a Popish Champion. This person bas the pilgrinis at Kilmac-duagh, as a prelately appeared at Edinburgh, and has servative against epilepsy, and tooth most successfully practised on the credu- acbe. The coffin will, we presume, last lity and pięty of the good people there, as many years as the identical cross, a even so far as to be permitted to occupy part of which can be purchased at this the pulpit of some chapels, where he has moment from the pious devotee who found followers and admirers. He has, deals in the profitable traffic. however, been openly detected, and all his history in Ireland, England, and Popery in Ireland. The following Scotland, exposed in the Scotsman news. extract of a letter from a country correspaper of the 9th of September.

pondent presents a striking picture of the

influence of the Priests, and superstition IRELAND.

*of the people :-Methodists - The Conference of the “ Nothing but personal acquaintance Methodist Ministers in Ireland was this with the lower orders could give you any year held in the city of Cork. It com- idea of the awful ignorance and superstimenced on Tuesday, July 7th, and end- tion with which Popery chains down her ed on the 14th. The Rev. Jabez Bunt votaries here. One instance I shall re. ing presided ; the Rev. William Stewart late which came under my own observawas elected Secretary; and the Rev. tion:-A few days since, I was speaking John Matthews, Sub-Secretary. There to a man at whose door I am building were present sixty-three Irish Preachers, the school-house, and I bappened to and the Rev. Messrs. Morley and New- mention that the Roman Catholics atton from England.

tended Sir R. B- -'s schools, and I The progress of Methodism in Ireland expected they would also attend my bas, of late years, been greatly retarded school. Do you know, Sir, wbat bapby the distracted state of the country, pened Sir R said the poor man? and by tbe numerous emigrations which I asked him what? He told me tben, still continue to take place. The system that Sir R- had asked the Priest to of terror which has been adopted, bas dine with bim, and that wbep there, the induced many Protestant families, resid- Priest told him to stop the work he was ing in country places, to leave their at, or if he persisted, that he would turn native land; while the decay of trade, bim into a sheep, which the poor man aod the want of food, bave forced thou-, said had the desired effect. All I could sands of the Irisb poor to seek 'a refuge say to bim could not convince bim that abroad. Nearly a thousand members the Priest had not that power; I told bave been added to Methodist Societies him then to send for the Priest to turn in Ireland during the past year; and me into a sheep, for that I was determined yet, in consequence of the facts just my Roman Catholic tenants should atstated, the actual increase does not ap- tond, and that I would not desist till the pear to exceed one hundred. The total miracle stopped me. To this be replied, number of members in the Irish Con- ab, sir, you have more power than Sir nexion is, 22,840.

R-, (alluding to the profession I VOL. IX.

2 s

hope to take.) I need not say that it the growing disposition of the people to was all a lie, circulated to prop up the receive the word of truth, and the importottering walls of Babylon, as there are tance of addressing them in the Irish about two bundred children in daily language. attendance at the school referred to,

" I have been for some time im

pressed with the conviction, that the Reiglious Gambling-We do not know poor Roman Catholics of this province whether in the voluminous compilations were prepared to hear and receive the of moral theology and cases of conscience Gospel of Christ, provided it was prewith which the shelves of Popish libraries sented to them in the language of their groan, there be any allowance for enlist- hearts and of their homes ; and, indeed, ing vice in the cause of virtue, or of car- under this impression, I felt it a duty to rying forward pious purposes by the aid cultivate my native tongue, hoping of gambling; but this we say, and that when I was enabled to read with thank Providence we can do it with tolerable accuracy, I might (from a confidence, that no Protestaut minister partial estimate of its conversational or congregation could be so lost to all idiom, which I before possessed) be the proprieties of his calling, as to devise able to preach to the people, and inform a gambling scaffolding for the erection them of the glad tidings of salvation of a religious edifice, or build a house of through our Redeemer's finished work. God with the strength of Baal.

Having then taken instruction in the Haydock's splendid edition of the old language for a few months, I determined

and New Testament, embellished with with the assistance of God, to put my twenty superb engravings, in two folio purpose into execution, and make an volumes ; original price two pounds experiment, trusting in the Lord for the sterling.

result. I proposed then to make the To be disposed of, by raffle, the above trial, while the missionary deputation interesting work. It is decidedly the best were going their rounds, in order that edition of the Bible ever published in the I might give them every assistance in English language. The proceeds go to my power in the mornings, and address defray the expenses now incurring in the poor people of the country in the improving the interior of the new Caq evenings. I now put you in possession tholic Church, Circular Road, Phibsbo- of the successful issue with which it rough.

pleased God to bless my humble enThe raffle takes place on Monday deavours. On Tuesday, the Ilth of evening, 31st August, in the library room September, I proceeded to Clonakilty, attached to the church, and will continue where notice was immediately given every evening for the remainder of that that the service of the Church of Eng. week ; on the last evening, the books land would be performed, and a sermon will be given to the persons entitled to preached at the Court-house that receive them.-- Price of ticket Is. evening, at seven o'clock, in the Irish

To accommodate those who may find language, the notice was only given a it inconvenient to pay a shilling, a second few hours before the time of service. raffle will go on at the same time, for that When I weut to the place, a large truly interesting and instructive work, congregation was assembled, consisting entitled “ Miss Herbert and the Villag- of about two hundred of the respectable ers," at the price of 64. per ticket. and poor classes of Protestants, and

A sbilling constitutes a subscriber to about an equal number of Roman Cathe two raffles ; 6d.constitutes a subscriber tholics; they all paid the most profound to the latter raffle only.

attention, but especially the latter, The one ticket will answer both raffles, many of whom were affected to tears, with this difference, that the subscribers I preached to nearly three hundred to the latter raffle shall get such arrange- frize coats, who preserved unbroken ment written on his ticket by one of the order and decorum, and would not allow agents of these raffies. – Bartholomew the slightest interruption. On WedTeaffe, Esq., Circular road, Treasurer; nesday morning, I preached at a William MacDoual, Esq. Phibsboro’, Country Church, Kilmacabea, about Secretary

eight miles westward, and close to the

Chapel of a celebrated miracle-work. Progress of the Lord's work among ing Priest. There were few Roman the Irish.- The following extracts of Catholics, owing to the shortness of letters from a friend in the county of the notice, but I have been invited to Cork must be interesting, as evidence of preach there again by them, with a

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pronside of an audience of several unexpected favour with which I was hundreds. Ou Wednesday evening, I heard, and the aid with which it pleased preached at Skibbereen(on short notice) the Lord to sanction and support my to a congregation of several hundreds, feeble efforts, are subjects I trust of amongst whom were many Roman sincere gratitude, and for wbich my Catholics-all anxious, attentive, and soul is lifted up with grateful adora. highly pleased. On Friday, I preached tion. at Bantry, to a still larger assemblage, " I said in my letter, that I am sure with nearly (I should imagine) two the poor Roman Catholic Irish are bundred Roman Catholics, and found prepared to receive the truth as it is in an equally kind, and encouraging Jesus ; and to the former grounds upon reception. On that night there was a which this my persuasion was founded, meeting of the poor ignorant Papists I am happy to tell you, I lost night at a holy well, where at least three added the most deligbitful and convinchundred were encamped. I was not ing proof :-) preached in Irish at able to go to them, but Messrs. N's Church, in Bandon, to nearly Wand G- with some others, one thousand people—so crowded an preached to them for some hours audience I never saw, and never adwithout interruption, and even circu- dressed: the church is small, and it was lated some copies the English and not only filled, but crammed-- the Irish Scriptures amongst them. On people were raised upon each other's Saturday morning, I proceeded to shoulders- they were in crowds in the Dunmanway, and on my way met door-way, outside the doors and winnumbers proceeding towards the place dows, in the passages, and, in fact, a where they were to perform their idolgreater mob could not be compressed atrous rites. Mr. N

who was

togetber in a similar space--the calcuwith me, spoke to many of them on lation was, that the Roman Catholics the dreadful character and consequences were to the Protestants in a ratio of of their superstitious practices, and

three to one. They surrounded the though some were evidently ashamed, reading desk, were under the pulpit, yet none were by him (speaking in the in the seats with the clergymen, and, English tongue) dissuaded from their in fact, occupying every inch of ground purpose ; however, we met two, a man they could find : a more attentive, imand his sister, whom I addressed in the pressed, and solemn congregation I do Irish language, in the most solemn believe never was addressed by any one. terms I could, and such was the effect They cried many of them, and my dear produced by what I said, that the woman friend, this is the finger of God, and the said in a grave and deliberate manner, hand of God. We have (glory to His • I think you had better go home'- Grace) a clear and open way to the both immediately turned their backs people in this country. Tell this to upon the well, and proceeded home. your friends : tell them, that the Spirit wards—the man cried bitterly-he was of God is pouring out upon our poor going to get his sore eyes cured, and people-tell them, that they may as a means of propitiating the favour the grace of God, and rejoice. The of his unknown God, he had imposed Lord is owning the Irish Bible and the upon bimself the penance of going Irish preachers; and I do think that in fifteen rounds of the sacred trunk.- a very short time Christ will see of Can any thing more irresistibly prove the travail of his soul in this country, the powerful influence of the word of and be satisfied.” God in the Irish tongue upon these poor creatures, when it is accompanied Church Missionary Society. - We are by the Divine Spirit, On the afternoon indebted to a friend for the following of Saturday, I preached to a full Church outline of the proceedings of this Society at Dunmanway, where there were some in the West : Roman Catholics who were much At Lougbrea, on Thursday, 39th July, affected by what they heard, and some I held a meeting in the evening, for the cried like children. I have now merely first time. Loughrea is not in the list, given you a brief and rapid sketch of but in consequence of a. request from my tour, which, although it presents Mr. Medlicott, I held the meeting ; much interesting matter, yet cannot there were not many persons present, convey any thing like an idea of the but it was an inconvenient evening. many causes for which I have reason 31st July:- Ballinasloe meeting was to bless and praise God. Indeed the well attended, but the room where we


assembled is badly calculated, it is so Friday, 7th-Edgeworthstown meeting small. In the evening of same day, I was well attended. held a meeting at Augbrim, three miles Sunday, 9th-Preached in Newtown from Ballinasloe; ibere was a large at- Forbes ; day very wet. To preach, please tendance of poor people.

God, next Sunday. August 1st-Athlone meeting was 13th, Monday--Held a meeting in held for the first time, and certain reso- Killaobee; in the morning there was a lutions adopted, which will, I think, lead very respectable attendance ; the schoolto a favourable establishment of the room quite full. Society. On Sunday I preached in the 10th, Monday-In the evening, at morning for the society ; there was a Ballymacormuck, a small attendance ; large congregation.

the weather was stormy, 3d August.-Tullamore meeting ; - ilth, Tuesday-The anniversary of nothing remarkable.

the Longford branch Association very 4th August - I was enabled to hold a poorly attended, mainly, I think, to be meeting at Moate, for the first time. attributed to the anniversary of the Bible The clergyman seemed to object to the Society, to be held this day ; both meetsociety, lest it might be Calvinistic, but ings will be, however, reciprocally inI told him, if he would put any question jured, that he thought Calviuistic to me, I

COLLECTIONS. would honestly tell him ; he did not seem Ballinasloe,

£3 18 0 prepared to answer, and I therefore told Augbrim,

0 ]8 6 bim the best way was to attend the Athlone,

6 6 0 meeting, and form bis own opinion; he Tullamore,

4 5 3 did so, and gives his support and offers Ballymahon,

5 3 0 his church. Moate is not on the list. Edgeworthstown, 3 12 6 5th August-Ballymabon meeting Longford,

2 14 6 was well attended, and a sermon preached on the ensuing Sabbath, by the Rev. R.

£26 17 9 Shaw, of Kilkenny, who was on a visit.

ECCLESIASTICAL INTELLIGENCE. The Triennial Visitation of his Grace on bis return the business of the Visitathe Archbishop of Dublin, was held on tion was resumed. Among the intimaThursday, 10th of Sept. in the Cathedral tions conveyed by the Vicar-General to Church of St.

Patrick, before the Right the clergy, was the Archbishop's desire Hon. John Radcliffe, Vicar-General. that each entry in the registry of the There was an extremely numerous at- burial in the parishes should be signed tendance of the clergy from all parts, by the officiating clergyman, and not even the most remote, of the diocese. at the foot of each sheet, as is, we beAfter prayers, the Rev. Mr. Smith, lieve, now generally the case; and that Rector of Arklow, preached a visitation all parochial school masters should be sermon, from 2 Cor. v. 18. The dis- licensed, if the rector or vicar deenicourse, wbich was in itself a charge to ed them fit. The business of the Vithe clergy on the nature of their duties, sitation occupied the whole day. the awfulness of the responsibility im- His Grace the Archbishop of Dublin posed on them, and the necessity of held bis triennial visitation for the diothemselves setting the example of the cese of Ossory, at the cathedral of St. effects of the Gospel in their hearts, "Canice, Kilkenny, on Wednesday, the was one scriptural in its doctrine, and 16th of Sept. ; there was a very numedeeply impressive in its delivery. At its rous attendance of the clergy of the dioconclusion the Provincial Synod of cese, and on the same day the Lord BisLeinster was opened with the customary bop of Ossory held the ordinary visitation formalities, and proxies were admitted for bis diocese. on bebalf of the absent bishops, deans, The Triennial Visitation of the diochapters, and surrogates of the province. cese of Meath was held on the 10th of The Synod baving adjourved, Dr. Rad. September in the Church of Trim by bis clitle visited the chapter of St. Patrick's, Grace the Lord Primate of all Ireland, sitting in the adjoining cbapter-room, and The attendance both of the clergy and the laity was very numerous. His Grace Mr. Homan, Rev. R. Maunsell. Deawas attended by the Rev. Dr. Stopford, cons- Richard Martin, and James C. Dr. Radcliffe, bis Vicar-General, and se- Fitzgerald. veral other officers of his suite. Divine The Archbishop of Tuam is about to service being concluded, the Rev. Charles dispute the right of the Corporation of Vignoles preached from Paul's First Galway to appoint a Warden of the Epistle to Timotby, ch. iv. V. 16. town. “ Take heed unto thyself, and unto We understand, that at the late Trienthe doctrine, continue in them, for nial Visitation of the diocese of Derry, in doing this, thou shalt save both the Widow's Fund, to wbich the Lord thyself and them that bear thee." Bishop, the Dean, and each clergymun, After which bis Grace addressed the as. rector, aud curate, in the diocese, subsembled clergy in the same charge deli- scribes one per cent. of his income, was vered by him at Derry and the other found to be in a most flourishing state; dioceses lately visited by him, in which the sum accummulated, by saving, over perspicuity of argument, and eloquence and above the Earl ot Bristol's original of style, were the smallest recommenda- donation ofone thousand pounds, amounttions. His Grace's voice and manner ing to the sum of nine thousand two hunwere energetic, and be made a powerful dred and sixty pounds. The income impression on bis auditors.

from the subscriptions amounts this year On Tuesday the 22d September, the to three hundred and eighty-seven pounds Triennial Visitation for the Diocese -the payment of annuities to the wiof Ferns, was held at the Cathedral dows, with a donation to a clergyman's Church of Ferns, by the Right Hon. daughter in extreme old age and poverty, John Radcliff, Vicar General of the and for repairs, &c. amounted to eleven Archdiocese of Dublin. The whole hundred and thirteen pounds.

On a body of the Clergy, with scarcely an recent occasion, when a considerable loss exception, attended. The sermon was was sustained by a failure, the present preached by the Rev. John Stokes, Bishop, with his usual munificence, on Prebendary of Edermine. The Vicar the 28th of May, 1827, made a donation General briefly charged the Clergy on of one thousand pounds to the widows, the meaning of some recent Acts of Ata special Vestry for the Parish of Parliament, and after an examination Aglish, in Lismore, Sir W. J. Homan, of the several parishes, expressed his Bart. in the chair, it was agreed to give marked approbation of their state. The the Rev. George Gumbleton, £160. ordinary visitation of the diocese fol- a-year for the Vicarial, and to the Duke lowed, at which Alexander Hamilton, of Devonshire £320. for the ImpropriEsq. LL. D. presided, the Bishop of ate tithes of the parish for twenty-one Ferns not being sufficiently recovered years. Nearly all the parishes in the from his late indisposition to attend. barony of Decies within Druin are now

At an ordination lately held by the under the Tithe Act. Lord Bishop of Kildare, at Glasnevin Dr. Sumner, Bishop of Winchester, Church, the following gentlemen were is now making a visitation in the Islands admitted to priests' orders :--the Rev, of Guernsey and Jersey, which form Messrs. Digges Latouche, Wolseley, part of his Diocese. Page, Macready, and Preston; and the The Rev. J. Hemington Harris, following gentlemen were ordained dea- Principal of the College at York, Upcons:-Messrs. Whitside, West, Dunne, per Canada, has been admitted to the and Marshall,

degree of D. D. by the Archbishop of On Tuesday, September 15th, the Canterbury. Lord Bishop of Killaloe held an ordina. The Corporation of Yarmouth bave tion in his cathedral; seven were admit- unanimously voted the sum of £ 1000. ted into priests' orders, and six to that towards the erection of a church in of deacon,

that town. On Sunday last, the Lord Bishop of Killalue admitted sixteen to Priests' General Synod of Ulster.– A meeting Orders, and seventeen to Deacons' Or- of the committee of the Synod was reders, at an Ordination held at his Ca- cently held in Belfast, pursuant to a reso. thedral. The following were admitted lution entered into at the last general into Holy Orders, for the Diocese of meeting at Cookstown, for the purpose Killaloe : - Priests—Rev. Sir John of arranging some prelimitary matters Reade, Rev. Mr. Brooke, Rev. James preparatory to the separatiou of the Hastings Allen, Rev. Robert C. D. orthodox and Arian members. The Robinson, Rev. Peter Bolton, Rev. meeting was conducted with good ten

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