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of obtaining sufficient resources in Ger- thankfully received, in aid of the above many bas been fully ascertained, and Society, by our Publishers. every contribution directly tends to increase the stream of living water, so

SWITZERLAND. peedful in this land of religious waste. A volume of higbly interesting origi

The Committee would therefore, now nal lettters by Fenelon has lately issued invite the attention of their friends to a from the press of Geneva. few facts which will speak for them. selves. The claim they would make is

UNITED STATES. founded on tbe call, the loud, long, in. A bill bas passed the legislature of creasing call, made on them from va- Kentucky, which makes it perjury for rious parts of Germany ; backed by am- any one bolding an office, having taken ple encouragement derived from the the oath prescribed, to give, accept, or blessing with which it has pleased the carry a challenge, without first resigning Glorious Saviour to accompany tbe read- bis office; or if an attorney, entering ing of these publications.

on the record bis withdrawal from pracDuring the past two years alone, in tice. In some of the States no man who addition to former spheres of usefulness, bas fought a duel, or conveyed a chalactive and warmly interested agents lenge, can hold a public office. bave sprung up in Bremen, Celle, (where an auxiliary has been formed), PITCAIRN'S ISLAND. Göttingen, Hanover, Brunswick, Ha- The most recent accounts from Pitmeln, and throughout Hanover in gene- cairn's Island describe that little colony ral; Pyrmont, Lippe-Detmold; Hesse, as existing in great barmony, and in full Elberfelt, Crefeld, Wesel, and many contentment with its produce. The parts of East-Friesland ; further, in Po. population now comprises sixty-nine perland, Silesia, Bohemia, Upper-Saxony, sons. John Adams was in good health, Bavaria, Westphalia, Prussia, Dant- but ratber infirm from age. He exzic, Köningsberg, many parts of Po- pressed, it is said, a desire to return to merania, and of Mecklenburg ; Thu- bis native land. ringia, Stuttgardt, Tyrol, Oldenburg, Holstein, Alsatia, Luneburg ; and ma

PERU. ny of our correspondents in these towns By the new constitution adopted in and countries, are themselves deposito. Peru last year, elementary instruction is ries, from whom numerous ministers to be afforded gratuitously by the state to and others, are supplied with smaller all classes of the people, and it is dequantities in their respective circles. creed, that “ no person is born a slave Many of them are surrounded with a in the Republic :" and that “ all slaves Catbolic population.

coming from abroad become free." Subscriptions and donations will be


Annual Assemblage of Children at St. " Association for Discountenancing Patrick's Cathedral. -On Wednesday Vice." At a few minutes after twelve the 17th June, the Annual Assemblage o'clock, his Excellency, dressed in the of the cbildren under the Association for Windsor uniform, attended by the Hon. discountenancing Vice, took place, near- Mr. Percy, Sir George Rich, and Archly to the amount of five thousand, in deacon Singleton, and the rest of bis St. Patrick's Cathedral, the great aisle Excellency's household, entered by the of wbich was fitted up for the reception northern door, and was received by the of the congregation, and was filled al- Lord Mayor and Sheriffs, and the Rev. most to the very roof. The chancel was Dr. Magee, by whom his Grace was also full. About mid-way up the aisle conducted to his seat; the Dean and were erected two neat thrones ; that at Chapter, the Dignitaries, Rectors, and the south side for his Grace the Arch- Clergymen of Dublin and its vicinity, bishop of Dublin, and immediately op- following in his train. His Grace the posite to it that for the Lord Lieutenant, Archbishop of Dublin accompanied bis who is the President pro tempore of the Excellency:

The various gates, were

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then closed, there being at least two frauds and extortions of the Romish thousand ladies and gentlemen in the Church, overwhelmed as they are with church.

ignorance and superstition, is almost as The service commenced with the little beard in England, as if it were ut100th Psalm, wbich was sung by the tered within the walls of the Inquisition. whole of the children, accompanied by It may with certainty be alleged, that the choir and full band, with a minutes where the poorer occupiers of land pay ness of execution which really asto- a shilling of tithe, or in years of unusual nished and delighted ns. Upon the prosperity and fine crops, two sbillings, termination of the 100tb Psalm, the they pay at the least, six times the sum morning service" commenced, in the to the priests for churcbings, confescourse of which the Venite, and other sions, station dinners, extreme unctions, Psalms of the day were sung to Handel's month's-minds, purgatorial masses, margrand Chaunt. The Te Deum was riages, offices for sick cattle, masses to next sung to a chaunt composed ex- lay ghosts and prevent witchcraft, &c. pressly for the occasion by Dr. Smith, All these, and many more, are excluwbich reflects great credit on his taste sive of the stated sums paid for familyand judgment. The Jubilate to Lord

money, rent to build chapels, and other Mornington's celebrated chaunt was such impositions.

It should be also sung, and at intervals, (as were the taken into the account, that when their others,) accompanied by the full band, crops are plentiful the parson's tithe is with all the children joining, which pro- increased; but it is in the season of loss duced a most powerful effect. Just at or increased expense in their household the termination of this beautiful Psalm, affairs, that the priest comes in to glean a vivid flash of lightning and a most the last farthing that superstitious terror awful peal of thunder re-echoed through can extort. It is at tbe moment of sickthe building, producing a most solemn ness or death, or at the first struggle to effect upon the assembled multitude. establish themselves in the world, that

Before the prayer for the King, Han- he reaps his illgotten gains. Allow me del's splendid Coronation Anthem and to instance two cases that have lately Chorus,- " Zadock the Priest," occurred in this neighbourhood. They sung with great solemnity of effect. are not marked by any very peculiar feaThe exactness with which“ God save tures, but such as daily take place, and the King-Long live the King—May tbe by no means equal in enormity to many King live for ever, Amen, Amen, Hal- that could be cited by a close observer. lelujah, Hallelujab, Amen,” was cbo- An industrious young woman who had rused, was very remarkable.

laboured bard and saved the earnings of The Lessons were read by the Rev. several years, at length became mistress Mr. Cotton. The Litany was chaunted of about eight pounds, a large store in by the Rev. Mr. Maguire. The sermon, her rank of life, (the very lowest). She appropriated equally to the assemblage of was attacked by a disease by wbich she the children, and the meeting of the slowly wasted away, and by wbich in members of the Association, was preach- spite of all the powers of relics and holy ed by The Right Rev. tbe ,Bishop of water she died at length. Her's was a Down and Connor.

slow, and in the sense of the Romish After the sermon the Choir sung church, a righteous death. She bad « Lutber's Hymn"

full time to deliberate and consult her “Great God, what do I see and hear, spiritual guides, as to the best appropri. The end of things created.”.

ation of her fortune. Let the disposal of The order and appearance of the chil- it prove the state of society in that class, dren were highly creditable to their res. and furnish an evidence of the principles pective institutions.

and motives by which the great majority

of our peasantry are actuated. She beExtract of a letter from Sligo, dated queatbed to the priest to say masses for May 16th, 1829.

the repose of her soul, a guinea ; to “ How little are people in England some pious persons to perform stations, acquainted with the oppressive burthens (i. e. to creep on their knees round a of the Romish Church, borne by the well, muttering certain prayers to the people in this country. They hear of saints, valued by the dozen), for the ibe imaginary injustice and oppression same purpose as the masses, a guinea in tbe levying of tithes allotted for the likewise ; for wbiskey to give her a "dasupport of the National Church; but cent birl," (i. e. a drunken mob at the the cry of the wretched victims to the sunern), and a noisy, riotous meeting at the wake), four pounds; and in legacies they, it may save the child's soul, wbich to her relations, including the expense must be lost if it die without baptism ; of ber coffin, and some offerings or fees but tbey in general refuse to baptize to the priest, two pounds. Such is Po. without the Churching, and the latter pery, and such the tyranny of the brutal costs, 2s.6d. Popery turns to account babits which Popery engenders and per. every superstition and weakness of the petuates.

unregenerate mind. Among the lower The second case is one in which the classes of Romanists in this country, it money for religious uses was less wil- is considered most dangerous and unlingly given, being paid, not by the party lucky to touch meat that has been dresswho was to reap the benefit of a death. ed by a mother who is not yet churched, bed bargain, but by a surviver, for a or to be in the same house with ber. dying and subsequently a deceased friend. She is avoided until after that ceremony, A young man died, and left a pro- nearly as much as a Jew under leprosy, perty producing three pounds yearly to or other legal uncleanness. bis mother, who took care of him in his “I omitted on a former occasion to last moments. The poor woman had no mention a case of a man in whose house money in bands, and was compelled to a friend of mine lodges. The landlord mortgage his income of three pounds bas taken a solemn oath against spiritufor one year, paying fifteen shillings for ous liquors; but whenever the priest of extreme unction and masses alter death the parish visits him they get røaring to release the soul from purgatory; and drunk together. This is a case is point the remainder for the coffin, (costing with the incident in your story of the about six shillings), the whiskey, pipes “ Broken Oath” and ibe Priestly absoand tobacco, necessary to keep up the lution from guilt in breaking that tie.'' mirthful revelry of the neighbours at the wake, and some little offerings at Lord Kenyon has given five hundred the funeral. The poor widow left in a pounds to the institutions of Bishop state of destitution, was unable from the Chase, in the State of Obio, for which dishonesty of the debtors, to procure bis Lordsbip's Chaplain, the Reverend peaceable payment of some small debts George Montgomery West, has been due to her deceased son, in all amount preaching successfully at Bradford last ing to about four pounds; and fleeced by week. the Romish officials, went to the Vicar At the close of the meeting of the General of the diocese, to beg adminis- London Missionary Society, held in the tration without payment of fees, in or- Rev. Rowland Hill's Chapel, upwards der to act under the will,

of 25001. was received in contributions “ Neither this nor any other country, from the congregation. At a similar oppressed by the ignorance-loving power meeting lately held at Manchester, and grinding avarice of the agents of 20001. was contributed. the Ronvish Court, can ever be the resi. dence of any but a wretched and a turbulent population.

Episcopal Floating Church Society.A very poor woman was taken, soon

We are happy to state, that, after after ber confinement in child-bed, into

five years of repeated disappointments, the Fever Hospital for some disease,

an Episcopal Floating Chapel bas at The doctors observed that she loitered in

length been opened in the port of Lon.

don. the house after ber recovery, longer Hough, of Madras. The object is pa

The chaplain is the Rev, J. than the patients in general wish to do, tronized by his Majesty, and also by the and at length enquired the cause.They found that the poor woman, after Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishops the birth of her child, having been una

of London and Winchester, and various ble to pay the half crown, invariably ex

noblemen and gentlemen, and public acted for “ Churching" by the Roman

bodies ; but pecuniary assistance is still Catholic Priests, could not get her child

wanted to defray the expenses of the baptized until she had pawned her only outfit, and to furnish an income to main

tain the establisbment. cloak for the money. She was ashamed to leave the Fever Hospital in so naked a condition ; and bence ber delay within

THE CHURCH. the range of pestilence and death. The An association has been formed for revenues thus collected from a half stary- consolidating a fund for the benefit of ing population, exceed all that has hi- the Curates of the Diocese of Dublin. It therto been conceived. The Priests pro- is patronized by bis Grace tbe Archbiless to baptize gratuitously, because, say shop and other dignitaries of the Dio.

cese, who have subscribed very liberally. Grace and the clergy were sumptuously We will give further particulars in our entertained by the Bishop, at the See next.

House, in the afternoon. Tuesday week the Rev. James Spen- An Ordination was beld by the Archcer Knox, Vicar-General of the Diocese bishop of Tuam on Sunday, 7th June, of Derry, accompanied by the Vene- in Tuam Cathedral, when the following rable the Archdeacon, and several of gentlemen were admitted to Priest's the beneficed and other clergy, laid the Orders :- Mr. French, of Wilton, and foundation stone of the new Church of Mr. Verschoyle of Newtown-Forbes; Killowen, Coleraine. A numerous as- and Mr. John Stephenson, of Clonsemblage of the gentry of the town and tempbor, into Deacon's Orders. neighbourhood, and a vast concourse of On Thursday, May the 28th, being people of every persuasion, attended Ascension day, the Lord Bishop of Drothis interesting ceremony-at the con- more admitted to the order of Priests clusion of which the Rev. S. Knox de- the following gentlemen :- For the diolivered an appropriate address, wbich cese of Dromore, Rev. Messrs. Stafford was listened to with the deepest attention and Beers; for the curacy of Drumcliff, by all present.

in Elpbin' diocese, Rev. W. Gillmor;

for diocese of Down and Connor, Rev. The Archbishop of Cashel held bis Messrs. Boyse and Corkren; and for Triennial Visitation for Cork and Ross, diocese of Ossory, Rev. Mr. Grant; in the Church of St. Finbury, Cork, on

and to the order of deacons, Messrs. the 28th of last month.

Lyster, for the Transatlantic diocese of His Grace the Archbishop of Tuam Ohio · Magrutb, for the diocese of held bis Triennial Visitation for the dio. Meath; Harris, for the diocese of cese of Clonfert early in June.

Clogber; and Skelton and Lett, for the The Lord Bishop of Killala and diocese of Down and Connor. The Or. Acbonry held his annual Visitation in dination sermon was preached on the octhe Cathedral Church, Killala, on the casion by the Rev. Mr. Grant, who laIst ultimo, wbich was attended by all boured under a severe indisposition said the clergymen of the diocese. The ser- to have been occasioned by a cold. mon was preached by the Rev. George Truelock, Rector of Lacket.

By the death of the Rev. Standish On Thursday, June 4th, the Trien. Grady, the vicarage of Carrick-on-Suir nial Visitation of the diocese of Elphin, in the gift of the Marquess of Ormonde, was held by the Archbishop of Tuam,

the rectory of Tradaree in the county of at the Cathedral Church ; and on the Clare, in the gist of the Earl of Egre. same day, the Annual Visitation of the mont, and the rectory of Kilrush in the Bishop of Elpbin. An eloquent and gift of the Marquess of Thomond, have suitable discourse was delivered by the

all become vacant, Rev. Robert Jones, and the Archbishop

The vicarage of the Union of Rathdelivered a charge of singularly im- more and Blessington, and the prebend pressive and useful character. He ex- of Tipper in the arch-diocese of Dublin, borted the clergy to the unwearied dis- ure at present vacant by the death of charge of their duties, and clearly es- the late incumbent, the Rev. Thomas tablished his view of the extent of these Tuckers. duties, as comprising the Roman Catho- Lord Kinsale bas been pleased to aplic, as well as Protestant inhabitants of point the Rev. Samuel Swaine Beamish their respective parishes. His Grace to the curacy of Killowen, in the diocontended, that all were entitled to en- cese of Cork. joy the benefits of their benevolent and pastoral care ; and that they should la- UNIVERSITY INTELLIGENCE. bour to convince of error those who are The examinations for the purpose of led astray, but to lead all to the know. filling the two vacancies of Junior Fel. ledge of a Saviour and bis Gracious plan lowships in this University, commenced for the redemption of sinners. The on Wednesday, the 10th June, und salaries of several curates were increas- continued the three subsequent days, ed; the establishment of Sunday-schools during the usual hours, from 8 to 10 was strongly recommended; and the o'clock, A. M., and from 2 to 4, P. M. usual business transacted relative to the The following were the names of the Widow's Fund. A very strict enquiry Candidates, according to their standing was beld into the state of education, the on the books of the establishment : churches, glebe-houses, and lands. His Messrs. Moore, Russell, Purdue, M‘Lean, Vance, Tolekin, Smith, Todd, Moo- Logics, Dr. Wray; Mathematics, Dr. ney, Orpen, Wilson, M.Causland, Ber- Sadlier; Physics, Dr. Lloyd ; Etbics, nard, Fitzgerald, Semple, M•Cullogb. Dr: Wall; History, the Provost; ChroMr. Russell withdrew after the first nology, Dr. Prior; Greek, Dr. Pbipps ; morning's examination. The public Latin, Dr. Sandes ; Hebrew, Dr. Wall. part of the examination closed on Frie The answering was generally considered day as on Saturday, when the examina. satisfactory, and the course chosen judi. tion continued in composition; the public cious. were not admitted.

The first premium of 601. was awardOn Monday the 15th ultimo, aftered to Mr. Tolekin, in addition to the the usual solemnities had been gone sum of 2001. from the College sund. tbrough, the Provost and Senior Fel- The second of 601. to Mr. Purdue, lows appeared on the steps in front of and 501. eacb, to Messrs. Smith and the Chapel, and declared that Mr. Todd. Moore and Mr. M'Clean, being the The following are the names of the best answerers, tad been duly elected successful condidates for Scholarships :Junior Fellows. The Provost then pro. Waugh, Collison, West, O'Hea, Att. ceeded to declare the names of the suc- well, Townsend, Grier, Kettlewell, cessful candidates for Scholarships. Clarke, Pollock, Franks, Whittle,

The following was the order of the Drury, M'Auley, Smith, Meridith, examipations, and the examiners :- Bootb, Mʻllwaine, Oldham, Culligan.

VIEW OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS. The progress of parliamentary busi. marked, but the results of the last camness has been unmarked by any circum- paign bave taught us not to depend imstance of peculiar interest, since the plicitly upon such assertions. Turkey passing of the Roman Catholic relief bill. bas indeed surprised all politicians; and Rumours of a change of Ministry bave if the present Sultan, who seems to be a prevailed for some time; but we believe person of considerable energy and tawithout foundation; the influence of the lent, be not cut off before be accomDuke of Wellington seems to be as plishes bis reformations, she may again firmly established as at any period of become formidable to ber neighbours. bis administration, and we are inclined We regret to say, public credit seems to to think, at a time like the present- be as much at a stand as ever, and the when “fear of change" is so calculated consequent distress as great. At home, to “perplex”.

- we have reason to re- we are agitated by the attempts of Mr. joice that a minister like bim, marked ' O'Connell to get bimself again returned by his commanding talents, his mili- for the county Clare. Mr. W. O'Brien tary experience, and his knowledge bas started against him; and the vioof the Continental courts, has fully the lence and ingratitude of his opponent direction of British power and resources. will, we trust, have the effect of uniting The war has been again commenced be- Protestant feeling, and separating all tween the Russians and Turks : if we that is respectable among the Roman can believe the bulletins of the former Catholics, from the agitating effects of power, its success bas been already most this man's selfish exertions.


2 Cor. iv. 16.
Mourn not for strength or beauty fled :-
Though faded cheek, though boary bead,
Though wrinkled brow, though beamless eye,
Speak nature's dissolution nigb.
What though the “ outward mau” decay :-
The soul, “ renewed from day to day,”.
Gains strength as earth-born vigour dies,
And ripens for her native skies !


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