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District Clerk's Office.

Beit remembered, that on the twenty-first day of September, A. D. 1821 and in the forty-sixth year of the Independence of the United States of America, Munroe & Fraucis, of the said district, have deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof they claim as proprietors, in the words following, viz.

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“FINAL RESTORATION demonstrated from the Scriptures of Truth; by Three Sufficient Arguments: the Oath of Jehovah ; the Love of Jeho. vāh; the Prayer of Faith. Also, the Main Objections Refuted. Designed to vindicate the Character of Almighty God, and justify His ways to man. By Philo-Bereamus.

And every Creatuk which is Heaven, and on the Earth, and under the Earth, and such as art in the Sea—and all that are in them—heard I, saying. “Blessing ! and Honotor and Glory, and onto him that sitteth upon the Throne, and unto the LAMBrfor ever"and-ever. * Rev. v. 13.

In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States, entitled, “An act for the encouragement of learning. by securing the copies of maps. charts, and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copiess during the times therein ment onted :” and also to an act, entitled, “An act supplementary to an act, entitled an act for th o of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the authors and pro

rictors of such copies during the times therein mentioned; and extend-
ing the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving, and etching

historical and other prints.” Clerk of the D
+ erk of the District 0
JOHN W. DAVIS, Massachusetts. of

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It will not, we hope, be deemed arrogant, to notify the reader, that in the following discussion, there is a prospect of some degree of originality ; for the author has drawn his arguments, not from the words of men, but from the Words of God. He has consulted human authorities only for objections. To the Bible alone is he indebted for all the replies to objections, and for almost every proof. A The writer is so little versed in the systems of professed theologians, that he cannot be suspected of undue bias in savour of any hypothesis. It is proper to notice further, that he has no interest in disseminating one set of tenets in preference to another---that he is not of the clerical profession---and is not enlisted under any party, in church, in state, in literature, or in philosophy, We have assumed, in this investigation, that the Scriptures are true in the letter---in other words, that the Bible is

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