New Monthly Magazine, Band 21

Thomas Campbell, Samuel Carter Hall, Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron Lytton, Thomas Hood, Theodore Edward Hook, William Harrison Ainsworth
E. W. Allen, 1827

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Seite 399 - Of law there can be no less acknowledged, than that her seat is the bosom of God, her voice the harmony of the world ; all things in heaven and earth do her homage, the very least as feeling her care, and the greatest as not exempted from her power...
Seite 243 - The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the falling together; and a little child shall lead them.
Seite 274 - Kingston moved for the appointment of a committee to inquire into the state of the Protestant church in the province of Munster.
Seite 104 - At lovers' perjuries They say Jove laughs. O gentle Romeo, If thou dost love, pronounce it faithfully; Or, if thou think'st I am too quickly won, I'll frown and be perverse and say thee nay, So thou wilt woo; but else, not for the world. In truth, fair Montague, I am too fond, And therefore thou mayst think my 'haviour light.
Seite 177 - Melbourne had moved for a Select Committee to inquire into the state of the Irish Tithe Laws, the Earl of Wicklow denounced the agitation that had been suffered to proceed in Ireland.
Seite 103 - Thou mayst prove false at lovers perjuries They say Jove laughs O gentle Romeo If thou dost love pronounce it faithfully Or if thou think'st I am too quickly won I'll frown and be perverse and say thee nay So thou wilt woo but else not for the world In truth fair Montague I am too fond And therefore thou mayst think my...
Seite 214 - Though always an epicure — fond of experiments in cookery, and exceeding particular in the choice of his viands, and in their mode of preparation for the table, he was regular, and even abstemious in his general habits. There were times, indeed, when, according to his own statement, his consumption of animal food was extraordinary. The craving was not to be repressed, nor easily to be satisfied. It had nothing to do with the love of eating, abstractedly considered, but was the result of some organic...
Seite 189 - And, in this sweet and curious harmony, The god that tunes this music to our souls Holds out his hand in highest majesty To entertain divine Zenocrate. Then let some holy trance convey my thoughts Up to the palace of th' empyreal heaven, That this my life may be as short to me As are the days of sweet Zenocrate.
Seite 178 - And sunk unnoticed in the arms of Death. Why would thy gray, gray hairs resentment brave, Thus to go down with sorrow to the grave ? Now, by my soul, it makes me blush to know, My spirits could descend to such a foe : Whatever cause the vengeance might provoke, It seems rank cowardice to give the stroke.
Seite 165 - PREACHING CONSIDERED, in an Examination of St. Paul's Epistles. Also, Four Sermons on Subjects relating to the Christian Ministry, and preached on different occasions.

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