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Books Bücher 1 - 3 von 3 in ... rupture, and hundreds of earthquakes may thus originate in the same place. A...
" ... rupture, and hundreds of earthquakes may thus originate in the same place. A faulting may occur far beneath the surface and be known only through the resulting earthquake; but some of the quake-causing ruptures extend to the surface, and thus become... "
The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of April 18, 1906: And Their Effects ... - Seite 4
von Grove Karl Gilbert, Joseph Austin Holmes, Richard Lewis Humphrey, John Stephen Sewell, Frank Soulé - 1907 - 170 Seiten
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Popular Science Monthly and World's Advance, Band 69

...visible. The Xew Madrid and Charleston earthquakes are examples of those having deep-seated origins, the Inyo and San Francisco of those whose causative faults reached the surface of the ground. The general character of California earthquakes was so well known that when the dispatches told of a severe...
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Bulletin, Ausgaben 319-324

...of a mere fracture there is a geologic fault. After a fault has been made, its walls slowly lieeome cemented or welded together; but for a long time it...hundred miles. Visible evidence of fresh slipping — a surf:ni' trace, to be described presently — does not appear through its whole extent, but has been...
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Geology and Oil Resources of the Santa Maria Oil District ..., Ausgaben 322-325

Ralph Arnold, Robert van Vleck Anderson - 1907 - 161 Seiten
...ruptures extend to the surface, and thus become visible. The New Madrid and Charleston earthquakes arc examples of those having deep-seated origins; the...Francisco earthquake had its origin, wholly or chiefly, in fault trace and diminished with distance therefrom; but to this rule there are important exceptions,...
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