Mutiny and Murder: Confession of Charles, Gibbs, a Native of Rhode Island, Who, with Thomas J. Wansley, was Doomed to be Hung in New York on the 22d of April Last, for the Murder of the Captain and Mate of the Brig Vineyard on Her Passage from New Orleans to Philadelphia, in November 1830 ... Annexed is a Solemn Address to Youth

published, 1831 - 36 Seiten

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Seite 26 - There the wicked cease from troubling; And there the weary be at rest. There the prisoners rest together; They hear not the voice of the oppressor. The small and great are there; And the servant is free from his master.
Seite 30 - Enter not into the path of the wicked, And go not in the way of evil men. Avoid it, pass not by it, Turn from it, and pass away.
Seite 34 - Impress your minds with reverence for all that is sacred. Let no wantonness of youthful spirits, no compliance with the intemperate mirth of others, ever betray you into profane sallies. Besides the guilt which is thereby incurred, nothing gives a more odious appearance of petulance and presumption to youth, than the affectation of treating religion with levity.
Seite 33 - But when nature is turned out of its regular course, disorder takes place in the moral, just as in the vegetable world. • If the spring put forth no blossoms, in summer there will be no beauty, and in autumn, no fruit : so, if youth be trifled away without improvement, manhood will probably be contemptible, and old age miserable. If the beginnings of life have been " vanity," its latter end can scarcely be any other than
Seite 33 - As, in the succession of the seasons, each, by the invariable laws of nature, affects the productions of what is next in course ; so, in human life, every period of our age, according as it is well or ill spent, influences the happiness of that which is to follow. Virtuous youth gradually brings forward "accomplished and flourishing manhood ; and such manhood passes of itself without uneasiness into respectable and tranquil old age. But when nature is turned out of its regular course, disorder takes...
Seite 32 - There is no argument or motive which is at all fitted to influence a reasonable mind, which does not call us to this. One virtuous disposition of soul is preferable to the greatest natural accomplishments and abilities, and of more value than all the treasures of the world.— If you are wise, then, study virtue, and contemn every thing that can come in competition with it. Remember, that nothing else deserves one anxious thought or wish. Remember, that this alone is honour, glory, wealth and happiness....
Seite 26 - Ayres, where he has a child now living. His wife is dead. By a singular concurrence of circumstances, the woman with whom he became acquainted in Liverpool, and who is said at that time to have borne a decent character, was lodged in the same prison with himself.
Seite 3 - By my example learn to shun my fate : (How wretched is the man who's wise too late !) Ere innocence and fame, and life be lost, Here purchase wisdom, cheaply, at my cost.
Seite 10 - Godlike advice! But when the little monitor began to move within me, I immediately seized the cup to hide myself from myself, and drank until the sense of intoxication was renewed. My friends advised me to behave myself like a man, and promised me their assistance, but the demon still haunted me, and I spurned their advice.
Seite 15 - Murder' once. "He was then seized by Gibbs and the cook, one by the head and the other by the heels and thrown overboard. Atwell and Church stood at the companion way, to strike down the mate when he should come up. As he came up and enquired what was the matter, they struck him over the head, — he ran back into the cabin, and Charles Gibbs followed him down ; but as it was dark, he could not find him. Gibbs then came on deck for the light with which he returned below.

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