Congressional Serial Set

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1908 - United States
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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Page 257 - In the reports of the Bureau of Statistics of the Department of Commerce and Labor, from which these figures are obtained, the quantities are expressed in long tons of 2,240 pounds.
Page 414 - The following tables are the official statement by the Bureau of Statistics of the Department of Commerce...
Page 289 - BULLETIN 332. Report of the United States fuel-testing plant at St. Louis, Mo., January 1, 1906, to June 30, 1907; JA Holmes, in charge. 1908.
Page 480 - ... of the clayey materials. The burning takes place at a high temperature, approaching 3,000 F., and must, therefore, be carried on in kilns of special design and lining. During the burning, combination of the lime with silica, alumina, and iron oxide takes place. The product of the burning is a semi-fused mass called clinker, and consisting of silicates, aluminates, and ferrites of lime in certain definite proportions.
Page 216 - Emmons. 1907. 98 pp., 5 pis. B 304. Oil and gas fields of Greene County, Pa., by RW Stone and FG Clapp. 1907. 110 pp., 3 pis.
Page 147 - County Loaded at mines for shipment Sold to local trade and used by employees Used at mines for steam and heat...
Page 620 - Diatomaceous, or infusorial earth, resembles chalk or clay in its physical properties, but can be distinguished at once from chalk by the fact that it does not effervesce when treated with acids. It is generally white or gray in color, but may be brown or even black when mixed with much organic matter.
Page 692 - General Appraiser: Carbonate of baryta, precipitated, which was classified at the rate of 25 per cent ad valorem under paragraph 3 of the tariff act of 1897 as a chemical salt, is claimed to be free of duty under paragraph 489 as ' baryta, carbonate of, or witherite.
Page 198 - It may not be out of place at this point to call attention to some of the reasons why the outcrops are absent from areas where only a very limited continuity of the well known seams would call for their presence. The most noteworthy instance of this kind is the Mouse valley, above Burlington. Lignite, presumably from the same seam as at Burlington, is mined on...
Page 289 - Coke produced (short tons) Total value of coke at ovens Value of coke at ovens, per ton Yield of coal in coke (per cent...

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