Professional paper - United States Geological Survey, Ausgabe 45


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Seite 305 - SCHRADER, FC, and SPENCER, AC The geology and mineral resources of a portion of the Copper River district, Alaska.
Seite 15 - Peninsula and lies farther east, is separated from the mainland by Cook Inlet on the west and Prince William Sound on the east, with Kodiak and the adjacent islands forming an extension to the southwest. The Seward Peninsula, whose extremity marks the westernmost point of the continent, extends from the central part of Alaska and is hounded on the north by Kotzebue Sound and the Arctic Ocean, and on the south by Norton Sound and Bering Sea. The Seward Peninsula and the Chuckchee Peninsula of Siberia,...
Seite 303 - Report on the geological structure of a portion of the Rocky Mountains, accompanied by a section measured near the 51st parallel.
Seite 156 - I have seen the thermometer at noon, not in the direct rays of the sun, standing at 112°; and I was informed by the commander of the post that several spirit thermometers, graduated up to 120°, had burst under the scorching sun of the arctic midsummer, which can only be thoroughly appreciated by one who has endured it.
Seite 303 - Reconnaissances in the Cape Nome and Norton Bay regions, Alaska, in 1900,
Seite 125 - Eussell these parties have obtained in two successive seasons a large amount of the most valuable information concerning this mountain, which is claimed by Americans and English alike as lying within their boundaries. In the course of his second exploration, Professor...
Seite 37 - Following the coast line for nearly 900 miles, it passes inland behind the St. Elias Range near the head of Lynn Canal. Thence it can be traced northward, decreasing in altitude and gradually losing definition until it finally merges with the interior plateau near Lake Kluane in longitude 138° 30'.
Seite 37 - The two latter lie without the region under discussion, and will not be further considered. The so-called Coast range extends from near the boundary of Washington northward through British Columbia into southeastern Alaska.
Seite 219 - FC, Reconnaissance in northern Alaska: Prof. Paper US Geol. Survey No. 20, 1904, pp.
Seite 72 - Pelly rivers, and flows in a general westerly direction toward the Yukon Valley. From Frazer Falls to its mouth, a distance of nearly 200 miles, it is a large stream, seldom less than 150 yards in width, and often more than double this size. It is navigable throughout the season by ordinary...

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