The stranger's companion through the university and town of Cambridge

Richard Harwood, 1824

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Seite 125 - UNIVERSITY DRESSES. GRADUATES. — The Doctor in Divinity has three dresses : the first consists of a gown of scarlet cloth, with black velvet sleeves and facings, a cassock, sash, and scarf. This dress is worn on all public occasions in the Theatre, in public processions, and on those Sundays and Holidays which are marked thus (*) in the OXFORD CALENDAR.
Seite 122 - FELLOW COMMONERS, who are generally the younger sons of the nobility, or young men of fortune, and have the privilege of dining at the Fellows' table, from whence the appellation possibly originated.
Seite 95 - Cambridge, £7000. in the 3 per cent. Consolidated Bank Annuities, to be by them applied in enlarging the said Hospital, if necessary, for the purpose of receiving persons of other descriptions than those of sick patients, such as poor married women during their confinement, or otherwise, as they shall see fit and advisable.
Seite 27 - Some exquisite carvings, in lime wood, by Gibbons, contribute also to the embellishment of this admirable room. Among the portraits in the Library, whose merit entitles them to notice, are whole-lengths, by Valentine Ritts, of Dr. Isaac Barrow ; Dr. Nevile ; Sir Henry Puckering; and Monk, Duke of Albemarle, in his robes, as Knight of the Garter; — Charles Montague, Earl of Halifax, by Sir Godfrey Kneller, and Dr.
Seite 115 - House, from its members wearing their hoods lined with white silk. All the rest constitute the NonRegent or Lower House, otherwise called the BlackHood House, its members wearing black silk hoods.
Seite 109 - Library is opened, from ten o'clock in the morning till two in the afternoon, and from four o'clock till six in the evening, during the months of April, May, June, July, August, and September; and from eleven in the morning till three in the afternoon, during/the remainder of the year.
Seite 118 - In this court, all causes are tried and determined by the civil and statute law, and by the custom of the University.
Seite 117 - CHANCELLORS•. The office of Chancellor is biennial, or tenable for such a length of time beyond two years as the tacit consent of the University may choose to allow. The election of a Chancellor must be within fourteen days after the vacancy.
Seite 8 - Court near the Hall. The Chapel, which was the ancient conventual Church, is built in the form of a cross, having a transept and a large square tower, rising from arches at the intersection of the nave. The tower has a very beautiful lantern story, once open to the nave^ but now shut out by a modern cieling.
Seite 11 - It will be easier," observes our author, " to ascertain the age, than the founder of it;" and he afterwards expresses his decided opinion, that it was erected in the reign of Henry I., or between the first and second Crusades, and is one of the oldest churches of this form in England.

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