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Caxton Reading His First Proof...

..FRONTISPIECE Writers and Schoolmen of the Middle Ages..

.Facing p. 2052 Ancient Citadel at Sidon.

2066 Scene from the Crusades...

2074 Barbarossa as Umpire at Bensancon.

2088 Castles on the Rhine...

2104 William Tell and the Bailiff.

2112 Martyrdom of John Huss...

2118 Emperor Maximilian After the Battle of Verona Receives a Venetian Embassy Asking for Peace..

2126 Excommunication of Robert the Pious.

2132 St. Louis at Jerusalem.....

2152 Joan of Arc Listening to the Voices.

2186 Victorious Entry of Joan of Arc into Orleans.

2190 Louis XI and Charles the Bold at Peronne.

2216 British Castles

2244 Richard Coeur De Lion Forgiving His Assassin.

2264 Wickliffe Refusing to Recant.

2310 English Coins, from Edward The Confessor to Richard II.

2316 Lord Say and Sele Before Jack Cade...

2332 The Death of the Earl of Warwick.

2340 The Princess in the Tower.....

2346 Wallace Monument and Stirling Battlefield.

2370 Stirling Castle

2370 A Foray on the Border...

2376 Cathedral of St. Mark, Venice.

2384 Italian Coast Scenes..

2388 The Alhambra, Spain.....

2392 Entry of Sunnanwader and Knut into Stockholm.

2410 The Kremlin at Moscow...

2432 Mosque of St. Sophia at Constantinople..

2484 The Interior of St. Sophia....

2484 Public Prayer, Court of Jumma Musjid Mosque, Delhi, India...

2498 Monuments of the Mogul Empire in India...




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FRONTISPIECE “Santa Maria,” The Flagship of Columbus.

.Facing p. 2528 Explorers and Discoverers.

2530 Aztec Ruins ....

2534 Aztec Divinities

2536 Entry of Charles VIII into Naples, May 12 1495.

2548 Francis I and Charles V Visiting the Tombs of the French Kings in St. Denis

2590 Luther, Melanchthon, Pomeranus and Cruciger...

2600 Lucas Cranach Introduces Katharina Von Bora to Luther.

2604 Ignatius Loyola ...

2628 Regal Magnificence of Cardinal Wolsey.

2638 The Field of the Cloth of Gold, June 15, 1520..


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.Facing p. 264

270. 2710

Cranmer at the Traitor's Gate....
Elizabeth Signing the Death Warrant of Mary Queen of Scots.
Merchantmen and War Vessels of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.
Last Moments of Queen Elizabeth.....
The Death of Rizzio.....
Philip II Receiving a Deputation from the Netherlands.
Writers of the Sixteenth Century..
Painters of the Sixteenth Century..
Cromwell's Visit to Milton.....
Charles I Insulted by the Soldiers of Cromwell.
Charles I With His Children at Maidenhead...
Battle of Solebay..
St. Paul's Cathedral.
Gold and Silver Coins of Charles II.
William III Landing at Torbay.
The Old Church at Jamestown.
Embarkation of the Pilgrims....
Roger Williams Landing at Providence..
The Old Fortified Settlement at Charleston...
Colonial Governors and Proprietors..
Louis XIII and Richelieu..
Louis XIV and Moliere...
Galileo Before the Inquisition...




Drafting the Declaration of Independence...
The Great Elector at Fehrbellin......
Military and Civil Equestrian Costumes, End of Sixteenth Century.
Polish Costumes of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.
The Cossacks Defying the Czar..
Maria Theresa
Battle of Fontenoy..
Frederick The Great
Washington and His Mother...
Evening after the Battle of Leuthen.
The Four Georges...
French Writers of the Eighteenth Century.
German Writers of the Eighteenth Century.
George Washington
Monument on the Concord Battle Field....
Nathan Hale Monument in City Hall Park, New York.
Independence Hall, Philadelphia....
Faneuil Hall, Boston....
American Officers of the Revolution.
Marion and the British Officer...
Washington at Yorktown...
American Revolutionary Statesmen.
English Public Men of the Eighteenth Century..
Watt Discovering the Power of Steam...

.FRONTISPIECS .Facing p. 3036

3038 3040 3053 3074 3106 311: 3116 3193 3134 3142 3154 3205 3926 3926 3240 3940 3248 3264 3970 3999 3318 3326

Queen Victoria as a Young Woman...

. Facing p. 3352 Notable French Women of the Late Eighteenth Century.

3362 on Rouget De L'Isle Singing the Marseillaise Hymn.

3370 The Girondists on the Way to the Guillotine.

3380 Marie Antoinette Leaving the Conciergerie..

3384 Leaders of the French Revolution and Terror..

3390 Capture of the Dutch Fleet at Texel by French Cavalry During Pichegru's Invasion ...

3400 Napoleon at Brienne.

3402 Napoleon Crossing the Alps.....

3412 Bonaparte Dissolving the Council of Five Hundred..

3426 Napoleon and His Marshals.

3436 Friedland

3450 The Rising in the Tyrol..

3470 Blucher at Laon.....

3492 The Return from Elba...

3496 After Waterloo~"Sauve Qui Peut”

3500 Scientists of the Eighteenth Century.

3506 English Authors of the Eighteenth Century.


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Bismarck at Versailles.....
The Congress of Vienna..
The Battle of Navarino.
Popes of the Nineteenth Century..
The Ancient Tiber and Its Island.
Battle of The Alma.
Scenes in China....
Landing of the Prussian Army at Alsen-Danish War, 1864.
English Statesmen
At Woerth
Crown Prince Albert of Saxony at Gravelotte.
Defense of Champigny...
Roman Ruins ...
The Royal Palace of Spain at Madrid.
Emperor William I and His Staff.
New Paris .....
Bismarck Addressing the Reichstag.
Scenes in Ireland......
Great English Soldiers..
Edward VII
The Bastile
European Sovereigns
Last Rites of the Russian Church.
His Holiness Pope Pius X With Papal Crown and Robes of State.
Nicholas II, Czar of Russia....
American Inventors
Great English Authors..
Authors of the United States..

Facing p. 3519



FRONTISPITI Facing p. 384


4192 4153 4179


Battle of Lake Erie......
Washington Delivering His First Inaugural..
Capitol Buildings of the United States.
Capt. Meriweather Lewis.
Genl. William Clark
Presidents of the United States.
Scenes in Mexico
American Political Leaders.
American Indians
Lincoln and His Cabinet
Fort Sumter
Confederate Statesmen and Leaders.
Confederate Commanders
McClellan at Antietam, September 17, 1862.
Battle of Gettysburg.....
Thomas at Chickamauga, September 20, 1863.
Gen. Robert E. Lee.....
Sherman's Signal to Altoona, Kenesaw Mountain, October 4, 1864.
Farragut in the Battle of Mobile Bay.
The Pursuit
Sheridan at Five Forks, April 1, 1865.
Abraham Lincoln
Ulysses Simpson Grant
Presidents of the United States.
United States Navy....
Roosevelt at San Juan Hill, Cuba.
Before a Native Store...
Russian Priest Visiting a Military Hospital Near Manila..
Theodore Roosevelt
William Howard Taft.
Inca Civilization
Maya Civilization in Mexico.
Maximilian and Carlotta
Leading Mexicans
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Buenos Ayres, Argentina.
Havana, Cuba

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FRONTISPIDI Facing p. 1434


President Woodrow Wilson and His Cabinet.
The Country of the Boers.
President Kruger, and His House at Pretoria.
A Reconnaissance Under Difficulties During the South African War.
Commanders in Boer War....
Lord Robert's Advance on Pretoria.
The Kimberley Diamond Mines.
Scenes in Boer War.


4568 4600

Old Chinese Architecture
Farmers' Wives Heading Barley.
The Boxer Troubles.....
His Imperial Majesty Mutsuhito..
Japanese Hurling a Five Hundred-Pound Shell at Port Arthur.
Japanese War Balloon
Japanese Infantry Ready to Move Into the Firing Line..
The Russian and Japanese Peace Commissioners..
Meade at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863....
Grant in the Wilderness..
Hooker at Chancellorsville, May 3, 1863.
Burnside at Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862..

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