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Seite 85 - January, 1805, included this Article on " A Sporting Tour through the Northern Parts of England, and great Part of the Highlands of Scotland, including Remarks on English and Scottish Landscape, and General Observations on the State of Society and Manners. Embellished with Sixteen Engravings. By Colonel T. THORNTON, of Thornville-Royal in Yorkshire. London,
Seite 96 - See the bold falconers strain up the lingy steep, Dash through the junipers, down the valley sweep. Not half so swift the trembling doves can fly, When the fierce falcon cleaves the liquid sky."—P. 130. We would like to know from a hawker of Colonel Thornton's high fame, whether falconers do actually run faster than
Seite 131 - of the English, his blood began to boil, and he cried out to his marshals, * Order the Genoese forward, and begin the battle in the name of God and St Denis.' '* There were about fifteen thousand Genoese crossbowmen ; but they were quite fatigued, having marched on foot that day
Seite 359 - went and came, his eyes sparkled, he shifted his place, and grasped his sword. Charles observed his demeanour, and, turning briskly towards him, called out, * Will not you assist me?'—* I will, I will/ said Ranald ; ' though no other man in the Highlands should draw a sword, I am ready to die for you.
Seite 133 - that sent you hither, and say to them, that they send no more to me for any adventure that falleth so long as my son is alive ; and also say to them, that they suffer him this day to win his spurs ; for if God be pleased, I will this
Seite 361 - the newspapers the fate of his prince.'— ' No,' said Lochiel, ' I'll share the fate of my prince ; and so shall every man over whom nature or fortune hath given me any power." Such was the singular conversation, on the result of which depended peace or
Seite 131 - press ; the sharp arrows ran into the menat-arms and into their horses; and many fell horse and men among the Genoese; and when they were down, they could not relieve again, the press was so thick that one overthrew another. .And also, among the Englishmen, there were certain rascals that went
Seite 44 - I am that John Balfour who promised to lay thy head where thou should'st never lift it again ; and God do so to me, and more also, if I do not redeem my word.* " ' Then a bed of heather, or a thousand marks
Seite 17 - about him, and an urgent request that he would make her his purse-keeper, since the bairns, as she called her sons, would soon return home. The poor farmer made a virtue of necessity, told his story, and surrendered his gold to Jean's custody ; she made him put a few shillings in his pocket, observing it would
Seite 335 - The government had long connived at a practice of importing claret into Scotland, under the mitigated duties applicable to the liquor called Southampton port. The epigram of John Home was as follows :— " Firm and erect the Caledonian stood. Old was his mutton, and his

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