On Paralysis in Infancy, Childhood, and Youth: And on the Prevention and Treatment of Paralytic Deformities

Groombridge, 1869 - 116 Seiten

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Seite 77 - Rubbing can bind and loosen ; can make flesh and cause parts to waste. Hard rubbing binds; soft rubbing loosens; much rubbing causes parts to waste ; moderate rubbing makes them grow.
Seite 81 - ... and others ; and my own experience has convinced me that this fact is not yet sufficiently recognized and acted upon in practice. That in many cases neither tenotomy nor apparatus can be dispensed with I fully believe : that in all cases the electrical and gymnastical parts of the treatment are of primary rather than of merely secondary importance I am every day more and more convinced, because every day I meet with instances of muscles which I should once have looked upon as hopelessly paralyzed...
Seite 88 - It is a law of the animal economy, " that the exercise of an organ is necessary not only to its perfection but even to its preservation.
Seite 80 - ... is a capital plan for joining work and play. I need not say that much care and much patience are needed in carrying out any of these suggestions, and not a little of that intuitive love for children which teaches those who are its possessors how to extract fun and merriment from what might, in other hands, be a most irksome task.
Seite 82 - For my own part I may say that I have long been in the habit of using various movements and manipulations in the treatment of paralysis, and that I am every day more and more convinced that to omit such movements and manipulations in these cases is to deprive the patient of a most important aid to recovery.
Seite 73 - ... apt to do mischief, and never does good. I have seen cases in which, after the employment of electricity for some time, that agent has apparently brought on pain in the head, and has excited something like inflammatory process in the brain. And so strychnia also will induce an analogous condition of brain, and will increase the rigidity of the paralyzed muscles.
Seite 81 - It is to be hoped that no time will be lost in constructing the Tounghoo-Mandalay line.
Seite 58 - In some instances the exaggerated sensibility continues for several weeks, though this is unusual ; and when this is the case, the leg being the seat of the affection, and the paralysis incomplete, the existence of hip-joint disease may very likely be suspected. In such a case the child bears all its weight on the healthy limb, turns the foot of the affected side inwards when walking, and stands with the toes of that foot resting on the dorsum of the foot of the healthy side. Still it will usually...

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