Biennial Report of the State Engineer to the Governor of Wyoming


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Seite lx - Casi^r and Douglas could be developed by pumping with power developed at that point. In that case it would be practicable to furnish power from this source for .ndustrial and municipal use. RECOMMENDATIONS 25. In accordance with the foregoing conclusions, this board respectfully submits the following recommendations as to the future policies considered the most advisable to be followed by the United States and the State of Wyoming in connection with the irrigation development in the North Platte...
Seite xi - The state engineer shall prepare and render to the governor, biennially, and oftener if required, full and true reports of his work, touching all the matters and duties devolving upon him by virtue of his office...
Seite 35 - Nulle ; located at left bank 300 fett above bridge, installed April 6, 1916, at same datum and location as vertical staff used previously. Prior to February 6, 1912, gage was located on bridge and referred to different datum.
Seite 4 - Location— In Sec. 31, T. 32 N., R. 81 W., at highway bridge at Speas ranch, one-half mile below Bessemer Canyon, in Natrona County. Nearest tributary, Bates Creek, enter about 3 miles upstream.
Seite xcviii - Hot Springs, in Hot Springs County. Nearest tributary, Buffalo Creek, enters 3 miles upstream. Drainage area. — 8,080 square miles. Records available— -May 28, 1900, to December 31, 1905; June 30, 1910, to October 7, 1912; April 1, 1915, to September 30, 1918.
Seite x - April 1, 1911, to June 30, 1912; April 9, to September 30, 1918. Gage. — Vertical staff fastened to downstream side of Forest Service bridge; read by forest ranger. Gage used in 1911 and 1912, vertical staff located a short distance downstream and referred to different datum. Diversions. — None above station. Prior to December 31, 1916, adjudicated diversions of 179 second-feet from Middle Fork below station.
Seite lxvi - ... for which the right receives public recognition, under the law and the administration provided thereby. Water rights for the direct use of the natural unstored flow of any stream cannot be detached from the lands, place or purpose for which they are acquired, without loss of priority.
Seite lxiii - Federal Governments give encouragement by furnishing such facts as may be available and removing obstacles that may prevent their development. The willingness of responsible parties to develop such enterprises is to a great extent an indication of their desirability. (k) The Board feels strongly that it would be very unfortunate and decidedly subversive of the best interests of all concerned, if the numerous questions, admittedly vexatious and difficult of solution, could not be disposed of by amicable...
Seite 31 - Vertical staff. Diversions. — By decree of district court dated December 27, 1912, there are adjudicated diversions of 61 second-feet between station below McGill and Fort Laramie. Regulation. — (See Laramie below McGill.) Cooperation.
Seite civ - POWDER RIVER NEAR ARVADA, WYO. Location. — Near line between Ts. 56 and 57 N., R. 76 W., at State bridge, 17 miles north of Arvada, in Sheridan County. Nearest tributary, Clear Creek, enters 200 yards below. Drainage area.— -6,580 square miles. Records available.— July 22, 1915, to September 30, 1918. Gage. — Chain gage read by John Watt ; located on upstream guard-rail of bridge, since May 4, 1916. Prior to that date gage was inclined staff located one mile upstream at K ranch.

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