Index of Mining Engineering Literature: Comprising an Index of Mining, Metallurgical, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineering Subjects as Related to Mining Engineering

J. Wiley & sons, 1909 - 812 Seiten

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Seite 817 - Mulliken's General Method for the Identification of Pure Organic Compounds. Vol. I. Compounds of Carbon with Hydrogen and Oxygen. Large 8vo, 5 00 Vol. II. Nitrogenous Compounds. (In Preparation.) Vol. III. The Commercial Dyestuffs Large 8vo, 5 00 * Nelson's Analysis of Drugs and Medicines 12mo, 5 00 Ostwald's Conversations on Chemistry.
Seite 814 - Health 12mo. 1 50 Gerhard's Guide to Sanitary Inspections 12mo, 1 50 • * Modern Baths and Bath Houses 8vo, 3 00 Sanitation of Public Buildings 12mo, 1 50 * The Water Supply, Sewerage, and Plumbing of Modern City Buildings. 8vo.
Seite 815 - Fletcher's Practical Instructions in Quantitative Assaying with the Blowpipe. 16mo, mor. 1 50 Fowler's Sewage Works Analyses 12mo, 2 00 Fresenius's Manual of Qualitative Chemical Analysis.
Seite 814 - Richey's Handbook for Superintendents of Construction 16mo, mor. 4 00 Building Foreman's Pocket Book and Ready Reference. . 16mo, mor. 5 00 * Building Mechanics' Ready Reference Series: * Carpenters' and Woodworkers' Edition 16mo, mor. 1 50 * Cement Workers' and Plasterers

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