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Horace his Arte of Poetrie, Pistles and Satyrs Englished, by Tho. Drant, 4to. Lond.



The fifteene Bookes of Metamorphoseos. In which

ben contaynid the Fables of Ovid, by William Caxton. Westm. fol.

1480 The four firit Books of Ovid, trans. from the Latin

into Englih Meetre, by Arthur Golding, Gent. 4t0. B. L. Lond.

1565 The fifteene Bookes of P. Ovidius Naso, &c. by Arthur Golding, 4to. Bl. L. Lond.

1576 Another in 1575 according to Ames, and another earlier than either, in 1567, if we may

believe the Date of the Dedication. [A former Edition was in 1572, Rawlinson's catal.) D. 1587. D°. 1612. The pleasant Fable of Hermaphroditus and Salmacis. Svo. Lond.

1565 The Fable of Ovid treating of Narcissus, trann. out

of Latin into Eng. Mytre, with a Moral ther unto

very plesante to rede, 4to. Lond. 1560 The Heroycall Epistles, &c. set out and transated by Geo. Turbervile, Gent. &c. B. L. 4to. Lond.

1567. 1569. and 1600 The three first Bookes of Ovid de Triftibus, trann. into English, by Tho. Churchyard, 4to. Lond.

1580 Ovid his Invective against Ibis, translated into Eng. Meeter, &c. 12mo. Lond.

1569 And 1577, by Tho. Underwood. Salmacis and Hermaphroditus, by Fra. Beaumont, 4to.

1602 He likewise translated a Part of the Remedy of Love.

There was another Translation of the whole, by Sir Tho. Overbury, 8vo. without date


PLAUTUS. Menæchmi, by W. W. Lond.

1595 MARTIAL. Flowers of Epigrams (from Martial particularly) by Tim. Kendall, 8vo.

1577 TERENCE. Terens in English. Supposed to be printed by Rastell.

Perhaps only the Andria. Andria, the first Comedye of Terence, by Maurice Kyffin, 4to.

1588 Terence in English, by Richard Bernard, 4to. Cambridge

1598 SENECA. Seneca his Tenne Tragedies, translated into Englysh by different Translators, 4to. Lond.

1581 Seneca's Forme and Rule of Honest Living, by Rob. Whyttington, 8vo.

1546 Seven Bookes of Benefyting, by Arthur Golding, 4to.

1577 LI VY. Livius (Titus) and other Authores Historie of Annibal

and Scipio, tranNated into English, by Anthony Cope, Esquier, B. L. 4to. Lond.

1545 The Romane Hift. &c. by T. Livius of Padua. Allo

the Breviaries of L. Florus, &c. by Dr. Philemon Holland, fol. Lond.


The End of Nero and Beginning of Galba. Fower

Bookes of the Histories of Cornelius Tacitus.
The Life of Agricola, by Sir Hen. Saville, 4to.

1591 Annales of Tacitus, by Richard Grenaway, fol. 1598

SALLUST. 1541 and

The Famous Cronycle of the Warre, which the Romyns

had against Jugurth, &c. compyled in Lat. by
the renowned Romayn Saluft, &c. translated
into Englishe, by Sir Alex. Barclay Preeft, &c.
Printed by Pynfon, fol. Do.
Lond. pr. by Joh. Waley, 4to.

1557 The Conspiracie of Lucius Cataline, translated into Eng. by Tho. Paynell, 4to. Lond.

1557 The two moft Worthy and Notable Histories, &c. Both

written by C. C. Sallustius, and translated by Tho. Heywood. Lond. sm. fol.

1608 SUETONIUS. Suetonius, translated by Dr. Phil. Holland, fol. Lond.

Ceasers Commentaries, as touching British affairs.
Without name, printer, place, or date ; but by

appears to be Rastell's.

Ames, p. 148. The eight Bookes of Caius Julius Cæfar, translated by Arthur Golding, Gent. 4to. Lond. 1565 and

1590 Cæfar's Commentaries (de Bello Gallico) five Bookes,

by Clement Edmundes, with Observations, &c. Fol.

1600 De Bello Civili, by Do. three Bookes. Fol. 1609 Do. by Chapman

1604 JUSTIN. The Hift. of Justine, &c. by A. G. [Arthur Golding)

1564 and 1578 Do. by Dr. Phil. Holland

1606 Do. by G. W. with an Epitomie of the Lives, &c. of the Romaine Emperors, from Aurelius Vic

1606 Q. CUR

the type

Lond. 4to.

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tor, fol.

Q. CURTIUS. The Historie of Quintus Curtius, &c. translated, &c. by John Brende, 4to. Lond.

1553 Other Editions were in 1561. 1584. 1570. 1592

EUTROPIUS. Eutropius englished, by Nic. Haward, 8vo. 1564

A. MARCELLINUS. Ammianus Marcellinus, translated by Dr. P. Holland. Lond. fol.


CICERO. Cicero's Familiar Epistles, by J. Webbe, sm. 8vo.

no date


Certain select Epistles into English, by Abra. Flem

ming, 4to. Lond. Those Fyve Questions which Marke Tullye Cicero

disputed in his Manor of Tusculanum, &c. &c.,

Englyshed by John Dolman, fm. 8vo. Lond. 1561 * Marcus Tullius Cicero, three Bookes of Duties,

tourned out of Latin in English, by. Nic. Grimalde

1555, 1556, 1558, 1574 Ames says 1553 ; perhaps by mistake. The thre Bokes of Tullius Offyce, &c. translated, &c. by R. Whyttington, Poet Laureat, 12mo. Lond.

1533, 1534, 1540, and 1553 The Boke of Tulle of Old Age, translated by Will. Wyrcestre, alias Botaner. Caxton, 4to.

41481 De Senectute, by Whyttington, 8vo.

no date

• Mattaire says [Ann. Typog. B. 5. 290.] “ In florulentâ situli margunculâ (vulgo vignette) superiore, inscribitur 1534. This was a wooden Block used by the Printer Tottel, for many Books in small &vo, and by no means determines their Date.


* The worthie Booke of Old Age, otherwise intitled

The elder Cato, &c. 12mo. Lond. 1569 * Tullius Cicero on Old Age, by Tho. Newton, 8vo. Lond.

1569 Tullies Friendship, Olde Age, Paradoxe, and Scipio's Dream, by Tho. Newton, 4to.

1577 Tullius de Amicitia, translated into our maternal

Englyshe Tongue, by the E. of Worcester.
Printed by Caxton, with the Translation of De

Senectute, fol. The Paradoxe of M. T. Cicero, &c. by Rob. Whyttington, Poet Laureat. Printed in Southwarke,

1540 Webbe translated all the sixteen Books of Cicero's

Epistles, but probably they were not printed together in Shakespeare's Life-time. I suppose this, from a Passage in his Dedication, in which he seems to mean Bacon, by a Great Lord Chancellor.


BOET HIU S. Boethius, by Chaucer. Printed by Caxton, fol. Boethius in English Verse, by Tho. Rychard. Im

printed in the exempt Monastery of Tavistock, 4to.

1525 Eng. and Lat. by Geo. Colville, 4to. 1556

APULEIU S. Apuleius's Golden Affe, translated into Eng. by Wm. Adlington, 4to. Lond.

1566 and 1571 FRONTINUS. Frontinus's Stratagemes, Sleightes, and Policies of

Warre, by Richard Morisine, 8vo.


.. These are perhaps the same as the two foregoing Translations.

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