Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Band 24


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Seite 358 - Before closing these notes, it may not be out of place to make a few remarks on the system of working and the prices for cutting coal, etc., in this coal-field.
Seite 457 - The faculty peculiar to man, in his primitive state, by which every impression from without received its vocal expression from within, must be accepted as an ultimate fact.
Seite 270 - ... the minimum in the ultra-violet. Taking the maximum at 100, the following are the mechanical values of the different colours of the spectrum : Ultra-red 100 Extreme red 85 Red 73 Orange 66 Yellow 57 Green 41 Blue 22 Indigo 8} Violet 6 Ultra-violet 5 A comparison of these figures is a sufficient proof that the mechanical action of radiation is as much a function of the luminous rays as it is of the dark heat-rays.
Seite 168 - Three days quite sufficed to cause all the floating matter to be deposited on the sides and bottom, where it was retained by a coating of glycerine, with which the interior surface of the case had been purposely varnished. The test-tubes were then filled through the pipette, boiled for five minutes in a bath of brine or oil, and abandoned to the action of the moteless air.
Seite 38 - When the same muscle (or group of muscles) is kept in constant action until fatigue sets in, the total work done, multiplied by the rate of work, is constant.
Seite 168 - A circular tin collar, 2 inches in diameter and 1$ inch deep, surrounds the pipette, the space between both being packed with cotton-wool moistened by glycerine. Thus the pipette, in moving up and down, is not only firmly clasped by the india-rubber, but it also passes through a stuffing-box of sticky cotton-wool.
Seite 172 - Fellows ; and not one of this cloud of witnesses offered the least countenance to the assertion that liquids within flasks, boiled and hermetically sealed, swarm, subsequently, more or less plentifully with Bacteria and allied organisms.
Seite 167 - My principal stimulus, however, was the desire to free my mind, and if possible the minds of others, from the uncertainty and confusion which now beset the doctrine of "spontaneous generation." Pasteur has pronounced it " a chimera," and expressed the undoubting conviction that, this being so, it is possible to remove parasitic diseases from the earth.
Seite 462 - I think we can scarcely doubt that like the similar mass of cold bottom water in the Atlantic, the bottom water of the Pacific is an extremely slow indraught from the Southern Sea. That it is moving, and moving from a cold source, is evident from the fact that it is much colder than the mean winter temperature of the area which it occupies, and colder than the mean winter temperature of the crust of the earth ; that it is moving in one mass from the southward, is shown by the uniformity of its conditions,...
Seite 270 - The apparatus was fitted up in a room specially devoted to it, and was protected on all sides, except where the rays of light had to pass, with cotton-wool and large bottles of water. A heliostat reflected a beam of sunlight in a constant direction, and it was received on an appropriate arrangement of slit, lenses, prisms, &c., for projecting a pure spectrum.

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