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State Geologist, 1913

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Seite 624 - College, denominated as formerly, consisting of two branches one on the east side, and the other on the west...
Seite 720 - Kao-ling," the kind of earth which was formerly derived from there, but is now prepared in other places. The application of the name by Berzelius, to porcelain earth was made on the erroneous supposition, that the white earth which he received from a member of one of the embassies (I think, Lord Amherst) occurred naturally in this state. The second kind of material bears the name Pe-tun-tse ("white clay").
Seite 730 - Food adulterant; paint fillers; paper filling; electric insulators; pumps; fulling cloth; scouring soap; packing for horses' feet; chemical apparatus; condensing worms; Ink bottles; ultramarine manufacture; emery wheels; playing marbles ; battery cups ; pins, stilts, and spurs for potters' use ; shuttle eyes and thread guides; smoking pipes; umbrella stands; pedestals; filter tubes; caster wheels; pump wheels; electrical porcelain; foot rules; plaster; alum.
Seite 730 - Food adulterants, paint fillers, paper filling, electric insulators, pumps, fulling cloth, scouring soap, packing for horses' feet, chemical apparatus, condensing worms, ink bottles, ultramarine manufacture, emery wheels, playing marbles, battery cups, pins, stilts and spurs for potter's use, shuttle eyes and thread guides, smoking pipes, umbrella istands, pedestals, filter tubes, caster wheels, pump wheels.
Seite 728 - Indigenous. (A) Kaolins. (a) Superficial sheets. (b) Pockets. (c) Veins. Foreign or transported. (A) Sedimentary. (a) Marine. 1. Pelagic (deposited in deeper water.) 2. Littoral (deposited near shore.) (b) Lacustrine (deposited in fresh water lakes.) (c) Stream.
Seite 1067 - While this section of the State is not an agricultural country, the fact that its mining interests are being developed means also the development of conditions favorable for certain phases or types of agriculture. GEOLOGY. The coal measures of Eastern Kentucky are made up of shales, sandstones and conglomerates in the lower part of the formation, while the upper part is made up more largely of shales, clays, and sandstones. The conglomerate or lower portion of the formation outcrops over a strip...
Seite 719 - This rock is reduced, by stamping, to a white powder, of which the finest portion is ingeniously and repeatedly separated. This is then moulded into small bricks. The Chinese distinguish chiefly two kinds of this material. Either of them is sold in King-te-chin in the shape of bricks, and as either is a white earth, they offer no visible differences.
Seite 1041 - S. Day, of the US Geological Survey, says: "The product of the BG White Stone Company of Kentucky is deserving of special notice, because of its peculiarities and its value as a building stone. It is quite similar in analyses and structure to the celebrated Portland Oolite of England, as shown by the following analyses : Analyses. Bowling Green Portland, Eng. Carbonate of Lime 98.30 95.16 Carbonate of Magnesia 1.12 1.20 Silica 1.42 1.20 Iron and alumina 0.39 0.50 Water and loss 1.75 1.94 100.00 100.00...
Seite 694 - ... railroad ties, ink bottles, smoking pipes, emery wheels, paper filling and sizing, playing marbles, pedestals, flower pots, urinals, wash stands, paints, majolica. They form an important part in the manufacture of Portland cement; and are burned as a ballast for road construction. CHEMICAL, PROPERTIES OF CLAYS. Perhaps there is no other single natural product that is so varied in its chemical composition as clay. In its purest state it is composed of 46.3 per cent of silica, 39.8 per cent of...
Seite 838 - Tho air-dried mud showed a tensile strength of 98 pounds to the square inch, as the average of eight tests, with a maximum strength of 133 pounds. Incipient vitrification occurred at cone 2 (2,138 degree F.), complete at cone 7 (2,318 degrees F.). It burned to a good body and is a fair grade of sewer-pipe or paving-brick clay. CLAY No" 130. The Wash Nicholls Place. The farm of Mr. Wash Nicholls is on the East View and Meeting Creek Road, two miles west of East View. Alongside the above-mentioned...

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