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famo Enter Charles, Alanson, Burgundic,Baftard,

and Pucell.

Char. Had Yorkc and Somersel brought rescucin,
We should bave found a bloody day of this.

Baft. How the yong whelpe of Talbots,raging wood,
Did Nchh hispuny-sword in Frenchmens blood.

Pue. Once I encountred him,and thus I said:
Thou Maiden yoath,be vanquisht by a Maide.
But with a provd Majesticall bigh scorne Somu
Heanswer'd thus : Yong Talbot was not borne if, bowald
To be the pillage of a Giglot Wench, ofte foruck
He left me proudly,as unwortby fight.

Bur. Doubtlesse he would have made a noble Knight:
Scewhere helyes inherced in the armes
Of the most bloody Nursser of his harines. fille blooding

Baft. Hew them to peeces, hack their bones allunder,
Whose life was Englands glory,Gallia's wonder.

Char. Oh no forbeare: For chat which we have fled
Daring the life, let us not Wrong it dead.

Enter Lucy, and Bormita
Lu. Herald,conduct me to the Dolphins Tent,
To know who hath obtain't the glory of the day.

Char. On what submissive message art thou sent?

Lucy. Submission Dolphin?Tisamecre French word:
We English Warriours wot not what it meancs.
I come to know what Prisoners thou bait tane,
And to survey the bodies of the dead.
Cbar. For prisoners askst thou? Hell our prisonis.

? Briogoly But tell me whom thou feekin

Inc. But where's the greatAlcides of the field,
Valiant Lord Falbot Earle of Shrewsbury?
Created for his rare successe in Armes,
Great Earle of Halford, Waterfordland Dolomino
Iord Talble of Goodrigand Vaahihield

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