The National Cause:its Sanctity and Grandeur: Oration at Raleigh,N.C.July 4,1867


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Seite 16 - The muffled drum's sad roll has beat The soldier's last tattoo; No more on life's parade shall meet That brave and fallen few. On fame's eternal camping ground Their silent tents are spread, And glory guards, with solemn round, The bivouac of the dead.
Seite 9 - Now the broad shield complete, the artist crowned With his last hand, and poured the ocean round : In living silver seemed the waves to roll, And beat the buckler's verge, and bound the whole.
Seite 9 - Large before, the country has now, by recent events, become vastly larger. This Republic now extends, with a vast breadth, across the whole Continent. The two great seas of the world wash the one and the other shore. We realize, on a mighty scale, the beautiful description of the ornamental...
Seite 21 - From the nations that feel the sun's vertical glow To the farthest extremes of the Pole. Equal rights, equal laws to the nations around, Peace and friendship its precepts impart ; And wherever the footsteps of man can be found, May he bind the decree on his heart.
Seite 13 - Throughout the land there goes a cry ; A sudden splendor fills the sky : From every hill the banners burst, Like buds by April breezes nurst ; In every hamlet, home, and mart, The fire-beat of a single heart Keeps time to strains whose pulses mix Our blood with that of Seventy-Six...
Seite 20 - United States, your banner wears, Two emblems, — one of fame; Alas, the other that it bears Reminds us of your shame! The white man's liberty in types Stands blazoned by your stars; But what's the meaning of your stripes? They mean your Negro-scars.
Seite 19 - ... or delighted mankind by their works, inventions, or examples ? In so far as we know, there is no such parallel to be produced from the whole annals of this self-adulating race. In the four quarters of the globe, who reads an American book ? or goes to an American play? or looks at an American picture or statue ? What does the world yet owe to American physicians or surgeons? What new substances have their chemists discovered?
Seite 29 - ... trample on them, as a triumphant Christ with his foot upon the serpent, and then the proud hallelujah of Freedom will rise to heaven from the lips of a pure, a virtuous, a regenerated, a God-blessed people; and this fair land of ours, which now affrights the world with its misery, will be one grand temple, in which we shall all kneel as brothers — one holy, peaceful, loving fraternity — sons of one common country — children of one God — heirs together of those blessings purchased by our...
Seite 25 - In a divine sacrament of forgiveness, love and patriotism, let us dedicate this beautiful and superb domain to the growth of a stalwart Democracy, to the everlasting brotherhood of those who had been foes upon the battlefield, to the triumphant reign of industry, and to truthful and glorious peace. Let us indulge the hope that the erring stars now dimmed and darkened, will one by one re-appear until the old constellation flashing out in all its ancient splendor on the night again shall blaze, the...
Seite 29 - In the name then of your trampled, insulted, degraded country; in the name of all heroic virtues, of all that makes life illustrious or death divine; in the name of your starved, your exiled, your dead', by your martyrs in prison cells and felon chains; in the name of GOD and man; by the listening earth and the watching heaven, I call on you to make this aspiration of your souls a deed.

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