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WEDNESDAY, 4th APRIL, 1849. Left Wimpole Street at 9 p. m., with A. F. M., for the purpose next hereinafter mentioned.

THURSDAY, 5th APRIL.-FINE DAY. Rose at 4 a. m., at the Adelaide Hotel north foot of London Bridge, where we had slept, in order to proceed to Paris this morning, with Mr. Crisp's company or collection of subscribers to his project (No. 1) for returning the visit of the French National Guard to London in October last.

After discussing a substantial breakfast that we had


taken the precaution to order over night, upon the authority of Lord Byron, who had sailed a good deal in his time, and who says or sings somewhere or other.

6 The best of remedies is a beef steak

Against sea-sickness; try it, sir, before
You sneer, and I assure you this is true,

For I have found it answer-so may you.” At half-past five, we adjourned to the South Eastem railway station adjoining, and soon took our departure in a first class carriage, with five other passengers, one lady and four gentlemen, for Folkestone, 88 miles off.

The following is a copy of Mr. Crisp's printed instructions, issued a week or two previously, to his subscribers, and which seems sufficiently sensible and reasonable. It would have been well if I had attended more to their scope and spirit as far as regards the return railway and steam boat tickets, as will be seen in the sequel, “ sed nemo mortalium” &c. The instructions are headed thus :

“ THE GREAT PARIS EXCURSION IN EASTER WEEK, 1849. DIRECTIONS FOR TRAVELLERS. JOSEPH CRISP, CONTRACTOR.” “In giving the following short directions for travellers by my Paris Excursion, I would strongly, but respectfully, advise their being as strictly as possible, adhered to, knowing by experience that very much inconvenience, trouble, and confusion, which might otherwise ensue, will be spared, and the pleasure of the excursion thereby much enhanced. The first hint I would give is to enjoin

PUNCTUALITY at the time of going and returning, as I cannot be responsible for those left behind by their own neglect; at the same time it is never necessary for parties to be an hour before the time, as that also causes confusion.

There need be no scrambling or pushing, as all who have taken their tickets will be comfortably provided for.

TICKETS. The tickets issued by me are of two descriptions, viz:- one for the railways and boats only — the other for hotel accommodation. The travelling tickets must be given up at the South-Eastern station, in exchange for which, return tickets will be given from London and Boulogne, and Boulogne and Paris. The hotel ticket is addressed to the hotel where you are to be located; on entering it, you will please produce your ticket for the inspection of the proprietor, who will provide you with your bed and breakfast during your stay in Paris as specified. First class tickets to and from London and Paris, and bed and breakfast, one week, five guineas—without bed and breakfast, four guineas; any thing beyond that you will have to pay for yourself.

LUGGAGE. It is very essential, both for the sake of expedition, comfort and economy, that you take little luggage, as clearing and porterage dues in France are charged by the number of packages and not by weight; besides which, the smallness of your luggage will greatly facilitate the progress of yourself and fellow-travellers at the Custom House, on landing, &c. I would venture to suggest your only taking that most invaluable compendium to travellers, a carpet bag.

You will have direction cards given you, on which is inscribed the hotel at Boulogne where breakfast will be provided, and your hotel at Paris, (if you avail yourself of that part of my plan) which you will attach conspicuously to your bag or trunk. This di

rection card will also have the number of


ticket upon it. I would advise your attaching your key by string to your bag, and upon landing, leaving it entirely to the commissionaire of the hotel, with whom arrangements are made for looking after it, which will be done while you breakfast, and all is perfectly safe in their hands. You will have to pay 11 franc at Boulogne for Custom House and porterage dues, This will be collected from you by the Commissionaire. TIMES OF STARTING AND RETURNING.

The first train will leave the London Bridge station on Thursday morning, 5th April, at half-past five o'clock, arriving at Folkestone at half-past eight. The boat will leave there immediately, and arrive at Boulogne at

11 o'clock The train will leave Boulogne at

1 3 Remain half an hour at Amiens for re

freshment, arriving at Paris at 8 The train will return from Paris on Thursday morning, the 12th, at

1-past 4 Arriving at Boulogne at

12 It will remain half an hour at Amiens,

for breakfast
The boat starts immediately, and arrives

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