Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, [1631-1776]: Administration of Governor Johathan Belcher, 1746-1757

William Adee Whitehead
Printed at the Daily journal establishment, 1883

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Seite 556 - Colonies in America, and to prevent the Erection of any Mill or other Engine for slitting or rolling of Iron, or any plating Forge to work with a Tilt Hammer, or any Furnace for making Steel in any of the said Colonies...
Seite 559 - WE do therefore hereby farther ordain, that from and after the Date hereof, no Mill or other Engine for Slitting or Rolling of Iron, or any Plating Forge to work with a Tilt-Hammer, or any Furnace for making Steel...
Seite 567 - Action shall have arisen, and not elsewhere ; and the Defendant or Defendants in any such Action or Suit may plead the General Issue, and give this Act and the special Matter in Evidence at any Trial to be had thereupon, and that the same was done in pursuance and by the Authority of this Act...
Seite 567 - And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That if any Action or Suit shall be commenced against any Person or Persons for any thing done in pursuance of this Act...
Seite 39 - Higansetts, abutting upon the main land, between the two rivers there, called or known by the several names of Connecticut and Hudson's river, together also with the said' river called Hudson's river, and all the land from the west side of Connecticut river, to the east side of Delaware bay, and also all those several islands, called or known by the names of Martin's Vineyard, or Nantuck's, otherwise Nantucket.
Seite 3 - To Our Trusty and Welbeloved Jonathan Belcher Esq' Greeting. We reposing especial Trust and Confidence in the Prudence Courage and Loyalty, of you the said Jonathan Belcher, of Our especial Grace certain knowledge and mere motion have thought fit to constitute and appoint, and by these Presents do constitute and appoint you the said Jonathan Belcher to be Our Captain General and Governor in chief in and over Our Province of Nova Caesarea or New Jersey in America.
Seite 42 - Thirdly, the supreme power cannot take from any man any part of his property without his own consent.
Seite 246 - His Excellency the Governor, by and with the Advice, Consent and Assistance of of His Majesty's Council, and by Virtue of the Power and Authority to him given by His Majesty's Letters Patent, under the Great Seal of Great- Britain, hath...
Seite 566 - ... the sum of one hundred pounds, to be recovered by action of debt, bill, plaint, or information, in any of His Majesty's Courts of Record...
Seite 42 - For the preservation of property being the end of government, and that for which men enter into society, it necessarily supposes and requires that the people should have property, without which they must be supposed to lose that by entering into society, which was the end for which they entered into it, too gross an absurdity for any man to own.

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