The English Works of John Fisher: Bishop of Rochester (born, 1459; Died, June 22, 1535), Teil 1

Early English Text Society, 1876 - 428 Seiten

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Seite xxviii - Ay, but to die, and go we know not where ; To lie in cold obstruction and to rot ; This sensible warm motion to become A kneaded clod...
Seite xxii - Fisher may rank high among divines. He is at home in every part of scripture, no less than among the fathers. If the matter of his teaching is now for the most part trite, the form is always individual and life-like. Much of it is in the best sense Catholic, and might be illustrated by parallel passages from Luther and our own reformers.
Seite xiv - ... agayn to forgo the ioyous lyfe aboue, to wante the presence of the gloryous trynyte whom she so longe hathe sought & honoured, to leue that moost noble kyngdome, to be absent frome the moost...
Seite xiv - Reinkens' second pastoral letter, ibid. 1874. 6d. Bp. Reinkens' speeches on Christian Union and Old Catholic prospects. With a preface by Bp. Reinkens and a biographical notice, ibid. 1874. is. Speech of Prof. Messmer at the congress of Constance, ibid. 1874.
Seite xiv - This same noble prynoea yf she had contynued in this worlde, she sholde dayly haue herde & sene mater & cause of sorowe as well in herselfe as in her frendes parauenture. Her body dayly sholde haue waxen more vnweldy, her syght sholde haue be derked, and her herynge sholde haue dulled more and more, her legges sholde haue faylled her by & by. And all the other partyes of her body waxe more erased euery daye, whiche thynges sholde haue ben mater to her of grete dyscomforte. And albeit these thinges...
Seite 268 - Rochefter, the body beynge prefent of the mooft faraoufe 5 prynce kynge Henry the .vij. the .x. day of Maye the yere of our lorde god .M.CCCCC.ix. whiche fermon was enprynted at the fpecyall requeft of the ryght excellent prynceffe Margarete moder rnto the fayd noble prynce and Countefle of 10 Rychemonde and Derby.
Seite xiv - ... (271-2). His trust in prayer; his collect said daily in all the churches of England ; divers years about Lent he paid for 10,000 peculiar masses ; gave to every virtuous man known to him 10 marks or £10 yearly to pray for him (272); his devotion to the sacrament ; weeping sometimes J of an hour in receiving it, creeping to it ; kissing the foot of the ' monstraunt ' when too feeble to communicate (273-4, cf. 275-6, 284); his devotion at the ' anelynge ' and to the crucifix (274) ; his sufferings...
Seite 15 - ... less abject for that its beginning was voluntary (TE Lawrence, Revolt in the Desert, p. 317, AD 1927). I weep for thee, and yet no cause I have, For why thou left'st me nothing in thy will (Shakespeare, The Passionate Pilgrim, 1. 137). For cause (now because) also the paynes of purgatory be moche more than the paynes of this worlde, who may remembre god as he ought to do beyng in that paynfull place? (John Fisher, EETS, Ex. Ser., XXVII, p. 15, early sixteenth century). Forasmuch then as we are...
Seite 23 - W*T' worldly, rather brynge a man out of the ryght and true waye of beatytude, whiche dayly we may beholde 25 & perceyue in many, that yf they had wanted thefe pleafures fholde more dylygently haue holden themfelfe in the path that bryngeth & ledeth vs vnto the blylfed lyfe.
Seite xiii - ... vertuous and deuoute persones to whom she was as a louynge syster, all the good relygyous men and women whom she so often was wont to vysyte and comforte. All good preestes and clerkes to whome she was a true defenderesse. All the noble men and women to whome she was a myrroure and exampler of honoure. All the comyn people of this realme for whom she was in theyr causes a comyn mediatryce, and toke ryght grete dyspleasure for them, and generally the hole realme hathe cause to complayne & to morne...

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