Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society, Volumes 24-26

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Vols. 20- include Proceedings of the North Carolina academy of science, 1902-

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Page 158 - Nothing is here for tears, nothing to wail Or knock the breast; no weakness, no contempt, Dispraise, or blame; nothing but well and fair, And what may quiet us in a death so noble.
Page 41 - ... alarmed at what they heard; this was greatly increased by my asking whether he could furnish me with accommodations for myself and my baby. The man looked blank, and foolish, while the others stared with still greater astonishment. After diverting myself for a minute or two at their expense, I drew my Woodpecker from under the cover, and a general laugh took place. I took him up stairs, and locked him up in my room, while I went to see my horse taken care of.
Page 40 - This bird was only wounded slightly in the wing, and on being caught, uttered a loudly-reiterated, and most piteous note, exactly resembling the violent crying of a young child; which terrified my horse so, as nearly to have cost me my life.
Page 6 - Why is a single instance, in some cases, sufficient for a complete induction ; while in others, myriads of concurring instances, without a single exception known or presumed, go such a very little way towards establishing a universal proposition ? Whoever can answer this question, knows more of the philosophy of logic than the wisest of the ancients, and has solved the problem of induction.
Page 37 - Cold begins to come on, retire back towards the Sun. They rarely Venture so far North as Virginia, except in a very hot Summer, when they visit the most Southern Parts of it. They are very Beautiful; but like some other pretty .Creatures, are apt to be loud and mischievous.
Page 2 - We look upon these resources as a heritage to be made use of in establishing and promoting the comfort, prosperity, and happiness of the American people, but not to be wasted, deteriorated , or needlessly destroyed. We agree that our country's future is involved in this; that the great natural resources supply the material basis upon which our civilization must continue to depend, and upon which the perpetuity of the nation itself rests.
Page 2 - We declare our firm conviction that this conservation of our natural resources is a subject of transcendent importance which should engage unremittingly the attention of the nation, the States, and the people in earnest cooperation. These natural resources include the land on which we live and which yields our food ; the living waters which fertilize the soil, supply power, and form great avenues of commerce; the forests which yield the...
Page 44 - The effort should be made to eradicate causes of dependency, such as disease and accident, and to substitute compensation and insurance for relief. 3. Home finding. — Homeless and neglected children, if normal, should be cared for in families, when practicable.
Page 45 - ... caring for dependent children should be supervised by state educational authorities. 8. Facts and records. — Complete histories of dependent children and their parents, based upon personal investigation and supervision, should be recorded for guidance of child-caring agencies. 9. Physical care. — Every needy child should receive the best medical and surgical attention, and be instructed in health and hygiene.
Page 37 - ... em away. These ravenous birds visit North Carolina only during the warm season, and so soon as the cold begins to come on, retire back towards the sun.

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