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Complete ART

P O E° T R Y.


I. Of the Nature, Use, Excellence, Rise and Progress
of Poetry, Qpc'

II. Of the Use and Necessity of Rules in Poetry.

III. Of the Manner, Rules, and Art of Composing
Epigrams, Paftorah, Odes, &c.

IV. Ot Tragedy and Comedy; how to draw the Plot,
and form the Characters of both.

V. The Rules of the Epic or Narrative Poem. Of the
Poetic Diction or Language, and of Englifli Numbers.

VI. A Collection of the moll beautiful Descriptions, Si-
miles, Allulions, &,c. from Spenser, and our best
English Poets, as well Ancient as Modern, with
above Ten Thousand Verses, not to be found in
any Performance of this Kind. Shakespeariana; or
the most beautiful Topicks, Descriptions, and Similes
that occur throughout all Shakespear's Plays.'

By Charles Gildon, Gerlt.

Why is He honour d with a Poet's Name,
Who neither knows, nor wou'd observe a Rule?



Printed for Charles Rivington, at the Bible and Crown in
St. Paul's Church-yard. M DCCXVHL Price 6 s.


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King of Great-Britain,

France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith , Elector of Brunswick, Lunenhurg, &c.

May it please your Majesty,

H E S E Poetical Institutions being now to visit the Public, I could not but think their best Security would be to appear under the auspicious Proa Z tection

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