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It was intended to have given along with this volume a Life of ROLLOCK, who was born in 1555, and died in 1599, having been a Regent in St Andrews, the first Principal of the University of Edinburgh, and, for a short time before his death, one of the ministers of that city. But the size of the work rendered this inexpedient. Hence the reader will observe that this is styled the Second Volume—a matter of no consequence, as his works are detached and independent. The First Volume will appear next year, with a Portrait of the Author, an Account of his Life and Writings, his “ Sermons on several Places of Paul's Epistles,” (Edinburgh, 1599,) Lumisden's Translation of his Commentary on some Select Psalms, (Edinburgh, 1600,) and Henry Holland's Translation of his Treatise on Effectual Calling, (London, 1603.)

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