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To one that can my part in him advertise :-
Hold therefore Angelo:
In our remove, be thou at full .ourself :
Mortality and mercy in Vienna
Live in thy tongue and heart : Old Escalus,
Though first in question, is thy secondary.
Take thy commission.
Ang. Now, good my lord,

Let there be some more fest made of my metal; -
Before so noble and so great a figure
Be stamp'd upon it."

Duke. “ No more evasion :"
We have with a leaven’d and prepared choice
Proceeded to you: therefore take your honours..

Our haste from hence is of so quick condition,
“ That it prefers itself, and leaves unquestion d
“ Matters of needful value." We shall write to yoll,
As time and our.concernings shall importune,!: :: 60
How it goes with us; and do look to know
What doth befall you here. So, fare you well:
To the hopeful execution do I leave you
Of your commissions,

Ang. Yet, give leave, my lord,
That we may bring you something on the way.

Duke,, My haste may not admit it;
Nor need you, on mine honour, have to do
With any scruple ; your scope is as mine own
So to inforce, or qualify the laws, ,
As to your soul seems good. “Give me your hand;"
I'll privily away: I love the people,


But do not like to stage me to their eyes :
Though it do well, I do not relish well
Their loud applause, and Ave's vehement;
Nor do I think the man of safe discretion,
That does affect it. Once more, fare you well.

Ang. The heavens give safety to your purposes ! Escal. Lead forth, and bring you back in happi. ness !

79 Duke. I thank you: Fare you well. [Exit.

Escal. I shall desire you, sir, to give me leave To have free speech with you ; “ and it concerns me " To look into the bottom of my place :" A power I have ; but of what strength and nature I am not yet instructed.

Ang. 'Tis so with me :-Let us withdraw together, And we inay soon our satisfaction have Touching that point.

Escal. I'll wait upon your honour. [Exeunt.


The Street, Enter Lucio, and two Gentlemen. Lucio. If the duke, with the other dukes, come “ not to composition with the king of Hungary, why, " then all the dukes fall upon the king.

Gent. Heaven grant is its peace, but not the “ king of Hungary's ! 2 Gent. Amena

" Lucioa




« Lucio, Thou conclud'st like the sanctimonious “ pirate, that went to sea with the ten command.' “ ments, but scrap'd one out of the table.

Gent. Thou shalt not steal ? Lucio. Ay, that he raz’d.

1 Gent. Why, 'twas a commandment to command “ the captain and all the rest from their functions; “ they put forth to steal There's not a soldier of us " all, that, in the thanksgiving before meat, doth " relish the petition well that prays for peace.

2 Gent. I never heard any soldier dislike it. Lucio. I believe thee; for, I think, thou never " wast where grace was said.

2 Gent. No? a dozen times at least. « 1 Gent, What, in metre? Lucio. In any proportion, or in any language.

Gent. I think, or in any religion. « Lucio. Ay! why not? Grace is grace, despight " of all controversy: As for example ; Thou thyself « art a wicked villain, despight of all grace.

i Gent. Well, there went but a pair of sheers be“tween us.

Lucio. I grant; as there may between the lists " and the velvet : Thou art the list.

119 « 1 Gent. And thou the velvet : thou art good vel“ vet; thou art a three-pil'd piece, I warrant thee : " I had as lief be a list of an English kersey, as be “ pil'd, as thou art pil'd, for a French velvet. Do " I speak feelingly now? Lucio, I think thou dost; and, indeed, with most

o painful


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« painful feeling of thy speech: I will, out of thine "! own confession, learn to begin thy health ; but; “ whilst I live, forget to drink after thee.

i Gent. I think, I have done myself wrong; have 6 I not?

130 " 2 Gent. Yes, that thou hast; whether thou art " tainted, or free.

Lucio. Behold, behold, where madam Mitigation

comes ! I have purchas'd as many diseases under « her roof, as come to 2 Gent. To what, I pray?

I « 1 Gent. Judge. 2 Gent. To three thousand dollars a year.

Gent. Ay, and more. « Lucio. A French crown more.

140 ” i Gent. Thou art always figuring diseases in me : “ but thou art full of error; I am sound."

& Lučio. Nay, not, as one would say, healthy; but “so sound, as things that are hollow : thy bones are “ hollow; impiety has made a feast of thee.





" Enter Bawd.

« 1 Gent. How now? Which of your hips has the « most profound sciatica ?

" Bawd. Well, well; there's one yonder arrested, " and carry'd to prison, was worth five thousand of you all.

150 1 \ 1. Gent. Who's that, I pr’ythee?

Bawd. Marry, sir, that's Claudio, signior Claudio. ** Gent, Claudio to prison! 'tis not so. .

6. Baud.


" Bawd. Nay, but I know 'tis so: I saw hiin arrest. “ ed ; saw him carry'd away ; and, which is more, “ within these three days his head is to be chopp'd off.

Lucio. But, after all this fooling, I would not have “ it so? Art thou sure of this?

Bawd. I am too sure of it: and it is for getting « madain Julietta with child.

160 « Lucio. Believe me, this may be : he promised to “ meet me two hours since; and he was ever precise “ in promise-keeping.

2 Gent. Besides, you know, it draws something “ near to the speech we had to such a purpose.

“ i Gent. But most of all agreeing with the pro" clamation. Lucio. Away ; let's go learn the truth of it.

“ [Exeunt.

" Manet Bawd.

« Bawd. Thus, what with the war, what with the “ sweat, what with the gallows, and what with po

verty, I am custom-shrunk. How now? what's “ the news with you?


« Enter Clown.

Clown. Yonder man is carry'd to prison. Bawd. Well; what has he done ? “ Clown. A woman. Bawd. But what's his offence? “ Clown. Groping for trouts in a peculiar river. Bawd. What, is there a maid with child by him?

" Clown.


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