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from pleas drawn from my various connexions in life, and, above all, from the great and inceffant demands the discharge of my facred Function makes upon my time and labour ; but I shall decline any further enlargements, and directing myself to Students and young Gentlemen, to whom these papers may be peculiarly serviceable, conclude with the words of DIONYSIUS HALICARNASSENSis to his friend Rukus. “ You will « receive my prefent, which will turn to good account, « provided you are willing industriously to peruse, and « daily exercise yourself in it, as a matter that may “ greatly promote your improvement; for the precepts « of art can by no means form eloquent fpeakers with< out attention and practice; and your future applica66 tion and laborious studies are absolutely needful to « crown my directions with success *.”

* Τεθ' εξεις δωρον ημετερον, ω Ρεφε, πολλων ανταξιον αλλων, ει βεληθειης εν ταις χερσι τε αυτα συνεχώς, ωσπερ τι και αλλο των σανυ χρησιμων, εχειν, και συνασκειν αυθαις καθ' ημερα» γυμνασιαις. Ου γαρ αυλαρκη τα παραβγελματα των τεχνων εσι δεινους αναγωνιςας ποιησαι τες βουλομενους διχα μελετης τε και γυμνασιας" αλλ' επι τοις σογειν και κακοπαθειν κει1αι η σπεδαια ειναι τα παραγγελματα και λογα αξια, η φαυλα και axensáDIONYSIUS HALICARNASSENS. de Compofit. Verb. vol. č. p. 6o. edit. HUDSON.

LONDON, 01, 22, 1767»




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P. 13. 1.15. for Syrtes
P. 30. 1.40. illuminatum
P.255. 1.20. Hic
P.256. 1.39. Claudiano
P.270. 1.15. - bonds
P.275. I. gens
P.295. 1. 9.

efface P.317. 1.19. snowy fleece P.317. 1.26.

diftaff P.323. 1.15. uxor P.324. 1.2i. plain P.325. 1. 8. υπερβαλλειν

P.328. 1.16. · P.403. 1. s.

a million P.469. 1. 2. - night

read Syrtis.

illuminatam. Ilice.' Claudiani. bond. gans. . erase. flowing filax. spindle. uror. main. UTEP@ameely. brows. millions. light.


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