The Malvern Country

Methuen & Company, 1901 - 235 Seiten

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Seite 241 - CAMBRIDGE AND ITS COLLEGES. By A. HAMILTON THOMPSON. Illustrated by EH NEW. ' It is brightly written and learned, and is just such a book as a cultured visitor needs.
Seite 5 - A forest is a certain territory of woody grounds and fruitful pastures privileged for wild beasts and fowls of forest, chase and warren, to rest and abide in, in the safe protection of the King, for his princely delight and pleasure...
Seite 231 - ... arches of stone, broadly and boldly cut, whose very simplicity was the origin of a grandeur not apparent in erections where more ornament has been attempted. The dusky, filmed, chestnut roof, braced and tied in by huge collars, curves, and diagonals, was far nobler in design, because more wealthy in material, than nine-tenths of those in our modern churches. Along each side wall was a range of striding buttresses, throwing deep shadows on the spaces between them, which were perforated by lancet...
Seite 56 - Being so weary, and scarce able to write, yet I thought it my duty to let you know thus much. That upon this day, being the 3d of September (remarkable for a mercy vouchsafed to your Forces on this day twelvemonth in Scotland), we built a Bridge of Boats over Severn, between it and Teme, about half a mile from Worcester; and another over Teme, within pistol-shot of our other Bridge.
Seite 57 - Indeed this hath been a very glorious mercy, and as stiff a contest for four or five hours as ever I have seen.
Seite 57 - Forces and those new raised have behaved themselves with very great courage; and He that made them come out, made them willing to fight for you. The Lord God Almighty frame our hearts to real thankfulness for this, which is alone His doing.
Seite 241 - One of the most charming guide books. Both for the library and as a travelling companion the book is equally choice and serviceable.
Seite 61 - I think far otherwise j we, poor wretches, destroy the works of our forefathers, only to get praise to ourselves ; that happy age of holy men knew not how to build stately churches, but under any roof they offered up themselves living temples unto God, and by their example excited those under their care to do the same, but we on the contrary, neglecting the care of souls, labour to heap up stones f.
Seite 50 - About twenty-eight years since Mr. Yarranton found out a vast quantity of Roman cinders, near the walls of the city of Worcester, from whence he and others carried away many thousand tons or loads up the river Severn, unto their iron-furnaces, to be melted down into iron, with a mixture of the Forest of Dean iron-stone...
Seite 85 - ANXE, the wife of IZAAK WALTON; Who was a Woman of remarkable prudence, and of the Primitive Piety ; her great, and general, Knowledge being adorned with such true Humility, and blest with so much Christian Meekness as made her worthy of a more memorable monument.

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