Selections Illustrating the History of Greek Mathematics, Band 1

Ivor Bulmer-Thomas
Harvard University Press, 1939 - 511 Seiten
GREEK MATHEMATICAL WORKS. The wonderful achievement of Greek mathematics is illustrated in two volumes. 1. The divisions of mathematics; mathematics in Greek education; calculation; arithmetical notation and operations, including square root and cube root; Pythagorean arithmetic including properties of numbers; square root of 2; proportion and means; algabraic equations; Proclus; Thales; Pythagorean geometry; Democritus; Hippocrates of Chios; duplicating the cube and squaring the circle; trisecting angles; Theaetetus; Plato; Exodus of Cnidus (pyramid; cone, etc.); Aristotle (the infinite; the lever); Euclid. 2. Aristarchus (distances of sun and moon); Archimedes (cylinder, sphere, cubic equations; conoids; spheroids; spiral; expression of large numbers; mechanics; hydrostatics); Eratosthenes (measurement of the earth); Apollonius (conic sections and other works); later development of geometry; trigonometry (including Ptolmy's table of sines); mensuration - Heron of Alexandria; algebra - Diophantus (determinate and indeterminate equations); the revival of geometry - Pappus.

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Nutzerbericht  - kinematics_booklover - LibraryThing

I really enjoyed this book. Strongly recommended for people that love Greek geometry. A lot o thoughtful geometric constructions. Greek geometers ere REALLY brilliant people. Vollständige Rezension lesen

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Nutzerbericht  - HoraceSPatoot - LibraryThing

This book and its companion are a real treat for the mathematician, even those who don't read Greek. It is fascinating to see how some of the great proofs were expressed, and what great minds ... Vollständige Rezension lesen


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e Some properties of numbers

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