The Justice of the Peace, and Parish Officer, Band 4

A. Strahan, 1810

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Seite 277 - ... the principle of which applies to the present, it is too much for us to overturn them, though if the question were now to arise for the first time, perhaps we should make a different determination. It has been decided, that absence at the beginning, the middle, or the end, of the year, may be dispensed with, either with the consent of the master or for an excusable cause. In R.
Seite 102 - ... of their maintenance respectively; especially where the second husband was a man of small substance, and the children had a competent provision to receive when they came of age, which was to accumulate for them in the mean time, and...
Seite 65 - But with respect to the parish, he is only rateable for the concurrent annual value during the period for which the rate is made; and when the thing which he occupies no longer affords any such concurrent value, the subject-matter of the rating is gone.
Seite 64 - That they must have known that it would be a losing adventure at the time when they took it ; and their inducement for taking it was, that when they had worked out the coal in this colliery, they would be able to get at coal of their own, which was adjoining to it ; and that this was a cheaper way of getting at it than any other which they could have adopted.
Seite 63 - The prefent is a perfonal charge by reafon of the annual profits which the leffee of the Crown receives out of the land, and which is not charged at all before to the poor.
Seite 26 - I even go further ; for though it should appear that a parish had enjoyed the benefit of the 43E/zz., yet if they could not now conveniently maintain their own poor jointly, we would permit them to divide themselves, provided there be such legal divisions in the parish as are capable of supporting their own poor separately under the provisions of Charles the Second.
Seite 529 - Correction, there to be kept to hard labour for any time not exceeding three calendar months...
Seite 599 - For fending the man to another place is falfifying the firft order, which cannot be done but by appeal ; for the order of / two juftices is a determination of the right againft all perfons, till it be reverfed.
Seite 140 - ... and get it laid out for the benefit of the poor; that one Young was...
Seite 292 - ... other persons who were interested to have discussed. The true point then is, supposing no wages paid and no agreement, here are four days wanting in the service, and it is by means of his own act that he becomes incapable of completing it.

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