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Enter Don Alonzo.

My lord, I give you joy.
Alon, Of what, good Zanga 2
Zan. Is not the lovely Leonora yours?
Alon. What will become of Carlos ?
Zan. He's your friend;
And since he can’t espouse the fair himself,
Will take some comfort from Alonzo's fortune,
Alon. Alas, thou little know'st the force of love!
Love reigns a sultan with unrivall'd sway;
Puts all relations, friendship’s self, to death,
If once he's jealous of it. I love Carlos;
Yet well I know what pangs I felt this morning
At his intended nuptials. For myself
I then felt pains, which now for him I feel.
Zan. You will not wed her then 2
Alon. Not instantly. -
Insult his broken heart the very moment!
Zan. I understand you; but you'll wed hereafler,
When your friend's gone, and his first pain assuaged.
Alon. Am I to blame in that ?
Zan. My lord, I love
Your very errors; they are born from virtue.
Your friendship (and what nobler passion claims
The heart?) does lead you blindfold to your ruin.
Consider, wherefore did Alvarez break
Don Carlos' match, and wherefore urge Alonzo's:
'Twas the same cause, the love of wealth. To
In Orrow
May see Alonzo in Don Carlos’ fortune;
A higher bidder is a better friend,
And there are princes sigh for Leonora.
When your friend's gone you'll wed; why, then the
Call Se
Which gives you Leonora now will cease.
Carlos has lost her; should you lose her too.
Why, then you heap new torments on your friend,
By that respect which labour'd to relieve him-

'Tis well, he is disturb’d; it makes him pause.
Alon. Think'st thou, my Zanga, should I ask Don
His goodness would consent that I should wed her ?
Zan. I know it would.
Alon. But then the cruelty
To ask it, and for me to ask it of him
Zan. Methinks you are severe upon your friend.
Who was it gave him liberty and life?
Alon. That is the very reason which forbids it.
Were I a stranger, I could freely speak;
In me it so resembles a demand,
Exacting of a debt, it shocks my nature.
Zan. My lord, you know the sad alternative.
Is Leonora worth one pang or not :
Warmly as you I wish Don Carlos well;
But I am likewise Don Alonzo’s friend;
There all the difference lies between us two.
In me, my lord, you hear another self;
And, give me leave to add, a better too,
Clear'd from those errors, which, though caused by
Are such as may hereafter give you pain
Don Lopez of Castile would not demur thus.
Alon. Perish the name ! What, sacrifice the fair
To age and ugliness, because set in gold 2
l’ll to Don Carlos, if my heart will let me.
I have not seen him since his sore affliction;
But shunn’d it, as too terrible to bear.
How shall I bear it now 2 I am struck already.
Zan. Half of my work is done. I must secure
Don Carlos, ere Alonzo speak with him.
[He gives a message to MANUEL, who enters ;
and exit MANUEL.
Proud hated Spain, oft drench’d in Moorish blood."
Dost thou not feel a deadly foe within thee 3

Shake not thy towers where’er I pass along,
Conscious of ruin, and their great destroyer?
Shake to the centre, if Alonzo’s dear.
Look down, O holy prophet, see me torture
This Christian dog, this infidel, which dares
To smite thy votaries, and spurn thy law;
And yet hopes pleasure from two radiant eyes,
Which look as they were lighted up for thee!
Shall he enjoy thy paradise below 2 -
Blast the bold thought, and curse him with her
But see, the melancholy lover comes.

Enter DoN CARLos.

Car. Hope, thou hast told me lies from day today,
For more than twenty years; vile promiser!
None here are happy but the very fool,
Or very wise; and I wasn’t fool enough
To smile in vanities, and hug a shadow;
Nor have I wisdom to elaborate -
An artificial happiness from pains:
Even joys are pains, because they cannot last.
How many lift the head, look gay, and smile
Against their consciences 2 And this we know,
Yet knowing, disbelieve, and try again , - .
What we have tried, and struggle with conviction,
Each new experience gives the former credit;
And reverend grey threescore is but a voucher,
That thirty told us true.

Zan. My noble lord, -
I mourn your fate: but are no hopes surviving:

Car. No hopes. Alvarez has a heart of steel;
'Tis fix’d—'tis past—'tis absolute despair!

Zan. You wanted not to have your heart made


By your own pains, to feel a friend’s distress.

Car. I understand you well. Alonzo loves; I pity him.

Zan. I dare be sworn you do; Yet he has other thoughts. Car. What can'st thou mean 2 Zan, Indeed he has ; and fears to ask a favour A stranger from a stranger might request; What costs you nothing, yet is all to him: Nay, what indeed will to your glory add, For nothing more than wishing your friend well. Car. I pray be plain; his happiness is mine. Zan. He loves to death; but so reveres his friend, He can’t persuade his heart to wed the maid Without your leave, and that he fears to ask. In perfect tenderness I urged him to it. Knowing the deadly sickness of his heart, Your overflowing goodness to your friend, Your wisdom, and despair yourself to wed her, I wrung a promise from him he would try; And now I come, a mutual friend to both, Without his privacy, to let you know it, And to prepare you kindly to receive him. Car. Ha! if he weds, I am undone indeed; Not Don Alvarez' self can then relieve me. _Zan. Alas, my lord, you know his heart is steel; *Tis fix'd, 'tis past, 'tis absolute despair. Car. O, cruel Heaven and is it not enough That I must never, never see her more ? Ask my consent!—Must I then give her to him : Lead to his nuptial sheets the blushing maid: Oh!—Leonora! never, never, never ! Zan. A storm of plagues upon him he refuses. f Aside, Car. What, wed her ?—and to-day ! Zan. To-day, or never. To-morrow may some wealthier lover bring, And then Alonzo is thrown out like you; . Then whom shall he condemn for his misfortune? Carlos is an Alvarez to his love. Car, O torment . Whither shall I turn? - - C . . .

Zan. To peace.
Car. Which is the way
Zan. His happiness is yours—
I dare not disbelieve you.
Car. Kill my friend
Or worse Alas! and can there be a worse?
A worse there is; nor can my nature bear it.
Zan. You have convinced me 'tis a dreadful task,
I find Alonzo's quitting her this morning
For Carlos' sake, in tenderness to you,
Betray'd me to believe it less severe
Than I perceive it is.
Car. Thou dost upbraid me.
Zan. No, my good lord, but since you can't com-
*Tis moisture that I mention’d it;
IFor had I not, Alonzo would indeed
Ilave died as now, but not by your decree.
Car. By my decree do I decree his death?
I do shall I then lead her to his arms ?
O, which side shall I take Be stabbed, or—stab?
'Tis equal death a choice of agonies!
Go, Zanga, go, defer the dreadful trial,
Though but a day; something, perchance, may hap-
To soften all to friendship and to love.
Go, stop my friend, let me not see him now;
But save us from an interview of death.
Zan. My lord, I’m bound in duty to obey you-
If I not bring him, may Alonzo prosper! -
[Aside, and evil.
Car. What is this world 2–Thy school, O Mi-
sery !
Our only lesson is to learn to suffer;
And he, who knows not that, was born for nothing,
Though deep my pangs and heavy at my heart,
My comfort is, each moment takes away
A grain, at least, from the dead I oad that's on me,

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