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And gives a nearer prospect of the grave.
But put it most severely should I live
Live long Alas, there is no length in time !
Not in thy time, O man —What's fourscore years 2
Nay, what, indeed, the age of time itself,
Since cut from out eternity's wide round 2
Yet, Leonora she can make time long,
Its mature alter, as she alter'd mine.
While in the lustre of her charms I lay,
Whole summer suns roll'd unperceived away;
I years for days, and days for moments told,
And was surprised to hear that I grew old.
Now fate does rigidly its dues regain,
And every moment is an age of pain.

Enter ZANGA and DoN ALoNzo.—ZANGA stops
Don CARLos.

Zan. Is this Don Carlos ? this the boasted friend ?
How can you turn your back upon his sadness 2
Look on him, and then leave him if you can.
Whose sorrows thus depress him Not his own:
This moment he could wed without your leave.

Car. I cannot yield: nor can I bear his griefs.
Alonzo [Going to him, and taking his Hand.

Alon. O, Carlos

Car. Pray, forbear.

Alon. Art thou undone, and shall Alonzo smile *
Alonzo, who, perhaps, in some degree -
Contributed to cause thy dreadful fate 2
I was deputed guardian of thy love;
But, O, I loved myself! Pour down afflictions
On this devoted head; make me your mark;
And be the world, by my example, taught
How sacred it should hold the name of friend.

Car. You charge yourself unjustly;

The crime was mine,
Who placed thee there, where only thou couldst fail.

Alon. You cast in shades the failure of a friend,

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And soften all; but think not you deceive me;
I know my guilt, and I implore your pardon,
As the sole glimpse I can obtain of peace.
Car. Pardon for him who but this morning threw
Fair Leonora from his heart, all bathed
In ceaseless tears, and blushing for her love!
Yes, ’twas in thee, through fondness for thy friend,
To shut thy bosom against ecstacies;
For which, while this pulse beats, it beats to thee;
While this blood flows, it flows for my Alonzo,
And every wish is levell'd at thy joy. .
Zan. [To ALONzo.] My lord, my lord, this is your
time to speak.
Alon. [To ZANGA.] Because he's kind?' It there.
fore is the worst; -
Do I not see him quite possess'd with anguish,
And shall I pour in new : No, fond desire!
No, love one pang at parting, and farewell.
I have no other love but Carlos now.
[Runs to CARLOS,
Car. Alas! my friend, why with such eager grasp
Dost press my hand 2 -
Alon. If, after death, our forms
Shall be transparent, naked every thought,
And friends meet friends, and read each other's
hearts, -
Thou'lt know one day, that thou wast held most dear.
Farewell. -
Car. Alonzo, stay—he cannot speak—[Holds him.
Lest it should grieve me—Shall I be outdone,
And lose in glory, as I lose in love? [Aside.
I take it much unkindly, my Alonzo,
You think so meanly of me, not to speak,
When well I know your heart is near to bursting.
Have you forgot how you have bound me to you?
Your smallest friendship’s liberty and life.
Alon. o, there it is, my friend, it cuts me
there. -

How dreadful is it to a generous mind To ask, when sure he cannot be denied Car. How greatly thought! In all he towers above III ee [Aside. Then you confess you would ask something of me * Alon. No, on my soul. Zan. [To Alonzo.] Then lose her. Car. Glorious spirit ! Why, what a pang has he run through for this I By Heaven, I envy him his agonies. Why was not mine the most illustrious lot, Of starting at one action from below, And flaming up into consummate greatness? Ha! angels strengthen me !—It shall be so– My Alonzo! Since thy great soul disdains to make request, Iteceive with favour that I make to thee. Alon. What means my Carlos ? Car. Pray, observe me well. Fate and Alvarez tore her from my heart, And, plucking up my love, they had well nigh Pluck'd my life too, for they were twined together. Of that no more—What now does reason bids: I cannot wed—Farewell my happiness But, O my soul, with care provide for hers 1 In life how weak, how helpless is woman : So properly the object of affliction, That Heaven is pleased to make distress become her, And dresses her most amiably in tears. Take then my heart in dowry with the fair, Be thou her guardian and thou must be mine; Sbut out the thousand pressing ills of life With thy surrounding arms—Do this, and then Set down the liberty and life thou gavest me, As little things, as essays of thy goodness, And rudiments of friendship so divine. Alon. There is a grandeur in thy goodness to me, C 2 -

Which, with thy foes, would render thee adored.
And canst thou, canst thou part with Leonora?
Car. I do not part with her, I give her thee.
Alon. Carlos'— -
But think not words were ever made
For such occasions. Silence, tears, embraces,
Are languid eloquence: I’ll seek relief
In absence, from the pain of so much goodness,
There thank the blest above, thy sole superiors,
Adore, and raise my thoughts of them by thee.
- [Eri.
Zan. Thus far success has crown'd my boldest
My next care is to hasten these new nuptials,
And then my master-works begin to play.
[Aside, and crit.
Car. Too soon thou praisest me. He's gone, and
I must unsluice my overburden’d heart,
And let it flow. I would not grieve my friend
With tears; nor interrupt my great design;
Great sure as ever human breast durst think of.
But now my sorrows, long with pain suppress'd,
Burst their confinement with impetuous sway,
O'erswell all bounds, and bear e'en life away:
So, till the day was won, the Greek renown'd,
With anguish wore the arrow in his wound,
Then drew the shaft from out his tortured side,

Let gush the torrent of his blood, and died. [Exeuilt,

scene I.

Another Apartment in the Palace.


Zan. O Joy, thou welcome stranger twice three WearS I have not felt thy vital beam; but now It warms my veins, and plays around my heart. ' My Isabella Isa. What commands my Moor?. Zan. My fair ally, my lovely minister : 'Twas well Alvarez, by my arts impell’d, (To plunge Don Carlos in the last despair, And so prevent all future molestation) Finish’d the nuptials soon as he resolved them; This conduct ripen’d all for me, and ruin. Scarce had the priest the holy rite perform’d, When I, by sacred inspiration, forged That letter, which I trusted to thy hand; That letter, which in glowing terms conveys, From happy Carlos to fair Leonora, The most profound acknowledgment of heart, For wond’rous transports, which he never knew. This is a good subservient artifice, To aid the nobler workings of my brain. Isa. I quickly dropp'd it in the bride's apartment, As you commanded.

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