The American Therapist, Bände 1-2


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Seite 118 - ... capacity, quickness, and penetration : for, since no one sees all, and we generally have different prospects of the same thing, according to our different, as I may say, positions to it ; it is not incongruous to think, nor beneath any man to try, whether another may not have notions of things, which have escaped him, and which his reason would make use of if they came into his mind.
Seite 204 - They are not one jot less than I am, They are tann'd in the face by shining suns and blowing winds, Their flesh has the old divine suppleness and strength, They know how to swim, row, ride, wrestle, shoot, run, strike, retreat, advance, resist, defend themselves, They are ultimate in their own right— they are calm, clear, wellpossess'd of themselves.
Seite 118 - The third sort is of those who readily and sincerely follow reason ; but, for want of having that which one may call large, sound, round-about sense, have not a full view of all that relates to the question, and may be of moment to decide it.
Seite 192 - The conditions annexed by the testator are that the prize "shall be awarded every five years to the writer of the best original essay, not exceeding one hundred and fifty printed pages, octavo, in length, illustrative of some subject in Surgical Pathology or Surgical Practice, founded upon original investigations, the candidates for the prize to be American citizens.
Seite 118 - Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology. By HENRY C. CHAPMAN, MD, Professor of Institutes of Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia. 254 pages, with 55 illustrations and 3 full-page plates in colors. Cloth, $1.50 net. "The best book of its class for the undergraduate that we know of.
Seite 32 - Commonwealth, and shall issue licenses to practice medicine and surgery to such applicants as have presented satisfactory and properly certified copies of licenses from state boards of medical examiners, or state boards of health of other states, as provided for in section thirteen of this act...
Seite 133 - ... impression that they are suffering from asthma. This is a mistake, it is not asthma, but the natural state of exhaustion which follows asthma. The respiratory movements, as well as the whole nervous system, are almost completely paralyzed. It is the disorder and chaos following the flood. The dyspnoea is not paroxysmal as before, but is felt now on the slightest exertion. This stage of the disease is most important from a therapeutic standpoint — nitro-glycerin, lobelia, and other narcotics...
Seite 133 - In severe cases it is, of course, advisable to add morphine or nitro-glycerin to the strychnine and atropine treatment, especially at the beginning. This treatment will break up the paroxysms, but even after they are broken many old asthmatics still remain in the most abject misery. They may be compelled to sit up day and night panting for breath, and still labor under the impression that they are suffering from asthma. This is a mistake, it is not asthma, but the natural state of exhaustion which...
Seite 102 - In the first place, the remedy is to be tried on the healthy body, without any foreign substance mixed with it ; a very small dose is to be taken, and attention is to be directed to every effect produced by it ; for example, on the pulse, the temperature, the respiration, the secretions. Having obtained these obvious phenomena in health, you may then pass on to experiment on the body in a state of disease.
Seite 32 - ... mileage. Presuming that the blood was thrown out of the heart at each pulsation in the proportion of 69 strokes per minute, and at the assumed force of 9 feet, the mileage of the blood through the body might be taken at 207 yards per minute, 7 miles per hour, 168 miles per day, 61,320 miles per year, or 5,150,880 miles in a lifetime of eighty-four years. The number of beats of the heart in the same...

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