Text-book on the Strength of Materials


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Seite 254 - Pats of neat cement about three inches in diameter, one-half inch thick at the center, and tapering to a thin edge, shall be kept in moist air for a period of twenty-four hours.
Seite 254 - A third pat is exposed in any convenient way in an atmosphere of steam, above boiling water, in a loosely closed vessel for five hours. 23. These pats, to satisfactorily pass the requirements, shall remain firm and hard, and show no signs of distortion, checking, cracking, or disintegrating.
Seite 254 - FINENESS. It shall leave by weight a residue of not more than 8 per cent on the No. 100, and not more than 25 per cent on the No. 200 sieve.
Seite 254 - The minimum requirements for tensile strength for briquettes one inch square in section shall be within the following limits, and shall show no retrogression in strength within the periods specified.
Seite 254 - Definition. — This term is applied to the finely pulverized product resulting from the calcination to incipient fusion of an intimate mixture of properly proportioned argillaceous and calcareous materials, and to which no addition greater than 3 per cent has been made subsequent to calcination.
Seite 254 - In molding the pat, the cement paste shall first be flattened on the glass and the pat then formed by drawing the trowel from the outer edge toward the center.
Seite 253 - It shall develop initial set in not less than ten minutes, and hard set in not less than thirty minutes, nor more than three hours.
Seite 245 - Rivet steel shall bend cold 180° flat on itself without fracture on the outside of the bent portion. (e) Medium steel shall bend cold 180°...
Seite 245 - ... or less in thickness the test specimen shall be of the same thickness as that of the finished material from which it is cut, but for material more than three-fourths inch...
Seite 295 - ... loose, or rotten knots and defects that materially impair its strength, well manufactured, and suitable for good, substantial constructional purposes. Will allow slight variations in sawing, sound knots, pitch pockets, and sap on corners, one-third the width and one-half the thickness or its equivalent.

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