Science, Band 22

American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1893
Since Jan. 1901 the official proceedings and most of the papers of the American Association for the Advancement of Science have been included in Science.

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Seite 213 - Whatever is intended f»r insertion must be authenticated by the name and address of the writer; not necessarily for publication, but as a guaranty of good faith. We do not hold ourselves responsible for any view or opinions expressed in the communications of our correspondents. Attention is called to the "Wants
Seite 111 - Descriptive pamphlet free on application to RUMFORD CHEMICAL WORKS, PROVIDENCE, RI Beware of Substitutes and Imitations. For sale by all Druggists.
Seite 252 - SCHENK. MANUAL OF BACTERIOLOGY. For Practitioners and Students. With especial reference to Practical Methods. By Dr. SL SCHENK, Professor (Extraordinary) in the University of Vienna. Translated from the German, with an Appendix, by WR DAWSON, BA, MD, Univ. Dub. ; late University Travelling Prizeman in Medicine. With 100 Illustrations, some of which are coloured. 8vo.
Seite 125 - WHERE THREE EMPIRES MEET: a Narrative of Recent Travel in Kashmir, Western Tibet, Baltistan, Ladak, Gilgit, and the adjoining Countries.
Seite 42 - Near the bell was fixed an iron hammer to strike the hours ; and from the tail of the hammer a wire went down through a small gimlet-hole in the floor that the bell stood upon, and through a second floor in like manner; then horizontally under...
Seite 181 - Acid Phosphate Is the most effective and agreeable remedy in existence for preventing indigestion, and relieving those diseases arising from a disordered stomach. Dr. WW Gardner, Springfield, Mass., says: "I value it as an excellent preventive of indigestion, and a pleasant acidulated drink when properly diluted with water, and sweetened.
Seite 125 - SMALE AND COLYER. DISEASES AND INJURIES OF THE TEETH, including Pathology and Treatment : a Manual of Practical Dentistry for Students and Practitioners. By MORTON SMALE, MRCS, LSA, LDS, Dental Surgeon to St. Mary's Hospital, Dean of the School, Dental Hospital of London, etc.
Seite 236 - SCIENCE. Containing the works of the foremost scientific writers of the age. — The Great Classics of Modern Thought.— Strong meat for them that are of full age. Single numbers 15 cents. Double numbers 30 cents.
Seite 125 - Bent- — THE RUINED CITIES OF MASHONALAND : being a Record of Excavation and Exploration in 1891. By J. THEODORE BENT. With 117 Illustrations. Crown 8vo., 31.

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