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An account of the Danes and Norwegians in England, Scotland, ...

Jens Jakob Asmussen Worsaae



the sympathy which the English people in general feel for the North, the ancient home of their fathers, and particularly for Denmark. The Englishman himself will generally aver, with a sort of pride, that he derives his descent from the North. A Dane travelling in England will everywhere find an unusually cordial reception. He will in general be regarded more as a countryman than nous foreigner, merely because he is a Dane. He will discover that the English, instead of having forgotten their kinomen beyond the sea, with whom they were formerly united, feel themselves attracted to them by the ties of blood and friendship. He will continually hear complaints of the deplorable attitude which the policy of England assumed with regard to Denmark at the commencement of the present century; and he will adopt the conviction that in this mistaken poliey, the people themselves, at least, were pot to blame. He will at times be induced to forget that he is at a distance from bis native land aud from kein nearest relatives; for the highly-striking agreement be tween the character of the Euglish mud that of their Scandinavian kinsmen causes a Dose to imagine that he is still among his owo friends, in the louue whichu ke luar long since left. It was certaiuly also something more than mere aceideut that, during the last war in Denmark, the Danish cause uowhere, out of the North itself, awakewud buck general sympathy among the people, uor found so many bold champions, both in speeches aud publications, as iu England. Mar we not iu tuent facto track tut eflyer of near relationship, and perceive tint tice of blood ?

It should not pass altogether uuuyticed that the sympathies of the English for Denmark, and their fraternal beling towards the Dauust peopit, lave iutxeanza in proportion at they have been obliged to wrkuuwazuigt tuat the Danes of modern times stil: kuow byw w gelund their independence, liberty, audi uvugur, with tis bravery inherited from their forelatiert. Not to speak of the last contest, so glorious for Denmark, it á particularly the

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