The Reform Act, 1832: The Correspondence of the Late Earl Grey with His Majesty King William IV. and with Sir Herbert Taylor, from Nov. 1830 to June 1832, Band 2

Earl Charles Grey Grey, Earl Henry George Grey Grey
J. Murray, 1867

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Seite 420 - DEAR LORD, I am honoured with his Majesty's commands to acquaint your lordship that all difficulties to the arrangements in progress will be obviated by a declaration in the House to-night from a sufficient number of peers that, in consequence of the present state of affairs, they have come to the resolution of dropping their further opposition to the Reform Bill, so that it may pass without delay, and as nearly as possible in its present shape. I have the honour to be, Yours sincerely, HERBERT TAYLOR.
Seite 395 - May 9, 1832. It is not without the truest concern that the King acquaints his confidential servants that, after giving due consideration to the Minute of Cabinet which was brought to him yesterday afternoon by Earl Grey and the Lord Chancellor, and to the consequences of the alternative which it offers for his decision, of being deprived of the benefit of their further services, or of sanctioning the advancement to the Peerage of a sufficient number of persons to insure the success of the Reform...
Seite 18 - KING'S (REV. SW) Italian Valleys of the Alps ; a Tour through all the Romantic and less-frequented "Vals" of Northern Piedmont. Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 18s. (REV. CW) Antique Gems ; their Origin, Use, and Value, as Interpreters of Ancient History, and as illustrative of Ancient Art.
Seite 7 - Life and Times of Titian, with some Account of hig Family, chiefly from new and unpublished records. With Portrait and Illustrations. 2 vols. Svo. 42s. GUMMING (R. GORDON). Five Years of a Hunter's Life in the Far Interior of South Africa.
Seite 7 - CURETON (REv. W.) Remains of a very Ancient Recension of the Four Gospels in Syriac, hitherto unknown in Europe. Discovered, Edited, and Translated. 4to. 24s. CURTIUS' (PROFESSOR) Student's Greek Grammar, for the use of Colleges and the Upper Forms.
Seite 416 - except with a sufficient security that they will possess the power of passing the present bill unimpaired in its principles and its essential provisions, and as nearly as possible in its present form.
Seite 435 - ... unfortunately it should become necessary, shall comprehend as large a proportion of the eldest sons of Peers and collateral heirs of childless Peers as can possibly be brought forward. In short (to quote the Lord Chancellor's own words used in the interview between...
Seite 112 - The King will not, after having allowed that the resource should be effectual, and having, indeed, insisted upon the absurdity of incurring any risk by an insufficient addition to the House of Lords, if resorted to at all, deny to his Ministers the power of acting at once up to the full exigency of the case ; it being understood that the contemplated addition shall be deferred till it may appear certain that, without such addition, the strength of the Government would be insufficient to bring the...
Seite 432 - Majesty authorises Earl Grey, if any obstacle should arise during the further progress of the Bill, to submit to him a creation of Peers to such extent as shall be necessary to enable him to carry the Bill, always bearing in mind that it has been and still is His Majesty's object...
Seite 113 - Leach; that the other additions shall be made by calling up eldest sons, or collateral heirs of Peerages where no direct heirs are likely to succeed, without reference to the objection which has been made, of throwing open the representation of counties or boroughs, which, if suffered to prevail, would have the effect of excluding many of those whom His Majesty considers the most eligible; that if these sources should prove insufficient (which, however, His Majesty can hardly conceive possible),...

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