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1st, a conscientious care and endeavour to serve God in purity of

heart, and uprightness of life.....

2dly, such a calm and peaceable, such a charitable and beneficent

temper as can easily overlook, and readily forgive the indiscretions

and miscarriages, and even the affronts and injuries of those we con-

verse with ; and upon all proper occasions will contribute cheerfully,

and where God has given ability liberally, towards the relief of those

who are in calamitous or indigent circumstances. .........p. 5–6

3dly, an attentive consideration of the nature and importance of

the duty of prayer; and such an intense application of mind, and

fervour of spirit as may manifest an inward sense and feeling of our

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3dly, (Wednesday)—from a consideration of the excel-

lency and advantages of the Christian Religion,

1. in that it contains a clear revelation of all those truths and doc-

trines that are necessary to be known and believed by us, and of the

duties which we are required to practise in order to our attaining

everlasting salvation

2. in that it assures us of the forgiveness of our sins and our re-

conciliation to God, through the mediation of His Son our Saviour

Jesus Christ......

..p. 70

...p. 73

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