The Untoward effects of drugs: a pharmacological and clinical manual

G.S. Davis, 1883 - 216 Seiten

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Seite 202 - ... in proportion to the darkness of the objects looked at. All light objects, such as windows, paper, etc., appear actually yellow. Red and blue appear often in their complementary colors — orange and green- — so that carmine-red appears pale, madder-red a bronze color, and the sky and blue objects green. This, however, is not always the case, and it has been noticed after the employment of santonin that red appears violet or light, and dark objects appear orange to one person, and to another...
Seite 202 - A remarkable phenomenon attending the ingestion of medium doses of santonin is that of yellow vision, which may continue for several hours. • There occasionally appears before the peculiar yellow vision, after a large dose of santonin, a violet color of the field of vision, the intensity of this color being in proportion to the darkness of the objects looked at. All light objects, such as windows, paper, etc., appear actually yellow. Red and blue appear often in their complementary colors — orange...
Seite 18 - We sat upon a bench under the high trees, and had beautiful views of the different reaches of the river above and below. On the opposite bank, which is finely wooded with elms and other trees, are the remains of an ancient priory, built upon a rock : and rock and ruin are so blended together that it is impossible to separate the one from the other.
Seite 18 - ... produced toxins and other products ; some of these naturally add to the effects of a given neurotic drug, or direct these in some special channel or inhibit certain effects, thereby giving others undue play. This may constitute, as Lewin has shown, a disposition that is but temporary, which disposition may have its foundation either in a greater abundance in the system of bio-chemical substances, which cause an unusually prompt solution or action of the medicines introduced, or which may unite...
Seite 160 - ... its action in the body during a relatively long period, and therefore of developing cumulative effects when repeated doses are administered.
Seite 123 - They were from 4 mm. (one-fifth inch) to 6 ctm. (two inches) in diameter, of a dark red color in the centre, and lighter toward the periphery. They arise and disappear very quickly, and, as regards form, color and induration of the base, they are identical with erythema nodosum; while in their reappearance after being rubbed they resemble urticaria.
Seite 122 - Guttmann,* on the contrary, was able to demonstrate the presence of bromine in the secretion of the pustules in a man in whom pustular acne had supervened on the employment of the potassic bromide for a year, the drug...
Seite 123 - ... has been noted by so many authors that there can be no doubt that the two stand in the relation of effect and cause. Voisin, Smith and Neumann observed the furuncles in various degrees of development and on different parts of the body. The latter of these observers saw them on the hairy portions of the face, and on the forehead and neck. It must be mentioned in conclusion that Veiel (l.
Seite 123 - ... piece, of a purplish color, and having their seat on both arms. They bled very readily, were of an indolent character, and disappeared after the discontinuance of the drug.
Seite 55 - ... also be excreted through the skin, and thus either it itself or the glands which it contains may be the starting point of an inflammatory action. It has not yet been determined to what extent deviations from the normal vascular distribution or a peculiarity in the glandular elements of the skin are responsible for the effects noted.

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